Our Favorite Sexual Wellness Products

Sexual health is so important. From getting regular pap smears, to annual STI screenings, to talking to your doctor about everything, staying on top of your sexual health allows you to enjoy sex more. We also love to talk about the importance of self-care and taking care of ourselves on a consistent basis. Unfortunately though, when it comes to sexual self-care and wellness, we tend to turn our heads and get a little nervous. Focusing on our vaginal health doesn’t have to mean getting a vajacial (or if it does, I am so jealous), it means investing in natural and fun (!) products that we enjoy using. Here are just a few of our favorite sexual wellness products to get you feeling sexy and healthy:


Moon Juice

Sex Dust

Use a blender or shaker to dissolve this powder into any liquids to promote creativity, relieve stress, AND boost your libido.

Moon Juice

Arousing Bliss

Hot chocolate that gets you in the mood?! Sign. Us. Up. This antioxidant rich cacao can be mixed with hot water to make hot cocoa or all on its own (straight from the jar if you wish!). No one has to tell us that chocolate increases our sex drive — we're aware.

Love Wellness

Perfect Condition Vitamin

This vitamin — made with turmeric, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, boron, and coconut oil — helps fight yeast, reduce inflammation, and keep your vagina as healthy as can be.

Love Wellness

Do it All Wipes

For when you just feel icky, and there's no shower in sight. These pH balanced wipes are free of irritating chemicals, so you can actually feel clean after you use them.

Love Wellness

pH Balancing Cleanser

The vagina is the most sensitive area of skin on your body, so you need something that won't disrupt its natural pH and still keeps all that good bacteria. This cleanser is perfect for external cleansing as it's made with natural ingredients, like aloe, that soothe and cleanse the vulva without messing with it's natural pH.


Fur Oil

This is basically a beard oil for ... down there. Use this to prevent ingrown hair after shaving or waxing or to soften any of the hair you decide to leave. Pro tip: this also works AMAZING on your legs or underarms after a shave!

Medicine Mama's Apothecary

VMagic Organic Vulva Balm

Dry skin happens on more than just your face, elbows, and knees, ladies. Vulva dryness can cause itchiness and discomfort, making sex painful. Apply this little wonder in a jar to the entire outer vulva, the outer genital area and the outside opening of the vagina. They're not kidding when they call it magic.


Megafresh Wipes

I say you can never have too many wipes on hand, and these Megababe wipes are one to always keep in your bag. Whether you're going from date to...downtown (too much?), hot yoga to margs with the girls, or spending the entire day on an airplane, these work in any sitch. Made with coconut oil, aloe, and vitamin E, these flushable wipes are the real MVP.


Bust Dust

Yeah, our body sweats everywhere, and this product will be a holy grail for anyone who gets their fitness on, spends a lot of time in the heat, or just sweats a lot (me). While this is amazing for boob sweat, you can use this anywhere you tend to sweat. (It's amazing in-between the thighs and under the arms!)

SweetSpot Labs

Gentle Feminine Bodywash

This coconut-based cleanser doesn't have glycerin, an ingredient in most washes and soaps that can disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina. It comes in two scents, both of which are natural and won't cause irritation.


Hallelubeyah Lubricant

Okay, not only is this lube ADORABLE (can't believe I just called a lube adorable), but it's also aloe-based, so you can use it with silicone toys and condoms. I might only put this one in the sex box when I have family over.

Fresh by Kit

Gentle Feminine Wipes

These are so cute that you don't even need to hide them in your bag. Scented with essential oils (amazing), they're free of synthetic fragrances, dyes, parabens, sulfates, and petrochemicals. You can also use them on your hands and face if you ever get..uh..messy!


Toy Cleaning Spray

Taking care of your toys is 100% part of your sexual health. This spray makes it so easy to sanitize and clean your toys in between deeper cleans.

Queen V

Pop The Bubbly Bath

Regular bubble baths can, again, disrupt the natural pH of the vagina and kill the good bacteria. This adorably named option balances and moisturizes, all while providing the self care bath of your dreams.

Lady Suite

Botanical Oil

This lightweight oil is meant to be used on your lady bits, so it's nourishing and natural enough to be used down there. It calms irritation and moisturizes your most delicate skin.

Poppy and Someday

Breast Massage Oil

Your breasts are another area of sensitive skin that we tend to forget about. This oil is filled with natural, good-for-you herbs and essential oils, making it a perfect addition to your #selfcaresunday ritual or used with a partner. Oh, and it's the perfect way to make a self breast exam an enjoyable experience.

Your Tea

Sex Tea

We know, we know, how can a tea be sexual?! Hear me out — this tea is meant to help the kidneys which balance your hormones and help heighten your senses. Made with green tea and licorice root, this tea just energizes and awakens your sexual energy a little bit. Oh, and it tastes BOMB.