“This Robot Vacuum Changed My Life:” Pet Essentials Our Editors Can’t Live Without

I have a cat, and I truly didn’t know the meaning of love until I experienced naps on a sun-dappled comforter with my furry little lion. Even though people can be judgy about cats (to those people I say a hearty BYE), I would not trade her for anything. What I could do without are the piles of fur that tuft off of her every two seconds (where does all this fur come from?!). To combat this, I recently bought a robot vacuum from Amazon and it has changed. my. life. So, I wanted to share the wealth and created a list of must-have products if you’ve got a pet (or two or three or eight) at home. It has everything from stain remover, to the softest beds, to a plush version of a champagne bottle (because obviously).


Home & Decor


Round Snuggler Bed

Comes in S, M, or L!


RoboVac 11+

I have this little vacuum and I am here to tell you IT IS TRULY MAGICAL. If you have any kind of pet hair situation (I only have one cat, but could make 18 more with the amount of hair she sheds daily), think of this as an investment in your personal happiness, as well as a huge time saver.


SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

The key to saving rugs and furniture from pet stains.

The Foggy Dog

Floral Bandana

West Elm

Hamilton Leather Sofa

Look for furniture with removable (thus easy to clean) slipcovers or in leathers (scratches only add to their character and they're easy to wipe down). See our full list of pet-friendly sofas here.


Treat-Tossing Camera

~Extra~ af, but fun!


Cat Washroom

So. Reasonably. Priced.


Latte Bowls

Pretty and functional for water or food bowls!

Source: @alainakaz


Toys & Fun


Lamb Chop Plush Toy

Lamp Chop 4 Eva

The Foggy Dog

Blush Chew Toy

Mini Tiger Design

Catnip Baguette


Bark Shop

Ripley's Rucksack

Picturing a dog carrying this around gives me so much joy.


Tardis Cardboard Cat House

This is exceptionally nerdy, and I love it.

Bark Shop

Plush Dumplings

Currently dead from cuteness overload.

Dog Diggin Designs

Champagne Plush Toy

Now both you and your pup can enjoy champagne.