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Consider This Manifestation Expert’s 7 Steps Your 2023 Roadmap

written by EMMA GINSBERG
Source: @roxienafousi
Source: @roxienafousi

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Let’s get corny for a second. When manifestation first started to go viral, I didn’t exactly buy into it. I misperceived it as repeating constant affirmations or strictly visualization, and was under the impression that my journaling techniques for goal-setting were far more effective. Then, a year and a half ago, I landed an internship interview at The Everygirl, and realized that I had been thinking about working here every single day since I was 15 years old without ever once writing down a goal about it. I literally thought my dream first job into existence, almost unintentionally. Turns out, I have manifestation to thank for having the opportunity to do something I love every day.

Whether you’ve yet to be convinced or consider yourself a manifestation convert like yours truly, this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast has something for you. In this episode, Josie sits down with queen of manifestation Roxie Nafousi to break down misconceptions about manifestation (hint: my old journaling techniques? Yeah, those were kinda manifestation too), unpack some of the science behind manifestation, and walk through Roxie’s manifestation routine. Read on for Roxie’s 7-step manifestation practice (check out her book Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life for more details), and listen this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast for more tips from Roxie.


1. Be clear in your vision

Let’s say you want to manifest something specific in 2023, like landing your dream job. According to Roxie, the first step is all about really honing in on a specific goal, asking yourself questions about what you do and do not want to attract as you work towards that vision. Thinking about who you want to be and how you want to feel while you manifest will allow you to be as clear as possible in your vision. To help out with this step, Roxie recommends creating vision boards and using visualization techniques.


2. Remove fear and doubt

In order to succeed in your manifestation, you need to believe that you are worthy of receiving the things that you are manifesting. This step is absolutely crucial for building your self-confidence so that you are capable of going out and achieving all of your dreams. As Roxie says, this means doing lots of inner work and introspection, and can often be the hardest (but most worthwhile) part of the manifestation process. One helpful tip that Roxie recommends on The Everygirl Podcast for moving forward with this step? Whenever you receive a compliment, instead of negating it, respond with a simple “Thank you.”


3. Align your behavior

A common misconception about manifestation is that it’s all happening in your head or on a vision board. According to Roxie, that couldn’t be further from the truth, because step three happens in the real world. Aligning your behavior means stepping out of your comfort zone and implementing habits that will launch you to where you want to be. “This is really about stepping into the character of your future self. It’s about taking action, taking risks,” Roxie says. “It’s about being the change that you want to create.” Take a look at the habits and actions you are taking in your life, especially those that you repeat frequently like a morning and night routine, and live according to your goals.


4. Overcome tests from the universe

According to Roxie, there are two sides to this middle step in the manifestation process. The first is about not settling for less than you deserve: if an opportunity is coming your way but you’re looking ahead to something even bigger, perhaps now is not the time to settle. Roxie uses the example of manifesting a great partner, going on an amazing first few dates with a certain person, and then realizing that they’re starting to be inconsistent: this is a test from the universe, and your own self-worth will help you walk away from that situation. The other side of this step is about how you meet challenges and rejection, and your ability to bounce back from those tests without losing your confidence.



5. Embrace gratitude without caveats

“Cultivating an attitude of gratitude is a key and integral part of manifestation,” Roxie says on The Everygirl Podcast. “The manifesting sweet spot is knowing where you want to go whilst being entirely grateful for all that you already have.” According to her, manifesting cannot just be about bringing new things into your life; it also has to be about feeling appreciative of the things that are already there. There are many gratitude practices to try, but Roxie’s favorite is a positivity journal, where you write down every single good thing that happened to you today, big and small.


6. Turn envy into inspiration

Envy is often coded in our society as an entirely negative emotion, but Roxie sees the flip side in her manifestation practice. It’s something that we all feel, and can turn into a powerful tool, as it shows us where we still need healing: it opens our eyes to our own scarcity mindsets. Envy can be turned inside out into inspiration by leaning into an abundance mindset and believing that there is enough out there for everyone, including ourselves.


7. Trust in the universe

This final step in Roxie’s manifestation routine is all about letting go. Impatience and desperation do you no favors in the manifestation process, and trusting in the universe looks like truly believing that the things you have worked for will come to you in time. It’s the mental equivalent of submitting the job application, shutting your computer screen, and not obsessively checking your email for the next several days, because you believe so strongly that what you deserve will come to you. As Roxie says on The Everygirl Podcast, “Strengthen that magnetic, unwavering confidence that you know everything is going to be OK.”