This Might Be The Most Beautiful Trend We’ve Ever Seen


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Source: @bazzibatul
Source: @bazzibatul

If anything is considered a classic in fashion, pearls have a permanent spot at the top of the list. They’re an age-old staple that have stood the test of time but have seldom been considered an “it” item—until now. Let us introduce you to your new favorite trend: pearlcore.

While pearls might bring to mind the studs that your grandma wore on special occasions, the pearls of 2022 are anything but boring. From embellishments on clothes to full-blown pearl bags and accessories, they’ve been given a modern makeover that’s making them worthy of the attention they’re grabbing. 

Ready to take the plunge into the most beautiful trend we’ve ever seen? We’re breaking down what exactly pearlcore is and how we’re going to be wearing it all year long. Trust us: You won’t be disappointed. 


What is pearlcore?

Over the past year, we’ve seen the rise of certain aesthetics take the place of general trends. Cabincore, twee, dark academia—overarching themes of dressing have taken over more one-and-done trends, and pearlcore is the latest to get added to the list.

A naturally occurring gem that are created in oysters, pearls have been a sought-after element of fashion for centuries. As far back as ancient Rome through iconic pop culture moments like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, they’ve held their status as one of the most iconic pieces you can wear. While historically they’ve been considered a classic, 2022 has taken them and made them more modern by adding them to clothing, jewelry, and accessories that’s a bit more out of the box. 

So what makes “pearlcore” an aesthetic rather than just a trend? Instead of one singular piece being in, pearls are being used as an overarching element throughout fashion as a whole. Bags, hair accessories, details on clothes, jewelry, and even nail art are featuring pearls both minimally (through pieces like simple pearl studs) and maximally (through things like bags being made entirely from pearls). 


How to wear it

Because of the wide variety of pearl pieces that are available, you can make it work in your wardrobe no matter what your style is. Want to just dip your toe in? Add a pair of pearl earrings to your arsenal. Ready to dive straight in? A pearl-embellished top will be right up your alley. 

One thing’s for sure: There isn’t a lot you can do to make these pieces look bad. 



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