8 Items That Will Be Trending in 2021 to Add to Your Christmas Wishlist

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Because trends come and go, we’re usually in the camp of getting them at a discount. However, sometimes that isn’t always feasible, and even if they are budget-friendly, it adds up! We’ve all been there: a new year comes, and all you want is to reinvent yourself, so you toss $50 here, $25 there, $100 there (jeans are expensive!), and next thing you know “new you” has turned into quite an expensive venture. This year, instead of waiting until those items are right at the forefront, we’ve done a little trendspotting for the top items you’ll want in your possession in 2021—and they’re a perfect addition to your holiday wishlist. 

But we’re not just talking about fashion and beauty here—there are so many little trends floating around Instagram that adhere to our work-from-home lives quite well that are ideal to get from Santa this year.


1. Leveled-Up Loungewear

2020 was obviously the year of loungewear; there’s no denying it. But as we’re still at home and will be indefinitely, it’s time to make all the stops with our loungewear. Faux fur, shearling, corduroy, leather—you name it, and there’s a pair of joggers or a sweatshirt just waiting to be worn during your next Netflix binge. 


2. A High-Quality Flat Iron

Straight hair, flippy hair, layers—they’re all on the docket to trend big in 2021, which means you’re due for a high-quality iron that won’t fry your hair and take you straight back to seventh grade. Try something with ceramic plates to reduce damage, something with a temperature range so you can adjust to your own hair, a tangle-free cord (or cordless, if you’re going the Dyson route—in which case, JEALOUS), and technology that fights frizz, especially if your hair is naturally curly or textured.


3. Shades of Blue

Although Pantone’s predictions were a little more, how should I say, Carrie-esque, I’m here to say shades of blue, especially light, winter-y shades, will be at the forefront on everything from celebs to Instagram. And I’m not just talking fashion—we’re seeing quite a blue wave (!) throughout the beauty world too. Don’t be afraid to go a little ‘80s with a blue wash all over the lid, or stick with a classic blue sweater.


Turtleneck Sweater

11 colors available

Banana Republic

Cropped Cardigan Sweater

4 colors available


4. Mixed Metals

Hear me out: I know the loyal gold-lovers reading this are cringing with vigor, but I’m not saying you have to toss all of your gold jewelry to the wind. We’re getting even more ‘90s in 2021 by mixing our metals between gold, silver, platinum, and chrome (especially chrome—I see that coming in big time in the next couple of years). Instead of opting for one tone or the other, you look effortless and cool; like you just grabbed some jewelry off your nightstand and went out the door. And as we take even more hints from Harry Styles, he does this to a T, constantly pairing silver rings with pearl and gold necklaces.


5. Office-Worthy WFH Set-Ups

I resisted the idea of buying things specifically for WFH for so long, but it’s at the point where it’s essential. Our backs, wrists, and necks are practically begging for a better solution to get you through a full workday on your laptop. We’re seeing people invest in bluetooth keyboard and mice, as well as stands to get your laptop off your desk to lift your eyes and neck. While you can typically find these for a pretty inexpensive price, they definitely add up—and whose dad wouldn’t spend a little bit to keep your posture in line for the next year? 


Laptop Stand

9 colors available

Best Buy

Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

2 colors available

Best Buy

Bluetooth Optical Mouse

2 colors available


6. Dark Denim

If you’ve been filing your denim collection with light, vintage-inspired washes for the past few years, you’re not alone. But we’re starting to see the pendulum swing in the other direction, as darker, ‘90s and ‘00s-inspired washes are taking the stage. Because denim can be an investment, adding a few pairs to your wishlist isn’t the worst idea. Plus, although denim style definitely do come in and out of style, it’s denim; it’ll almost always come back around.


7. Chic Masks

We’ve already gotten used to wearing a mask every day, to the point that it probably will feel weird when we’re not wearing them anymore. So, now’s the time to invest in chic masks in different prints, textures, and colors that you can use to truly accessorize a look. Satin, floral prints, bright colors, and more are here to make your look even better rather than take away from it. Think of it like lipstick (especially since we aren’t wearing it much this year!).


8. Multidimensional Eyeshadows

In 2021, the eyes have it, y’all. Since we’re wearing masks, everyone is trying to up their eyeshadow game since it’s all you can see. And I, for one, am thrilled. Take your eyeshadow looks to the next level with multidimensional (and dare I say, multichrome) shades. Especially when in a liquid formula, these are a one-and-done eye look that will have everyone asking you how you did your makeup.