11 Inexpensive Dupes for Your Favorite High-End Skincare Products

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When I first got into beauty, I spent hours at my pink Dell Desktop computer researching beauty dupes. I got into beauty YouTube when all anyone talked about were MAC collections, Urban Decay Primer Potion (a product I still swear by to this day), and St. Ives Apricot Scrub (you know, before the industry blacklisted it entirely). But I was a mere youngling; there was no way I was getting my hands on all of these astronomically-priced products! So, I scoured the internet for similar products and shades to get me by, but in the process, I fell in love with finding dupes, saving money, and testing new things. And it turns out, I loved it so much that I am still doing it 15 years later! 

So, whenever I find an expensive product I love, I research and test products at a lower price point to see if it would be a dupe. All of that trialing brought me to accumulate quite the list of similar products to some of the most popular high-end skincare products on the market. Whether you’re saving yourself a little cash (all those Bachelor Monday wine nights get expensive!) or just love to test new things, we’ve curated 11 different dupes you should try next.



Vitamin C Radiance-Boosting Sleep Mask

Vitamin C is often in a liquid, serum consistency that you apply during the day, but if you want a rich, brightening mask that combines the impact of vitamin C with hydrating ingredients for nighttime, look no further than this mask from Soap & Glory. Similar to Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask, this overnight mask has a thick consistency that goes on like a heavy moisturizer but leaves your skin looking glowy as ever the next day.




Comforting Balm

Finding a thick, intense balm you can use on your elbows, chapped skin, dry lips, eczema patches and more can be a struggle, especially if you’re thinking for an ultra-clean option filled with plant-based ingredients. This one from Alicia Keys’s brand new line at Ulta, Keys Soulcare, fits the bill, containing a rich blend of oils that’s hydrating and luxurious, just like Ren’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm. Use this anywhere you have a dry patch, and it’ll disappear within days.




Overnight Retinol Oil

Retinol is historically-known as a drying ingredient that can cause peeling and other irritating side effects. But there’s a new retinol in town, and it’s contained in an oil, making it gentle, effective, and moisturizing. Who thought you’d get those three words in a retinol product? Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil has been a best-seller for years, and Pixi’s inexpensive option has all the makings of a dupe: similar packaging, same quality, and serious results.




Retinol Correxion Eye Cream

Shiseido’s Benefiance Wrinkle-Smoothing Eye Cream has been a favorite of our editors and readers for a while, but if you’re not quite ready to splurge on an eye cream (there are much more fun skincare products out there!), this one from Roc has amazing reviews; contains retinol; and targets puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles, making it quite the eye cream trifecta. It’s moisturizing and depuffing at first use, but the effects of the retinol over time stack up to those of the Shiseido.




Blue Tansy Night Oil

Blue tansy is a newer skincare ingredient on the scene, so finding this inexpensive dupe for one of Herbivore’s most popular facial oils was basically my bliss. This oil is perfect for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin who is afraid of a heavy oil breaking them out or causing them to produce even more oil.




Glycolic Acid Cream

If you’d like to try a nightly exfoliating product but want something dry-skin-friendly, a nighttime glycolic acid cream is a great addition to your routine. It’ll slough off dead skin, brighten, and clear skin without the severe drying or tingling effects of a typical AHA serum or toner. SkinCeuticals is known for these dermatologist-grade products, like their Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Cream, but this K-Beauty option from Soko Glam does the job at a fraction of the price.




Gentle Exfoliating Toner

On the other hand, if you want a daily resurfacing toner, like Glossier’s famed Solution, this PHA toner from The Inkey List has a very similar ingredient profile, similar texture, and impressive reviews. PHA is a much gentler option for exfoliation than an AHA like glycolic or lactic acid, but it still provides those same results, especially over time. After using this toner nightly, reviewers say their skin looks brighter, clearer, and smoother.




Detox & Brighten Clay Mask

Everyone needs a classic detoxifying mask in their skincare routine, and as much as we love the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, you also don’t need to spend a lot to get a similar result. This mask from L’Oreal offers the same experience, texture (the classic dry-down clay mask we all love), and results. When I use this, my skin looks so much more even tone, and I notice fewer breakouts.




Peptide Moisturizer

Peptides are a great ingredient to add to a moisturizer because they support the health of your skin barrier, which is essential for glowy, bright skin. But you don’t have to pay Tata Harper prices to get the same results (as much as we love it!). This one from The Inkey List is the ideal packaging for a moisturizer: no squeezy tube, no jar to dip into, and no annoying spatulas. Instead, you simply push down on the top, and it comes right out. This keeps the ingredients stable and safe, making the product last much longer than a pot moisturizer might. This daily moisturizer can be used in the morning for a lightweight feel, but it’s hydrating enough to use at night too.




Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

Dr. Dennis Gross’s Universal Daily Peel pads are a cult-favorite in the skincare world. Makeup artists swear by them to use in the morning before serums and moisturizer to slough off dead skin and leave your face radiant and exfoliated before applying makeup. But when you’re using them daily, they can definitely get pretty pricey, so reaching for these ones from Neogen is a great option. Just like the Dr. Dennis Gross pads, these have multiple AHAs to really exfoliate your skin, but they’re still gentle enough for daily use. Plus, the Neogen pads have a little bit of a texture, so they offer physical and chemical exfoliation, which is perfect for just before makeup. I don’t use these every single day, but they’re ideal for days I want to look my best.




Facial Cleansing Oil

Everyone needs a really good cleansing oil in their routine, and you don’t have to splurge on the Biossance cleansing oil to get something high-quality that’s filled with clean ingredients. I’ve only recently started trying products from Cocokind, but their products blow me away when you look at the price, the ingredients, and how they stack up with other brands. This cleansing oil would work well for seriously anyone regardless of skin type, and it’s so good, they even recommend it as a morning cleanser to start the day with hydrated, soft skin.