So You Got New Uggs for Christmas—Here Are the Cool Girl Ways to Style Them

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In case you haven’t heard, Uggs are back. Celebrities and influencers everywhere have been spotted wearing them, and they sell out on all major retailers every few weeks. New styles like the Mini and Ultra Mini are reigning supreme this season, but even your original circa-2009 Uggs are finding their way into street style and celeb looks. 

Because of this, many of us probably had them on our holiday wish lists this year. But now that you may have received them as a gift, you might be wondering how to style them without looking like your high school self. 

Luckily, there is plenty of inspiration all over Instagram for us to pull from. I can’t even tell you how many outfits I have saved that include Uggs (I am a proud owner of the taupe Mini Uggs), because I think that there are so many clever ways to style them outside of loungewear. 

Check out these seven cool-girl approved way to style your new Uggs this winter:


1. With leggings, a hoodie, and a plaid coat

The pairing of leggings and Uggs has become iconic enough that it will always have a spot in our hearts. Bring that outfit combo into 2022 by pairing it with a neutral hoodie, a plaid coat, and a rib-knit beanie. Bonus points for wearing leggings in 2021’s hottest color: brown.


2. With oversized trousers, a button-front coat, and a statement scarf

If you really want to show off your fashion-girl status, try pairing your Uggs with a pair of oversized trousers and a chic, button-front wool coat. Top it off with a statement patterned scarf and you’ve got a look that will literally turn heads on the street.


3. With an all-black outfit, a long parka, and a beanie

Perhaps the most classic way you’d think to style your Uggs is with a pair of black leggings and your largest parka. But you can easily turn I’m-absolutely-freezing into I’m-absolutely-freezing-but-I-look-chic-as-hell with an all-black ensemble and a trendy beanie.


4. With leather pants and a trench

We already know that leather pants were *the* cool-girl fashion item of 2021, so why not pair them with your Uggs? The combination of textures makes for a unique look that is even better with a trench coat layered on top. 


5. With light-wash denim, a pop of color, and an overcoat

Oh, so you thought that you couldn’t wear Uggs with jeans? Well think again, because we’re obsessed with this combo of Mini Uggs and straight-leg, light-wash denim. And if you live in a slightly warmer winter climate, this bright-colored sweater and light jacket combination is perfect for you.


6. With a monochrome sweat set and a teddy coat

This outfit is the 2022 version of a Juicy Couture velour track suit and Uggs. An oversized sweat suit is automatically on cool-girl level, but paired with Uggs and a long teddy coat? You’ll be truly unstoppable.


7. With straight-leg jeans and a faux fur puffer

This outfit is another perfect example of how cute Uggs look with your favorite jeans. These super-chic black Ultra Minis are the ideal compliment to an outfit combination of trendy straight-leg jeans and a faux fur puffer. Extra points for a Starbucks cup as an accessory. 


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