95 Ways Our Readers Are Coping With Anxiety Right Now


We’re only a few months into 2020, and it’s already been the worst/craziest/most stressful year of many of our lives (and, more importantly, one of the worst/craziest/most stressful years in modern history). The early months of the year brought with them a global pandemic spanning 166 countries—and as of this moment, Americans are being strongly urged (begged, honestly) to maintain “social distancing”: the act of self-isolating, staying inside one’s own home, and limiting contact with other humans to an absolute bare minimum.

Aside from the intense feelings of isolation this causes, the pandemic has also spread mass anxiety, fear, and stress (at best)—and, at worst, hysteria. While we can’t control what’s happening in the world or how others react to it, we CAN control our own corner of the globe and how we function within it. You’ve heard all the “expert-approved” ways to deal with moments and seasons of high-stress, but today, we’re doing you one better. We asked our Instagram followers to share the ways they’re personally dealing with the intense anxiety of the coronavirus pandemic—and they’ve got some pretty helpful (yet simple and doable) ideas.

All responses are anonymous. All responses are original from readers, but some have been edited for grammar and/or clarity. The Everygirl Media Group does not encourage the consumption of illegal drugs, nor does it encourage the overconsumption of alcohol. 


Question: How are YOU coping with anxious moments right now?

  1. Making a list every morning to keep focused on being productive.
  2. Petting my dogs.
  3. The 2 Ws: wine and weed. (Editor’s note: This is from a reader in California.)
  4. Kickboxing.
  5. Moving the body SOMEHOW.
  6. At-home yoga.
  7. Prayer and worshipping.
  8. Art therapy.
  9. Breathing techniques.
  10. Hot epsom salt bubble baths.
  11. Online anxiety resources 
  12. One hour, one meal, one day at a time.
  13. Listening to Disney music.
  14. Reading and finger painting.
  15. Deleting Facebook.
  16. Reading fiction books about courageous women.
  17. Baking homemade bread.
  18. Watching cooking shows.
  19. Making playlists to dance to.
  20. Going on walks to clear the mind.
  21. Scrolling through a Pinterest board of quotes. (Editor’s note: Try ours!)
  22. Meditation with the Calm app.
  23. CBD.
  24. Taking a quick 10-minute walk around the block.
  25. Listening to educational or lifestyle podcasts.
  26. Finding/listing things to be grateful for.
  27. Working out during my lunch break.
  28. The “Let That Shit Go” journal.
  29. “The Five Minute Journal.”
  30. Making good food (some healthy, some not-so-healthy).
  31. Cleaning out closets.
  32. Using a timer to focus on one task at a time (work or otherwise).
  33. Being outside as much as possible.
  34. Reminding myself that some things I cannot control.
  35. A bit of self-indulgence.
  36. Talking about ANYTHING other than COVID.
  37. Focusing on how to support local businesses.
  38. Consciously disconnecting from all media.
  39. Breathing in fresh air.
  40. Taking the dog for a long walk.
  41. Watching a show that makes me laugh (like The Office or Friends).
  42. Dancing in the living room.
  43. Facetiming with a BFF.
  44. Using this as an opportunity to get shit done instead of worry.
  45. Watching lots of “comfort TV”—like period dramas or comedy.
  46. Being kind—to both myself and others.
  47. Dance party every other hour!
  48. Establishing a happy daily routine—like painting, baking, photography, etc.
  49. Getting up for water and a quick walk.
  50. Coloring in coloring books.
  51. Stretching.
  52. Good News Movement videos. 
  53. Instagram Live workouts.
  54. Diffusing oils.
  55. Leaving the phone in another room and working on a puzzle.
  56. YouTube yoga!
  57. Setting a schedule for the day to include meditation, workouts, and TV.
  58. Sending selfies to friends and family (and encouraging them to send some back).
  59. ’90s Disney movies.
  60. Drinking green tea.
  61. Taking time away from screens.
  62. Using a library card to check out e-books.
  63. Abigail’s Anti-Anxiety League playlist. (Editor’s note: I appreciate the shameless plug.)
  64. Saying things to be grateful for out loud.
  65. Changing my perspective and thinking about how these stresses will feel a year form now.
  66. Watching puppy videos.
  67. Taking a break every five minutes or so to do laundry or dishes.
  68. Cuddling my cats.
  69. Shine meditation.
  70. Watching Mary Poppins.
  71. Taking Vitamin D and Magnesium.
  72. Hugging my husband.
  73. Playing card games.
  74. Scheduling virtual therapy appointments.
  75. Watching stupid TikToks.
  76. Burning a candle.
  77. Learning guitar.
  78. Learning French.
  79. Learning popular dances.
  80. Taking online Obé classes.
  81. Whipping out the vibrator.
  82. Eating the dang brownies.
  83. Calling my mom.
  84. Watching live streams of the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  85. Taking a bath.
  86. Reading a book.
  87. Deep breathing (in for 4-6 counts, then out for 4-6 counts).
  88. Reading jokes and memes.
  89. Mini DIY home projects.
  90. Cleaning.
  91. Reading the Bible.
  92. Journaling.
  93. Filling out my Panda Planner.
  94. Crying in the shower.
  95. Remembering I’m not the only one trying to cope. We’re all in this together!


Tell us: How are YOU managing anxious moments right now?


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