The 5 Timeless Jackets I Wear Every Fall

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Last summer, a few of my coworkers and I were sitting outside having a Happy Hour drink. We started talking about the outfit we pictured everyone in when we weren’t around them—and given how much time we all spend together, it wasn’t hard. Abigail loves a good pair of jeans and some kind of bomber jacket; Kelly is our resident minimalist, always looking chic in put-together basics; Beth loves something colorful and on-trend. When it got to me, Abigail said piped in, “I just picture you in basics and some kind of cool jacket.”

I’ve been a jacket fiend for as long as I can remember. Summer has always been my least favorite season to dress for because my beloved jacket collection is out of commission for a few months. Long story short, if I’m investing in something, nine times out of 10, it’s going to be a good jacket—and over time, I’ve found that my strategy has paid off.

My jacket collection is out and thriving for the season, and I’ve already been reminded of how grateful I am to my past self for investing in some of the ones that I have. These are the five jackets I find myself reaching for every time fall comes around, time and time and time again. The biggest problem? Deciding which to wear.


1. Leather Moto Jacket

No matter who you are or where you live, a leather jacket is a wardrobe staple. When the temperatures are cold, I wear mine multiple times a week, and they’re one of the first things I reach for once the weather allows. Finding one that you love is the key, and these are the best I’ve come across:

Life Changer Moto Jacket

A few years ago, I got my hands on this jacket during the Nordstrom sale for something around $50. I wore it to death—and still do because of the gold hardware it has (something that's borderline impossible to find in a leather jacket). Of all of the affordable leather jackets I've had, this is hands-down the best.

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Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This is a cult-favorite faux-leather option that has crazy good reviews (and comes in multiple colors).

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Dalby Leather Biker Jacket

After wearing my BLANKNYC jacket every other day for years in a row, I decided to take the plunge and invest in this bad boy. It's an investment (although it does occasionally go on sale), and I haven't regretted it for a single second since. It is, in my opinion, the perfect leather jacket, and I know I'll have it for years and years to come. It's also currently 20% off!

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2. Suede Moto Jacket

A suede jacket serves a slightly different purpose to me than my leather one, but I reach for it just as much, and choosing between the two would be a real Sophie’s choice for me. Pairing a tan, suede jacket with deep burgundy shades and emerald and even just a crisp white gives an autumnal feel that nothing else can bring.

Vital Signs Suede Moto Jacket

This was another Nordstrom sale find for me that has paid off in spades. There's just something about a tan jacket that delivers fall vibes in a way nothing else can. It looks amazing with sweaters of all colors and fits and pairs well with basically anything you style it with.

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3. Classic Blazer

After seasons of blazers being around, they’ve gone from trendy to just being a wardrobe staple. You can get one in basically any color or pattern or fabric, but my personal favorite is my good ole’ plaid one. They’re impossibly chic and can be styled for everything from the office to after-work drinks (you know, socially-distanced).

Patterned Jacket

H&M adjusts their blazer prints slightly from year to year, but this one is two years old, and I still reach for it more than my much more expensive options.

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4. Shearling Jacket

Shearling is the trend all of us needed: it makes you feel simultaneously like Cruella DeVille (the best-dressed villain of all time, you can quote me on that) and is as warm and as cozy as a piece of clothing can come.

Faux Shearling Jacket

I got this jacket on a whim two years ago and can't believe A. How much I find myself reaching for it, and B. That every year, it's still in style. It is so warm—I can get away with wearing it as a real winter coat, even here in Chicago—and I love how it can edge up a pair of jeans and sweater.

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5. Teddy Coat

There’s nothing a teddy coat can’t do; it’ll warm you up, elevate anything else you put on your body, and feel like a hug that your Bumble dates can’t give you because of COVID-19. There are a million different colors and cuts to choose from, but I’m partial to a longer option that can be my wear-everywhere jacket before it gets to tundra temps.

Vero Moda
Faux Fur Teddy Coat

This is perfect for the in-between weather where it isn't quite time for your parka, but it's too cold to wear anything lighter.

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