The Best Spooky Podcasts to Listen to This Month

At one point in time, getting your fix of scary content wasn’t so easy. You’d either have to watch the occasional documentary that came out or fill your brain with fictional tales told through books or movies. But now? The world seems to have got on the scary train, and there’s no shortage of ways to consume the spookiness we’re seeking—especially through podcasts.

The problem? Not all podcasts are created equal, and sifting through the masses of them can take more time than the length of an episode you’re actually interested in. But through a little trial and a lot of error, we’ve found 13 scary podcasts that are worth your ears’ attention this month.

Throw on a sweatshirt, head outside for your quarantine walk (before it gets too cold), and get in the mood for spooky season with these 13 podcasts:


1. Haunted Places: Ghost Stories

Episodes: 2

Length per episode: 30 minutes

If you too snuggled up every night as a kid and read Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark under your covers with a flashlight, this brand-new podcast is for you. Every Thursday, host Alastair Murden tells a different bone-chilling ghost story (that you’ve probably never heard of). It feels like sitting around a campfire and hearing a story from your most entertaining friend—and will leave you feeling scared every week. 


2. Unexplained

Episodes: 5 seasons, 10 episodes each

Length per episode: ~30 minutes

This bi-weekly podcast dives into real-life events that simply don’t have an explanation. By mixing spoken narrative, history, and ideas, it will make you go into the depths of your brain to examine what you believe about reality just in time for the scariest time of the year.


3. Dr. Death

Episodes: 7

Length per episode: ~30 minutes

If you’ve never heard of Christopher Duntsch, he’s basically the Dirty John of the medical world, and this podcast dives into exactly how the “neurosurgeon” was able to trick so many people (and leave 33 patients with nobody to defend them). The 40-minute episodes are perfect for accompanying you on your chilly quarantine walks.


4. The Black Tapes

Episodes: 30

Length per episode: ~30 minutes

If you’re into the supernatural and are craving some real-life ghosts stories for the season, look no further than The Black Tapes. This serialized docudrama dives into a journalist’s experience with a mysterious subject and “the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both.”


5. Limetown

Episodes: 10

Length per episode: ~30 minutes

Ten years ago, over 300 people disappeared from a small town in Tennessee and were never heard of again. This podcast aims to answer one question: what happened to the people of Limetown?


6. Mile Higher

Episodes: 130

Length per episode: 1 hour+ (usually closer to 90 minutes)

One of my personal favorite podcasts of all time, Mile Higher takes a deep dive into real-life crime stories, mysteries, and unexplained phenomena. From conspiracies to Jonbenet Ramsey, this covers any and all of your spooky fascinations with hour-plus long episodes that leave no stone left unturned. 


7. The Vanished

Episodes: 241

Length per episode: 1 hour+

If you’re less into ghost stories and more into horror stories that involve the living, The Vanished dives into the stories and circumstances of real-life people who have gone missing. The host goes beyond just what was reported in the news and gives exclusive interviews with family, friends, law enforcement, and experts involved in each case. 


8. Solved Murders

Episodes: 18

Length per episode: ~30 minutes

If unsolved true-crime stories drive you crazy, this podcast dives into some of the most gripping murder stories of all time—all of which were solved. It dives into what goes into catching a killer and what really went on behind the scenes of each case.


9. Unsolved Murders

Episodes: 200+

Length per episode: 30 minutes to 1 hour

As Solved Murders’ sister podcast, Unsolved Murders is exactly what you’d expect: the same story-telling, but without the clear-cut ending. This podcast dives into some of the world’s most notorious cold cases and covers different theories on lead suspects, leading its listeners to draw their own conclusions on each story.


10. The Last Podcast On The Left

Episodes: 400+

Length per episode: ~1 hour

Described as covering “all the horrors our world has to offer, both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers,” The Last Podcast On The Left truly has something that will interest everyone. With over 400 hour-plus long episodes on every spooky scenario you can imagine, you can scroll through the episode titles and choose whatever you’re feeling each day.


11. Not Another True Crime Podcast

Episodes: 96

Length per episode: ~40 minutes

If you need a healthy dose of humor with your true crime, this podcast (produced by Betches) will give you the stories you’re craving with some witty humor and commentary on the side. Perfect for playing while you’re lounging around with a glass of wine, this feels like talking about true crime with your best friends.


12. Alice Isn’t Dead

Episodes: 52

Length per episode: ~20 minutes

This podcast follows the story of a truck driver searching across America for the wife she assumed was dead. Throughout her search, she encounters conspiracies and unexplained phenomena that you’ll have to hear to believe.


13. The NoSleep Podcast

Episodes: 300

Length per episode: 1 hour+ (sometimes over 2 hours)

This award-winning podcast tells around five stories per episode, making it feel like an endless stream of spooky content. There are a wide variety of stories covered, but they’re all told as a first-person experience and are consistently scary as hell.