How to Get Your Legs Summer-Ready


If you’re anything like me (first of all, congratulations), your legs stop being legs in the winter and instead turn into cold sticks that hurtle you around. When I sat down to write this, I hadn’t shaved my legs since Ross and Rachel were on a break and was ready to start my new life as a werewolf and/or Harry’s girlfriend. But then the sun broke through the clouds, I remembered it’s the middle of April, and got ready to address my legs as legs again. Meanwhile in the shower, my long-neglected razor shook herself from self-imposed hibernation, cracked her knuckles, and whispered “it’s time.” So anyway, here’s a complete roundup of lots of things you can do to your legs to make them so silky smooth that when you lie down on your bed, you’ll slide right off like a bullet.


Prep for (silky smooth) success

Start by reintroducing yourself to your legs (hi, legs!) with a little ~dry brushing~. Our wellness guru on staff, Josie Santi, introduced us all to the wonders of a sexy dry brushing playlist to make the whole process a little more fun. If you want to get really crazy, try microneedling your legs, which has shown to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and even out your skin tone. Just be sure to follow up with hyaluronic acid for that deep penetration (whoops, too much sexy playlist for me).

The Organic Pharmacy

Dry Brush

Source: @tina___________


Make the most of your shower

Now that you’ve prepped your stems, go to town in the shower with a targeted body wash. I would die for this Paula’s Choice BHA treatment, it sloughs EVERYTHING off including bad attitudes, Mondays, and ghosters. I also religiously follow @things.i.bought.and.liked, who swears by this almond shower oil for shaving and y’all it really works.

Exfoliate n’ Glow

I have been an exfoliating kween since middle school when I had to go to swim class everyday (this was legit sanctioned torture but whatever). Follow up all that scrubby goodness with a body oil to lock in your new Blake Lively legs.

Source: @jimsandkittys


Add some color

As someone who once asked Casper how he maintains his tan, I worship at the alter of fake color. There are a lot of ~fancy~ self-tanning systems out there but I’m partial to good ol’ Jergens because when you need as much product as I do, you can’t be spending $100/ounce on this shiz. It’s also fun to play around with illuminators that don’t have tan in them, they are basically foolproof and will make you feel like the shimmering, kickass goddess you are. Look mom, no streaks!

If you want to be ~extra~

Because you’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. I feel like “hardcore” really defines a face mask for your butt, amiright.