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The One Thing Every Woman Should Keep in Her Medicine Cabinet


If you’ve never experienced a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis (BV), consider yourself among the luckiest group of people. It can be some of the most painful, uncomfortable, and irritating things ever. Our vagina is undoubtedly the most intimate area of our body, so when it’s out of whack, it can be debilitating. From the burning sensation to the itching and the discharge (I’m getting stressed just thinking about it!), it’s a feeling we can all sympathize with.

For women who experience this chronically, it can feel like there is nothing out there for us. Many drugstore options can exacerbate your symptoms or are just painful or uncomfortable to use, and many women who experience symptoms chronically don’t respond well to typical treatment from a doctor.

After a long fight with chronic yeast infections and BV, Lo Bosworth, founder of Love Wellness and former reality-TV star, set out to give women an inexpensive, over-the-counter, natural option. Enter: The Killer, pure boric acid suppositories that you insert in your vagina for fast, effective relief. No more inserting a gross liquid with an applicator or waiting weeks to get into your doctor’s office, and some women notice relieved symptoms in as little as a day. This product averages 4.9 reviews on the Love Wellness site, so you know it has got to be good enough to try. Read on to find out why you should never go without this in your arsenal.



Boric acid is a mineral found in seawater that brings the pH of the vagina back to normal. The best part about boric acid is how quickly it works. Some women have noted experiencing relief overnight, and most say their infection is completely gone after the seven days of treatment.

This treatment is best for women who experience chronic BV or yeast infections, which typically means it occurs over three times a year. While antibiotics can get rid of the infection, they don’t entirely kill the bacteria, which can cause it to come back. The vaginal pH is incredibly important for proper vaginal health, and boric acid specifically resets it and keeps everything peachy keen down there.

There is also no need to worry about anything weird in The Killer. It’s manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and made with pharmaceutical-grade boric acid. These aren’t made with gross chemicals you wouldn’t want in your body, let alone in your vagina. It’s nice to use a product that you feel comfortable with using rather than stressing over side effects.

Lastly, you can get The Killer online (both on the Love Wellness website and on Amazon — hello two-day free shipping!) without a prescription. If you don’t have health insurance or simply can’t make it into an OBGYN but yeast infection or BV symptoms are getting the best of you, The Killer is such a great option. They’re as inexpensive as other drugstore options without all the harsh chemicals or irritants.

Unfortunately, these are not safe for expecting ladies out there! Talk to your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms of BV or a yeast infection while pregnant to make sure what you’re using is safe.


How to use them

This treatment is not oral. I’ll say it again: do NOT take these orally! To get the effects of The Killer, insert them into your vagina before bed. It sounds awkward, but it’s easier than you think!

Refrain from sex for a couple days after the last suppository is inserted just to let it do its thing and get your vajine back in order!


When to use them

Boric acid is great because there are a few ways you can use it. The most obvious time would be at the onset of yeast infection or BV symptoms. In this case, use it for seven days (and up to 14) for relief from symptoms. Most of its reviewers notice their symptoms dissipate much sooner than after seven days, but you have the option to use them for longer if your body isn’t responding as quickly.

On the other hand, you can also use The Killer as a spot treatment. If you notice things down there are starting to feel a little weird (something women with chronic yeast infections and BV are very aware of!) or after sex (because the pH of semen is much higher than that of the vagina), you can insert a capsule vaginally as needed. Many reviewers say this has helped them stay on top of their vaginal health so that they don’t have to use the full course of treatment so often.

Make sure to talk with your doctor before adding this to your regimen to make sure it is right for you and your body!


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