I’m Planning A Trip To Paris—Here’s My Pinterest Board of Outfit Inspo

written by BETH GILLETTE

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Source: Viviana Ceballos | Pexels
Source: Viviana Ceballos | Pexels

While I was away at camp for a weekend in fourth grade, my mom entirely re-did my bedroom, including one very important detail: an Eiffel Tower painted onto my wall that said “Paris” underneath. It was the perfect touch for many reasons (immaculate vibes) but especially because my mom knew that Paris was my ultimate destination. I have talked about going to Paris for well over half of my life: the romance, the outfit inpso, the architecture, the food, the shopping, the art—it calls to me like nowhere else.

After years of dragging my feet, I finally secured a passport, and it’s happening: I’m finally booking a trip to Paris. Obviously, my first order of business wasn’t booking the flights or researching restaurants; it was scouring the internet for outfit inspo. And let me tell you, I don’t know how I’ll narrow it down to a week’s worth of outfits.

Right now, my trip is tentatively planned for early to mid fall when Paris temperatures stay around the 50s. Most of my outfits lean toward fall and winter, but jackets can always be removed if a heat wave strikes. 


1. Sweater Vest + Knee-High Boots

Am I heading to my first week of uni classes or a touristy brunch? No one will know. 


2. Statement Pants + Top

I’ve been needing a reason to wear my silver faux leather pants, and a bright top makes them cool again. 


3. Blazer Dress

This can easily be dressed up with heels or down with a pair of sneakers. 


4. Monochrome 

I am absolutely living for this monochrome moment. 

LBLC The Label

Marie Jacket


5. Jeans + Button-Up 

The pop of green on this sweater over the shoulders looks so chic but comfortable for a day of museum-ing. 


6. Striped Top + Trousers

This striped top is like Parisian style 101, but the green makes it feel updated. 


7. All White

A white coat with white trousers is impossibly chic—you just have to make sure it doesn’t end the day covered in pain au chocolat. 

Amanda Uprichard

Ariya Pant


8. Red Coat + Knee-High Boots

I’ll likely wear a big statement coat on the plane to keep warm and then throw it over basics the entire trip. 


Shawl Collar Coat


9. Slip Dress

This will take up absolutely no space in my luggage and always looks flattering, so it’s coming with me. 


10. Full Groutfit

I’ll need a chic loungewear option for the airport, and this made it to the top of the list. Who knew a groutfit could look so good?


11. Tweed Skirt and Blazer Set

Where am I wearing tweed if not in Paris?


12. Long Coat + Big Scarf + Bow Hair Accessory

I’ve already ordered three hair bows in preparation for this exact moment. 


13. Corset Top + Trousers

I’ll always rely on a cute top with basic trousers while traveling. 

14. Boho Top + Leather Trousers

I’m currently debating bringing my faux leather trousers because they’re so versatile. 


15. Sparkly Skirt + Heels

If you think I’m not covering myself head to toe in sparkles, you’re mistaken. 


16. Trench Coat + Beret

If you think I’d step foot in Paris without a beret, you think much too highly of me. 


17. Bright Top + Trousers

It’s always good to have a little pop of color in your luggage. 


18. Statement Dress + Heels

This is a failsafe outfit—however, finding the perfect dress will become my life’s mission for the next six months. 

Sabina Musayev

Carry Mini Dress

Lovers and Friends

Ana Dress

Pieces I’m Bringing No Matter What: 

Wool Coat

This red coat is an elevated basic.

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White Button-Up

This is so classic and crisp.

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Wool Beret

A beret is an obvious choice, but it's unexpected in this pop of color (but I might as well bring it in black too, non?).

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Franco Sarto
Knee-High Boots

I guarantee I'll wear these at least four times.

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Slip Dress

I could wear this a dozen ways.

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Quilted Crossbody Bag

A crossbody bag in a neutral color is essential for travel.

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Vegan Leather Dad Pants

You can pair these with just about every top you bring.

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Elope Heels

Sparkly heels were basically made to be worn in flash photos.

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