3 Pieces That Will Transform Your Spring Work Wardrobe


I have been waiting for spring for approx 8 billion years. Remember January? I think January may have been the longest month I have ever experienced as a person. Longer than the last day of school. Longer than watching that movie The Tree of Life. Longer than standing in line at Disney World. Now that spring has finally graced us all with beauty and light and some much needed Vitamin D (lookin’ like a the palest member of the undead over here) it’s time to break out all your fresh spring attire. We’re ready for skirts (bare legs!), poppy colors; and super light, soft knits. Here’s what we’ll be wearing to the office all season long:


1. A breezy midi skirt or dress

My favorite part of spring is releasing my legs from leg jail — the air! the breeze! the swish! It’s like a new lease on life. Plus, when I’m wearing leg-baring bottoms, I like to stand in front of my full length mirror before leaving the house and whisper “nice stems” to myself à la Christian from Clueless. Just me? Whoops.

Light Sweater / Midi Skirt / Beige Heels / Work Tote / Geo Earrings

Trench / Pleated Dress / Loafers / Gold Bar Earrings

Leather Jacket / White Top / Circle Skirt / Pop of Color Heels / Tote



2. A pop of pastel

I am usually afraid of pastels lest I start to resemble a giant, sentient Easter basket, so I like to temper them with lots of neutrals and chic patterns like tortoiseshell and leopard.

Trench / Tie-Front Button Down / Blush Heels / Ponte Pants / Earrings

White Tee / Cardigan / Lilac Trousers / Mules / Drop Earrings

Oversize Blazer / White Dress / Leopard Loafers / Black Tote / Studs



3. A bold pattern play

I like to call these looks “wallpaper chic.” Think big ass florals (I know, I know, florals for spring… groundbreaking but whatayagonnado) and tiny, buzzy swirls. Something that would be as at home on your body as it is on the wall of the bathroom in a restaurant with $15 glasses of wine. Ya feel?

Button Down / Patterned Skirt / Beige Heels / Tote / Gold Hoops

Pleated Sleeve Top / Statement Pants / Mules / Tote / Earrings



Patterned Blouse / Ponte Pants / Heels / Tote / Ear Crawlers