20 Hair Accessories That Will Keep Your Hair off Your Neck Until the Temps Finally Drop

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For days where the temp is sweltering and the humidity is at 90 percent (welcome to an average summer day in Chicago), it can be literally unfathomable to think of leaving your hair down. Having your hair stick to a sweaty neck all day? That’s not an option, which is where a good hair accessory can come in and save the day.

Not only will a good hair accessory keep your hair off your neck and prevent you from suffering through heat styling only for your locks to be ruined by humidity the second you step outside, but they’re also cute as hell. When you choose the right one, they’ll complete your whole look—it’s a win-win if we’ve ever heard one.

Cut your losses and throw your hair up until the temperatures drop with these 20 hair accessories. We promise you’ll actually want to wear them on repeat.



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