Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas (That Don’t Include Netflix)


After a week of running to early meetings and attending (all) the workout classes we promised ourselves, the idea of dressing up for a date night becomes a responsibility instead of a romantic gesture — regardless of how much potential wine and food is involved.

There’s nothing more satisfying than relaxing at home after days of constant bustle, so why not combine your date night with it? Instead of falling into the habit of another movie night on Netflix, we’ve listed six date night ideas that will let you stay in and wear the yoga pants you love — while being with the person who loves you.


1. Begin a creative project together (and finish it)

Whether you two decide to paint a new piece of furniture for the living room or grow a garden in your backyard, working together on a project is the perfect opportunity for  much-needed quality time. There’s no better way to get to know your partner than to join them in a creative activity that’s based on teamwork, patience, and maybe some power tools (it’s the effort that counts).

While you two begin this project together, you may even come to realize it’s now a favorite hobby for the two of your to share. A completed project will also allow the both of you to bond over what was made and be proud of it — and most of all, each other.


2. Host a game night for two

A little competition never killed any relationship, so get your game face on for a time full of laughter and endless teasing to whoever loses (it’s still a competition, after all). Find a deck of cards or your favorite board game — it’s your house, so it’s your rules. Who knows, this light-hearted activity could end up being a tradition that lets you two get out of the usual role of being teammates and instead becoming friendly competitors (even if it’s only for the night).

Adult Board Games to try:

Traditional Games to try:


3. Cook a new meal

Being put out of your comfort zone isn’t as difficult when you’re doing it with someone who actually brings you comfort. With this being said, pull up your Pinterest board and attempt one of the food recipes you’ve saved — and let your significant other be just as confused (yet optimistic) as you are.

Another suggestion would be to research food from a certain region of the world that interests the both of you and simply go for it. Regardless of how successful the meal comes out, this activity will leave the both of you laughing at the experience and looking forward to the next cooking date.


4. Look through old photos and make a scrapbook

Although the thought of your bob cut from your 3rd grade yearbook picture gives you a rush of anxiety, it’ll probably be the highlight of your significant other’s night. Along with this fun activity comes a touch of sentimentality as you watch the reel of your partner’s life happen before you and witness what makes him or her the person you can’t get enough of.

Once the two of you are done reminiscing, a fun follow-up activity could be to create a photo album or scrapbook of your memories together. Print out your favorite photos, purchase scrapbook paper (and stickers, of course), and let your relationship come out on the pages. This project won’t only help you get to know your partner even more, but will also remind the both of you of who you two are, how far you two have come, and what makes your relationship together so special.


5. Take turns reading to each other

For any couple who wants a relaxing night together, picking up a book and reading it out loud to one another is the perfect solution – and one of our favorites. Cozy up on the couch with your favorite glasses of wine and let your mind get lost in the story and the comfort of hearing your partner’s voice fill the quiet room. Make sure to add some fresh flowers and mood lighting to enhance the date atmosphere even more.


6. Plan your next trip

Get your laptop out and your research skills together, because this night is about to be one that’ll feed any wanderlust you’ve been experiencing. From traveling across the state to flying across the world, nothing will excite the both of you for the future the way planning a trip together will.

Similar to the other activities listed, planning a trip is another way to realize the priorities of your partner and to build an ideal itinerary based on what’s important to the both of you. Relationships are about compromise, and agreeing on the activities in a trip is the chance to plan together while appreciating what makes the two of you different.


What are your favorite ways to spend a date night at home? Share your tips for at-home romance in the comments!