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The Cocktail You Should Make, Based on Your Favorite Taylor Swift Era

perfect for your Tortured Poets Department listening party
Taylor Swift eras-inspired cocktails"
Taylor Swift eras-inspired cocktails
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

Although I didn’t get my perfect fantasy (ahem, tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour), that didn’t stop me from living vicariously through everyone posting their concert outfits, friendship bracelets, and surprise song reveals all over social media. With her tour now in its second year, it’s still so exciting to see the pomp and circumstance of Taylor’s performances and how she flawlessly transitions into the aesthetic of each era. Each of her albums has such a unique vibe, and what better way to embody your favorite Taylor Swift era than by mixing up a themed cocktail? If you, like me, need something to sip on while you scroll through SwiftTok and stream The Tortured Poets Department, here are 11 fun, Taylor Swift Eras-inspired cocktails to try out. 

1. Taylor Swift: Teardrops On My Guitar

The way this cocktail shines puts those Georgia stars to shame. The beautiful blue-green hue of the drink matches Taylor’s first album cover, making it the perfect drink to enjoy while you listen to some of your old favorite songs.

2. Fearless: Apple Cider Rum Pecan Cocktail

I don’t know about you, but the Fearless album gives me all the warm, fuzzy feelings—remembering your first love, having the best day with your mom, the list goes on and on. And with its warming autumnal flavors of apple cider and pecan, this beverage is sure to do the same.

3. Speak Now: Blueberry Jam Cocktail

Taylor’s fuschia dress on the Speak Now album cover is iconic, so it’s only natural that the cocktail for this era would match. Butterfly pea tea and blueberry jam give this drink its beautiful color, and the edible glitter and sparkler are fun final touches.

4. Red: Mulled Wine

If the Red era were a beverage, it would without a doubt be mulled wine. This “sad girl sangria” recipe uses all the classic flavors of mulled wine but skips the heat. It’s cozy and comforting just like the album, and after a few glasses, you might also leave your scarf at someone’s sister’s house.

5. 1989: Cosmopolitan


Been sick and broke my toe, I’ve been bed ridden watching SATC so wishing I had a cosmo. • 1 oz lime juice 2 oz cranberry juice 2 oz triple sec 4 oz vodka • #cosmo #cosmopolitan #vodka #cocktail #drink #alcohol #satc #recipe

♬ just a girl – marley

There’s nothing more classic than a traditional Cosmo, except maybe Taylor’s famous Fourth of July parties during her 1989 era. Not to mention the color matches her signature cherry-red lip.

6. Reputation: Black Gimlet


How about making a classic cocktail recipe more interesting and visually extraordinary? 60ml / 2oz Gin 15ml / 0.5oz Lime Juice 15ml / 0.5oz Simple Syrup Black Food Colorant #cocktails30sec #cocktailrezept #easyrecipe #bartender #cocktailrecipe #drinktok

♬ Cap – burrell

I’m sorry, but can you imagine a more perfect cocktail for Taylor’s Reputation era? It’s giving all the moody “nobody’s heard from me in months” vibes, and I’m here for it.

7. Lover: Head In The Clouds

What would a Lover cocktail be without pastel colors, delicate cotton candy, and sprinkles? Luckily, we don’t have to find out because this one checks all the boxes. 

8. folklore: Rye, Ginger Beer, and Orange Bitters Cocktail


BRB going to go curl up w/ a blanket and cry to this album. Still amazing though ✨ #folkloretaylorswift #exiletaylorswift #boniver #tswifty #smoked

♬ exile – Taylor Swift

This smokey, woodsy cocktail is the perfect drink for an evening by the fire watching Taylor’s Long Pond Studio documentary.

9. evermore: Rhubarb Gin and Champagne Cocktail


evermore inspired cocktails – first up is champagne problems! 💍@taylornation #cocktail #easydiy #JimJammin #evermore #taylorswift

♬ champagne problems – Caroline

With all the champagne and none of the problems, this drink is sure to leave you asking for (ever)more.

10. Midnights: Vodka Glitter Martini


In honor of TS10, here is a lil cocktail inspired by the cover of her new album coming out in October 🥂🥹 #taylorswift #midnights #ts10 #thespritzeffect #MessFreeHero #GenshinTeleport #cosmo

♬ Lover – First Dance Remix – Taylor Swift

Reminiscent of Taylor’s iconic eyeshadow look on the Midnights album cover and the stars in the midnight sky, this shimmery cocktail is perfect for a bejeweled night.

11. The Tortured Poets Department: Clara Bow


Clara Bow 🎀 Part two of the TTPD cocktail series 2 oz bourbon 2 oz elderflower liquor 2 oz lemon juice 1 oz simple syrup A few dashes of grapefruit bitters 1 egg white #taylorswift #swifttok #swifties #yourelosingme #taylorsversion #cocktails #recipes #cocktailrecipes #ttpd #torturedpoetsdepartment #thetorturedpoetsdepartment #bourbon #cocktails101 #creating #happyhour #cheers #aesthetic #bows #coquette

♬ Style (Instrumental) – Sweet Babe May

This cocktail shares its name with one of the songs on the album, so it’s only fitting to mix one up while you listen. Made with bourbon, elderflower liquor, and lemon juice, this old-school cocktail pairs perfectly with a black bow tied around the glass.