The Secret to a Simple (Yet Stunning) Makeup Routine, According to a Glossier Editor


If you’ve scrolled through Instagram, read any magazine, or saw Beyoncé at the Grammys this year, odds are you’ve at least seen the signature dewy, natural, and colorful beauty looks or aesthetically pretty packaging that single-handedly became the voice of a generation. Glossier is the newest makeup and skincare brand taking over our makeup bags and our Instagrams. Their products are just that good. Not to mention, the packaging is so on fleek, you won’t even be able to stop yourself from posting a pic (trust me). Glossier is truly the brand of millennials, and its products live up to the hype.



As a self-proclaimed skincare junkee whose knowledge about makeup doesn’t extend beyond my CVS mascara and some cover-up that probably doesn’t match my skin color (didn’t you see how my “makeup” bag is literally just skin care?), I’ve been a Glossier fan for years because of their amazing skincare products (and pretty packaging — can’t you tell by how many times I’ve mentioned it?).



I got to talk to a Glossier editor (how #blessed am I?) at the Chicago Pop-up Store about everyday makeup looks and their secrets to getting the glossier glow.

Make sure to stop by and check them out before it closes October 28th!

Glossier Chicago
114 N Aberdeen Street

Monday-Friday: 12pm-8pm
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I’m copying this makeup routine every day for the glowiest skin I’ve ever had (skincare, who?), and I’ve never been dewier. Read on, dear readers, for the tips and products — aka top secret info — that the Glossier Editors shared with me, so you can achieve peak dewiness, too.



1. The most important step in a makeup routine is… skincare!

Beyond just helping your natural skin be healthy, the right skincare is also important for the way your makeup looks. The thirstier your skin is, the more your pores and fine lines are going to show, no matter how good your cover up is or how much foundation you apply. The Editors used the Priming Moisturizer for me, which plumps skin to reduce redness and the appearance of pores. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid to instantly hydrate. The more hydrated your skin is before makeup, the easier your makeup blends.



2. Sunscreen does not have to be greasy (and is a crucial part of your routine).

By now, we don’t have to tell you that you need a sunscreen. Every millennial in 2018 is well-versed in the dangers of skin cancer and the importance of sunscreen. But this information has historically brought up a problem in our beauty and makeup routines —we need sunscreen, but sunscreen is traditionally oily, greasy, and even smells —SO not the #beautygoals we’re going for.

While I’ve been able to discover some facial sunscreens I love throughout the years, the Glossier Invisible Shield is unlike any sunscreen I’ve tried before. And I mean that from the bottom of my sunscreen-loving heart. First of all, the texture was amazing. It was more like a mattifying gel than a greasy sunscreen — ground breaking! It felt like just another step in a hydrating skincare routine; nothing like ghosts of greasy sunscreen past. It faintly smelled like orange peel, which was an unexpected and pleasant addition to the experience, and apparently helps to wake you up when you’re applying it in the mornings. Just two small pumps to the face covers the entire face, and leaves a nice dewy finish (just count how many times I use “dewy” in this article).



3. You don’t need foundation for flawless complexion.

If you think your most #flawless skin is only when you’re wearing layers of foundation, think again. The Perfecting Skin Tint is the equal mix between bare skin and makeup makeup. It’s not heavy like a foundation, but it perfectly blends any discoloration and covers any flaws. It contains diamond powder, which helps blur imperfections and gives skin that Glossier glow. It doesn’t cover freckles, clog your pores, or take away any of the natural beauty that deserves to shine through, and best of all, it will not look like you’re wearing any makeup at all (can your foundation do that?).

The Editors taught me to apply the Skin Tint in dots (and make the dots into fun patterns and shapes, smiley face, star, a heart, whatever you need — makeup should be fun!). Just rub in the same way you rub in a moisturizer, and voila! — flawless skin. You can add in foundation or concealer on top in the areas you feel like you need extra coverage, if needed. I used the medium shade because I was blessed with a subtle tan that day (that’s a rarity for me). It’s also made to be #photoready — say goodbye to camera shine once and for all. The skin tint is made to mimic skin so it looks just as good on camera as you do.



