15 Non-Cheesy Thanksgiving Nail Ideas You Can Wear All Fall Long

because your manicure's going to last a lot longer than a single day (we hope)
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With all of the annual stressors that Turkey Day can bring to the forefront (so much love for this holiday, but still), searching for the perfect Thanksgiving nail ideas shouldn’t be another thing to worry about. Deciding if you should actually bake a pumpkin pie or just buy one from the store and tell your parents it’s homemade? Already the debate of the season. Trying to explain to your grandma for the 37th time (without flipping a table) that you’re not dating anyone? Definitely not for the faint of heart. Deciding how many hard apple ciders are considered too many for a family gathering? Takes up enough of your mental space. So, we’re here to make your nail look one less thing to sweat about this year.

The perfect inspo should be A) easy to find, and B) able to seamlessly fit in with the rest of the season. Don’t get me wrong, we are absolutely here for a funky nail moment. However, while your aunt Susie may deem the cartoon turkey on your thumb as the slay of the year, it may not be a prime look for the presentation you’re giving at work the following Monday. But don’t worry—your fall manicure definitely does not have to be boring. So, we’ve gathered 15 of our favorite Thanksgiving nail ideas that will perfectly match your family gatherings, low-key Friendsgivings, and everyday in between. 


1. Brown & Gold Curves


2. Pop of Orange Floral


3. Gold Statement with Subtle Pumpkin Details


4. Classic Thanksgiving Color Palette


5. Classy Leaves & Plaid Patterns


6. Browns French Tips


7. Shades of Brown with Wavy Details


8. Dark to Light Brown Ombre


9. Warm Tortoise Shell


10. Single Fall Foliage


11. Multi-Color French Tips


12. Thanksgiving Colors with A Silver Touch


13. Glitter & Leaves


14. White Plaid & Tortoise Shell Statement


15. Little Brown Hearts


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