7 Outfits To Wear on Thanksgiving With Pieces You Already Own

written by BELLA GIL

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Source: @simplytandya
Source: @simplytandya

In the midst of preparing for December holidays and end-of-the-year festivities, it’s understandable that you might have woken up this Sunday and said, “wait, Thanksgiving is this week?” November has flown by, and suddenly, the fourth Thursday has snuck up on us. As you’re scrambling to prep your contributions to dinner or the dessert table and mentally preparing to mingle with family you haven’t seen in a while, your outfit might be the last thing on your mind. But fear not—you don’t need to run out and buy something new. Instead, it’s time to get a little creative with the pieces that you have in your closet.

What makes a perfect Thanksgiving outfit? There’s obviously no set formula, but one thing’s for sure: comfort is key. If that’s leggings and a tee for you, so be it; if you’re game to wear a wool skirt and heels, go for it! We’ve gathered all the inspiration for you to put together the best outfit at your Thanksgiving dinner, no shopping required.

A plaid sweater and cream pants

Plaid is to Thanksgiving as sequins are to New Year’s Eve. Take whatever plaid you have—whether that’s pants, a top, or jacket—and pair it with something cream-colored on the opposite half. Complete the look with your favorite boots or loafers, and feel perfectly festive all night long. If your Thanksgiving is on the casual side, this is a perfect, not-too-overdressed look to lean on.

A jacket, midi skirt, and loafers

You never know what temperature your Thanksgiving host’s house might be (we all have the Grandma that cranks the heat up to 80 and the uncle who doesn’t turn the heat on until it’s a tundra), so layering is key. Pair your favorite sweater with a midi skirt, and layer a jacket over top that you can take on and off throughout the night. If you want to feel extra-festive, pop a bow in your hair before you head out.

A leather jacket and trousers

Give your trousers a moment at the dinner table this year and pair them with a simple long-sleeve or fitted sweater. For an extra cool-cousin look, throw a leather jacket over top. Dress the look up or down (depending on how formal your dinner is) with the shoes you pair it with. Opt for heels or Mary Janes for a fancier occasion, or sneakers for one where you’ll mostly be drinking wine in the basement with your cousins.

A tweed jacket and wide-leg jeans

The it-girl jacket of the year? It’s the tweed lady jacket. This versatile piece works for any type of occasion and is great to lean on when you just want to add an extra *something* to your look. With a square-neck top and wide-leg jeans, this outfit is guaranteed to impress everyone in attendance at Thanksgiving dinner—from your judgemental grandmother to your cool teenage cousin.

A long-sleeve maxi dress and heeled boots

Don’t want to bother with putting together a Thanksgiving outfit? That’s where the maxi dress comes in. Arguably the most comfortable option for a feast, a maxi dress will prevent the classic need-to-unbotton-my-pants-after-dinner problem. Pair your maxi dress with on-trend shoes like ballet flats or knee-high boots.

A sweater and blazer

When in doubt, throw on a blazer. Blazers are a surefire way to elevate any outfit, even if it’s as simple as jeans and white tee. Make your look Thanksgiving-worthy by choosing one in a deep, autumnal hue or in a cozy texture like brushed wool or tweed. Bonus points if it’s plaid.

A chunky sweater, jeans, and heeled booties

We’re taking some fashion inspiration from Chris Evans and Rory Gilmore this year and pulling out our favorite chunky sweaters every chance we get. Something about a cozy knit just feels festive in its own right. It’s the perfect base to be paired with jeans for a more casual look, or dressed up with heeled boots for a fancier Turkey Day ‘fit.