4. Dabbing concealer under your eyebrow arches will make them look like you just got them done (even if you haven’t for *too long*).

One of the easiest, most underrated tricks for your everyday makeup — if you don’t have time to get your eyebrows done, or even to groom them well (we’ve all had those mornings), adding a dab of light concealer under the arch will make the eyebrow line more defined and the arch look higher (who doesn’t want that!), and bonus: it will also make your eyes look more awake (because I need all the help I can get on Monday mornings).

Speaking of awake eyes — the Stretch Concealer literally melts under your finger because its so creamy and is filled with good oils. You dab just a little bit under your eyes until it seems to disappear, and your poor, tired, dry, and dark under eye circles are gone. No, it’s not magic (though you might think it is), it’s just the Stretch Concealer which has amazing coverage and color, but blends into your skin so well you won’t be able to see it. As the Editor said, “it looks like you slept, not like you’re wearing makeup to look awake.”



5. Powder blush or contour ages the face, but a creamier consistency gives a youthful effect.

Powder consistencies of your favorite cheekbone-enhancers may not be as flattering as you believe. A powder blush or contour shade apparently ages the skin, and can even make fine lines and blemishes more defined and noticeable. A cream blush, however, does the opposite. Since it gives a naturally dewy effect and blends into skin well, it looks more youthful and natural. The Glossier Editors taught me that we all need to get over the idea that beauty must be matte — our natural skin is dewy, so why not work towards that natural texture that not only makes sense for our skin since it’s hydrating, but it looks more natural, too? Makes perfect sense to me!

I got to try THE cream blush of all cream blushes: Cloud Paint. Perhaps the most Instagrammable cream blush of all time, Cloud Paint now has a cult following. The colors are bold but go on naturally, and they blend perfectly. For me, the Editors blended Beam (a soft coral) and Dusk (a bronze nude) to create a custom shade that looked just like a natural suntan with a rosy glow. They recommend tapping it onto skin (instead of rubbing). Start at the apple of your cheek and tap upward, following the line of your cheek bone. You can also blend excess into eyelids, hairline, etc., to give yourself an allover glow and subtle color. As if I needed more reason to love this product, it also contains collagen — yes, the super ingredient that everyone’s pouring into their smoothies and rubbing onto their skin.



6. No matter your skin type, dry or oily, everyone can (and should!) be using a highlighter in their daily makeup routine.

Before this blessed meeting with Glossier Editors that changed my life forever, I truly believed people with oily skin should stay away from highlighter. On the days my skin has felt more oily, I was more likely to not wear any makeup at all than to wear highlighter, and especially highlighter in summer (when I’m more than likely to be sweaty the minute I leave the house) was a faux pas for me. But apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Everyone should be using a highlighter — not only does it bring out key features of your face and makes your skin look as healthy as possible, but it doesn’t enhance natural shine and sweat.

Glossier’s version of a highlighter is Haloscope and the Editors called it “the magic potion” and “dewiness in a tube.” Obviously, I had to have it. I used Quartz — a pinky, rosy shade (the most natural shade, in its finish and color), and Topaz, which is more of a bronze shade for contouring or during the summer for a deeper bronze. They’re easy enough to blend for every day use by tapping them into cheekbones, above the cloud paint. (Pro tip: tapping instead of rubbing pulls less on your skin, and your fingers are naturally heating everything up so it blends better). Also tap it on the tip of the nose, cupids bow (makes lips look larger), and right under the brown bone. Think: anywhere the light naturally hits.



