Which TV Character You Are, Based on Your Enneagram—Plus, What It Means for Your Friendships


I heard about the Enneagram from a friend. As soon as I took the Enneagram test, I sent it to all of my friends. I made them take the test, and then we all discussed each type, what the meant, if we were “compatible” — you know the drill. The Enneagram is cool and all, but it’s even better when you have friends to do it with. 

As much as the Enneagram has taken the world by storm, it’s still an incredible tool to learn more about yourself and help you tackle weaknesses while improving upon your strengths. So, in the spirit of the Enneagram and getting ready for the cold season where we rewatch all of our favorite shows, we found your Enneagram-type-twin and identified what it means for your friendships. 


You are… Miranda Hobbes

Ones are instinctively loyal, but they’re also not afraid of calling you out on your sh*t, just as Miranda does to her three best friends in SATC. They are always there for their friends and will come running if ever you need anything. Ones are organized and plan-oriented, so keep them in charge of get-togethers, brunches, and big events. They really seek quality time with their friends and feel loved when their friends make the effort to make plans too. 



You are… Jane Villanueva

Twos are the friends who will listen to you vent and complain and agonize for hours without getting annoyed or upset. They are extremely empathetic, and they have keen listening skills to practically anticipate your needs. Jane is always worrying about other people and how she is perceived in the eyes of her loved ones; she works hard to make sure others’ needs are met. Twos are deeply friendly and often extroverted, so they meet new people easily and often have a lot of friends.



You are…  Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge is such a three. She’s ambitious, a little vain, and goal-oriented, but she supports her friends through-and-through. Having a three as your friend means you basically have a cheerleader rooting for you at all times — they believe in you and get excited for you to reach your biggest goals too! 



You are… Phoebe Buffay

Friends who have their guard down and aren’t afraid to share their real feelings and thoughts on situations are amazing, and that’s exactly what you can expect from a four. Because of this, your friends feel comforted and safe when they’re around you — so, if your friends show their weird, annoying side to you and only you, this is why! Phoebe Buffay brings out the cheerful, fun personality in everyone she’s with, and she isn’t afraid to speak her truth when she has to. Phoebe is also supportive and always encouraging her friends to be their most creative selves — basically, she channels major four vibes at all times. 



You are… Rory Gilmore

Fives are curious and seek to learn as much as they can about their friends. Fives can get stuck in their own heads and forget to jump back to reality; they’re so focused on learning and understanding that they forget to be present. However, they make up for this in friendships by always being there when you have a question and always making sure they’re friends feel understood. Rory Gilmore is basically a champion of knowledge, and she’s always trying to help her friends become just a little more enlightened.



You are… Robin Buckley

Robin quickly became one of our favorite Stranger Things characters. Like most sixes, she was reluctant about a friendship with Steve and the gang at first; however, once they became friends, she expressed immense loyalty, trust, and excitement toward their relationship. In friendships, sixes can be clingy, but it’s because they thrive in making their friends feel validated, loved, and trusted. They are some of the most trustworthy friends to have, so if you have a secret, tell it to a six! 



You are… Frankie Bergstein

Sevens are wild, but they make amazing friends because they can turn even the most mundane tasks and annoying errands into an adventure. They want everyone to have fun and enjoy the ride while it lasts, just like Frankie Bergstein in Grace and Frankie. Frankie rarely lets herself get down — she’s always down for a good time, and she stays positive even when it would be easy to get upset. Like a typical seven, Frankie loves spending quality time with her friends (mainly Grace, Saul, and her kids!) and always finds a way to have fun.



You are… Olivia Pope

When an eight says they’re going to do something, they do it, just like Olivia Pope. OP is a champion, and she knows it, in true Enneagram eight fashion. They are confident in their friendships; they know their connections are strong. As a friend, eights are protective and love to know that their friends needs are met. They also like to challenge their friends, pushing them to be the best versions of themselves. 



You are… Pam Beesly

Nines are adaptable, so they’re compatible with most people. They often have a lot of friends because they’re able to adapt to others and share interests in a non-threatening way. They don’t view friendship as a competition (unlike eights); they believe everything can be a win-win situation. Although Pam gains her voice later in the series, she is still quite shy and reserved, but it is easy for her to relate and develop friendships with others. She understands you don’t have to be loud to have fun. 




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