10 Things You Always Need to Pack In Your Personal Item

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I live my life by one hard and fast rule: If we don’t have to get up for anything in particular, we’re sleeping in as late as possible. To my mother’s dismay, I never grew out of the “this girl sleeps forever” teenage phase, and to this day, if I have the day off, I’m hitting snooze as long as I possibly can. But as with all rules, there is one exception.

On mornings that I am scheduled to travel, I’m up and at ’em before the sun rises without a singular complaint. What can I say—there’s something about packing my personal item, getting my silly little airport coffee, and gliding effortlessly along the airport’s moving walks. And, lucky for me, I’ve traveled quite a bit this summer, and I have my personal-item packing down to a science. Grab your boarding pass and get ready—here are 10 personal item essentials I always travel with.


1. Travel mug

My first order of business when I get through security? Filling up my travel mug with water because, between the dry airplane cabin and being out of my typical routine, I have a tendency to get dehydrated if I’m not actively striving to stay on top of it. I’ve been loving this Rambler Tumbler from Yeti because it’s big enough to fit a decent amount of water but compact enough that I can fit it into my personal item. It keeps my drinks cold (or hot if I’m using it for coffee) longer than all of my other tumblers and the leak-proof lid allows me to grab and go without the mess. 10/10 recommend.


20 oz Travel Mug

10 colors available


2. Headphones

Sure, sure, there’s a traditional use for headphones at the airport (listening to podcasts, catching up on your latest and greatest audiobook, jamming out to the new Beyoncé album, to name a few) and while I use them for all of those reasons and more, most of the time I’m wearing my over-ear headphones, I’m not listening to anything at all. Hear me out: Headphones are the universal “don’t talk to me” accessory and for that, it earns a must-pack spot in my bag.

Core ANC

Wireless Headphones

4 colors available


3. Travel document organizer

One thing about me? I’m the most careless person I know. It’s not intentional and, if you ask me, it’s ingrained in my DNA. And because I’ve been struggling with being forgetful for the majority of my life, I have plenty of systems in place to keep me in check, like a travel document organizer for instance. Between my boarding pass, ID, and passport and having to take them in and out of my bags at separate times, I love that this one keeps everything accessible and in one place.


Tri-Fold Document Organizer

38 colors available


4. TSA-friendly travel capsules

There are a few must-have toiletries that I keep at my fingertips while traveling. I want these capsules from Cadence more than I want most things in life, and I picture these to be the perfect solution to all of the travel-sized toiletries that I have floating in my bag. From hand sanitizer to moisturizer to toothpaste and beyond, this is a great solution for keeping fresh, especially on long flights.


Magnetic Travel Capsules

7 colors available



5. Medications

Bringing your necessary medications when you travel is a no-brainer, but I’ve been separated from my luggage enough times in life to have learned that they belong as close to my person as possible. I always keep a pill container of my probiotics, pain relievers, Benadryl, my daily antidepressant, and my birth control near me so that I know it won’t get lost, and I won’t have to make panicked calls to my doctor if the airline loses my luggage.


6. Kindle

I am the queen of bringing five books on vacation and only getting through five singular pages of one novel and, since I’ve invested in a Kindle, my affinity for stuffing my personal item with one-too-many books is a thing of the past. I love that I have access to download hundreds of books as long as I have Wi-Fi and, even more, I love that I don’t need Wi-Fi to enjoy my book on the plane once my book of choice is downloaded. 


7. Portable charger

There’s nothing worse than hopping on a plane and settling into your assigned seat, only to find that there is no USB outlet in sight. For long days of travel and plenty of refreshes of your airline app and Google Maps, you’ll need a full battery and a portable charger. I love this iWalk one because you don’t need an additional USB cord to charge your phone, plus it’s super tiny so it packs easily.


8. Tech organizer

Between my phone, laptop, Kindle, portable speaker, portable charger, and Apple Watch, ya girl has accumulated a charger or two. And to avoid a braided web of terror, I have a tech organizer that keeps things neat, tidy, and accessible when I’m looking to charge one of my tech items. I love this one from Calpak because it has elastic loops for cords, plenty of pockets, and a handle (and, it’s easy on the eyes). 


Tech Organizer

8 colors available



9. Lightweight jacket or button-down

On a plane, it’s either hot, swampy, and muggy or arctic-level cold, and there is no in between. You’re on your own when it’s balmy, but, for times when the hairs on my arms are standing up and my teeth or near-chattering, I always pack a button-down or a lightweight sweatshirt that folds and rolls easily. I’ve had to pull it out more times than I can count, and, even if I don’t use it for that purpose, I’ll end up using it as a makeshift travel pillow.


Button-Down Shirt

2 colors available


10. Sleep mask

My ability to nap as soon as I sit down on a plane seat is absolutely comical. I’ll pop on my sleep mask, be passed out before takeoff, won’t wake up for snacks, and will arise as the plane’s wheels touch back down on land. What can I say… I have a gift. I love this silk sleep mask for helping me to block out fluorescent lighting and above-the-clouds sunlight. It’s become a tried and true travel staple over the course of the last few years, and I never travel without it.


Silk Sleep Mask

9 colors available


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