7. The color of your eyebrow product should match the roots of your hair.

In this day and age with bleach jobs, balayage, and toasted coconut hair (it’s real, look it up), it’s hard to know what color your eyebrow product should be. Should it match the current color of your hair? Your highlights? Your lowlights? Here’s a key tip that seems obvious but is often overlooked: your brows should match the roots of your hair, whether that’s your natural color or you’re just really good at keeping up with dying the roots. That is always the most flattering color, no matter the current colors or highlights in your hair.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the cult-classic, Boy Brow that is most definitely at least one of your friend’s greatest obsessions. The Editors taught me to apply it by brushing my actual eyebrows (like you brush your hair) starting in the middle of my eyebrows so I could brush the product through for a more natural finish, and then go in more gently to the inner corners of brows. It’s a fiber formula so it fills in the blank spots of your eyebrows, but you can also control where your eyebrow hairs are going. One of the Editors likes to brush up the hairs in the innermost part (and she has great brows) because it looks more youthful.



8. You never need an eyelash curler again.

Let me preface this by saying I consider myself to be an open minded person–I’m willing to sample the latest Starbucks drink instead of my typical almond milk latte (one pump hazelnut!), I was hopeful about the Mamma Mia! sequel, and I switch up my skincare routine whenever a new ingredient is on trend. Mascara, however, is the one thing I thought I’d never change. I’m openly too picky about my lashes and have used only the exact same mascara since 7th grade. I will never put on mascara without curling my lashes first (they’re too straight for their own good), and if I don’t have my curler, I will stay at home (it’s happened before). I know how bad it is for you (causes serious breakage) but you don’t know how straight my lashes are!

As the Glossier Editors handed me the Lash Slick mascara to apply myself, I looked at them suspiciously, trying to explain I must curl my lashes before mascara, and I really only like one mascara (the narrator: “yet again, Josie was so wrong.”). They’re not joking around when they say it’s impossible to get a clump with this mascara. The tiny brush truly coated each and every individual lash, giving me the longest lashes I’ve ever had. And then, as it started to set, the true miracle happened: my sad, straight eyelashes curled all on their own. Lash Slick is literally designed to be able to put it on in the back of an Uber on the way to work. It will not leave residue, its super sweat proof, and it curls your lashes as it dries… consider me a fool for wasting all of my life on a silly little eyelash curler. I’ll be throwing that away with my old mascara, and never looking back.



9. Keep a do-everything product with you at all times.

Chapped lips? Dry skin patch? Last minute dinner plans that you wish you had some eyeshadow for? Never be caught in a beauty pinch again — carry around Glossier’s infamous Balm Dotcom for an easy fix all for any skin woe. Put it on lips for your most moisturizing lip balm ever, fix up dry patches (especially those stubborn dry spots that come in winter), use it as a shimmery, shiny eyeshadow, or dab it onto cheek bones for a DIY highlighter. Keep a hydrating balm (that won’t clog pores) next to your wallet and keys so you don’t forget it in one purse when you switch to another.



10. Have a couple easy makeup staples to transition into a night look.

Let’s be real — you’re a busy woman, doing it all, having it all. You never know when a workday’s going to turn into afterwork drinks or a date. Everyone should keep on hand a few easy staples to layer over their day-to-day makeup for a little dressier look, that won’t look unnatural or like they’re trying to hard.

The Glossier Editors’ quick-fix for a transition into a night look are the super pretty Lid Stars. They’re little tubes of liquid eyeshadow that are gorgeous, hydrating, and buildable. The color goes from translucent gleam to pigmented, vivid color, depending on how much you build. I tried the Fawn color, which, *wait for it*, Beyonce has worn… Yes, it’s true, I wore the makeup product that the Queen of the World wore, so basically, I am Beyonce. That’s how it works, right? The Moon shade also works as a highlighter (you can mix the shades) and we tapped it into the corner of my eye to wake up my eyes a little bit, and on the brow bone. It has a subtle blue-ish green, that updates the day look to night-time glam.

We also topped my “night look” (aka the easy day look plus a couple extra products) with a creamy gloss that is not the slimy, glittery, sticky gloss of your teen years. It doesn’t have color, but it brings out the natural color of your lips and just makes them glossier (get it?). After all, the point of Glossier’s makeup is to look like you, just healthier, glowier, and —you guessed it — dewier.




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This post was in partnership with Glossier, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.