I Tested 5 TikTok Beauty Hacks—Here’s How They Worked

Beth Gillette

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Source: @ebethgillette
Source: @ebethgillette

I’ve been in the beauty hack game since we had to find it all in the depths of YouTube and Pinterest. I’ve mixed lotion with bronzer to create “self-tanners,” I’ve covered my face with powder before applying my foundation, and I’ve definitely see every trick in the book for the perfect winged liner (the one that works? Draw the line from your lower lash line—I heard this tip from Violette_fr!). But there’s a new gig in town sharing thousands of beauty hacks a day, and it’s the app I already can’t convince myself to stop scrolling on: TikTok.

TikTok is filled with inspiration and ideas beyond belief, and it’s truly a space for creators. Going viral on the app is more prevalent than any other platform, making it easy to bring your hacks and tips to the masses. I’ve assembled quite the “favorites” list on TikTok of beauty tricks to implement, and after months of waiting, I finally decided to try five TikTok beauty hacks. Here’s how they actually went:


1. Using two lash serums

@sssimplygraceReply to @katieqkramer #greenscreen no I need to learn how to wear chapstick♬ original sound – gracie

The second I saw this TikTok, I ordered a second bottle of lash serum. I had already been using GrandeLash and was starting to see results, but I’m impatient. I also am really looking to make my lashes thicker and fuller, like the creator of this TikTok, even more so than making them really long. In the TikTok, she uses GrandeLash and RapidLash; I used GrandeLash and this Amazon-favorite lash serum I’d been (also) seeing all over TikTok, just to give the test my own little spin. The short answer: it works. Big time. My lashes have practically doubled in volume. 


after about four weeks using both lash serums—oh, the things I’ll share!


I knew you were waiting for a but. But… I’ve also had one side effect that is making it difficult to continue. My eyelids have gotten so dark after using this combination. I was recently researching lash serums and saw that it’s a possible side effect for your eyelids to darken, and mine seriously have. You can see it in the photos above. Now when I’m makeup-free, I look so tired because my eyelids are permanently darkened. I’m going to loosen up on how often I’m applying this concoction to see if it helps my eyelids at all (and I really hope it does because I was loving the results so much). Overall, this truly works, but not without a little pain.

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2. The Drip Test

@glowwithavaI used this all on my face after ☺️ It’s a good rule of thumb test! #skincareroutine #beautytipswithava #nightroutine♬ original sound – AVA

I’m a Beauty Editor; of course, I know the correct order to apply a skincare routine. But that doesn’t mean I was necessarily doing it that way every night. It’s easy to mess up the order of your routine, especially if you have a few different serums.  This “drip test” finally helped me realize what I was doing right and wrong, and when I actually followed the correct routine, my products sunk in so much faster and seemed even more effective. It’s easy to assume your cleanser goes before your toner, but what about your hydrating serum before your acne-fighting serum? Skincare and figuring out the best way to lay out your routine is a science, but this trick finally helped me actually put these things into practice. 

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3. Using eyeshadow primer on my nose

@rocio.roses🚨Foundation hack🚨 FINALLY keep makeup on your nose!! #foundationhacks #makeuphack #beautytip #foundationtutorial #tipsandtricks #lifehack#makeup♬ You know u like her – Lorraine


I’ve seen this tip quite a few times and had to finally give it a test. Like most, my nose is the oiliest part of my face, meaning makeup often just doesn’t like to stick. It’s always one of the first places I notice my makeup sliding off or creasing on the sides, and I have to powder just a few hours in. This trick involves using your eyeshadow primer—which is used to make eyeshadow stick, stay vibrant, and not crease—all over your nose to keep it on. I combined this hack with another I saw on TikTok in which she always applied makeup to her nose as the last step in her routine. Sadly, it wasn’t the miracle worker I was hoping for. It applied smoother, and the makeup stuck a lot better immediately, but I didn’t notice all that much more wear-time. I probably got an extra hour or two out of my makeup, which is helpful but not enough to use this extra step every day.

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4. Aloe Vera Scalp Massage

@theaussierapunzel ♬ Ashes – Stellar

This is a TikTok favorite that I’ve actually been doing for a few months, and I’ve noticed quite a difference in my hair. My hairstylist actually recommended it when I was complaining of an irritated scalp at the beginning of the fall and winter months. As we all know, aloe is cooling and soothing to the skin, and it does the same on the scalp. TikTokers give claims of helping your hair grow and giving you stronger and healthier hair too, but this evidence is strictly anecdotal as the effects of aloe on hair haven’t been studied scientifically. She uses aloe from a plant in the video, but I, not having a green thumb, purchased aloe gel to use instead. I apply it on my scalp before bed, giving myself a scalp massage for about five minutes, and then I pull my hair back and sleep. 

I really love this and do it a few nights a week. It really helps calm down my irritated scalp, reducing any itching and redness I may have. It’s also a great reminder for me to do regular scalp massages before bed, which is not only relaxing but a habit I’ve noticed has actually helped improve my hair health. But as far as the TikTok claims, I haven’t seen dramatic hair growth or really any hair growth beyond what my scalp produces normally, so I’m not sure I can concur with that claim. Also, I can only do this at night when I know I’ll be washing my hair the next morning, even though some TikTokers say they can use this at night and it sinks into their hair without getting greasy. 

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5. Shaving in both directions

@iamnancyjay#ShowUpShowOff #shaveyourlegs #shavinghacks #shavingtips #hairremoval #beautyhack #beautytipsandtricks #fyp♬ original sound – iamnancyjay

I’m always looking for new shaving hacks, especially something to make it easier. A shower in which I have to shave just about doubles the time I’m in there, and I’m never prepared for that. This hack most definitely didn’t make shaving go any quicker, but it limited a lot of the irritation I sometimes get from shaving. I also used all of the tricks in this video, like waiting under the end of the shower, exfoliating before, and applying moisturizer afterward, and I always notice a difference when I do these in how soft and supple my skin feels and looks. Plus, I get so much less itchiness and redness, especially from exfoliating all the dead skin cells away before I shave. But the actual act of shaving this way? Honestly, probably not worth it for me unless I’m struggling with dry, irritated skin because it about doubles the time I’m shaving (which is already a whole process in itself). I’ll keep doing the other tricks in the video, but I’ll stick with my usual shaving method of just shaving against the grain because I get great results in half the time.

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