What Kind of Trip You Should Take This Year, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by LAUREN BLUE
magnifying glass, map, zodiac constellations"
magnifying glass, map, zodiac constellations
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Spring is rapidly approaching, and in my first year of post-grad life, I’ve been tragically hit with one of adulthood’s hardest lessons: Spring break isn’t actually forever. While offices may not close like campuses once did, spring is still a popular time to start thinking about when to use that PTO and give yourself a much-needed break. When planning your trip, you’ll obviously need to worry about securing affordable plane tickets, finding the right hotel, and putting together your itinerary. But a deceivingly tricky part of jet-setting is figuring out what type of trip you’re in the mood for in the first place.

Do you want to spend a week doing nothing but binge-reading Emily Henry books on the beach with a piña colada in hand? Are you ready to finally check skydiving off your bucket list? Would you rather pamper yourself with a week’s worth of luxurious spa treatments? If you’re unsure of the answer, don’t worry—it might be written in the stars. Your astrological sign, which is said to determine your identity and preferences, can help you decide what types of trips are best suited to your personality. It’s a foolproof way to ensure you’re not cursing your past self for filling your days with museum tours when all you really want to do on vacation is, well, nothing. Read on to find out which type of trip you should take based on your zodiac sign.


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Adventure Travel

Aries are known for their bold, competitive, and energetic nature. They’re generally fearless, making Aries and adventure travel a match made in heaven. Whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving—for an Aries, it’s all just a walk in the park.


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Spa Vacation

It’s time to treat yourself, Taurus. This sign may be known for being grounded, loyal, and stubborn, but Tauruses also have a flair for luxury, which means a spa vacay is where they belong. Days filled with massages, mani/pedis, facials, and detoxing from everyday life is just what the doctor ordered.


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Girls’ Trip

Some may say Geminis are two-faced, but they’re really just spontaneous, a little impatient, and playful. Their fun-loving personality means a girls’ trip is this sign’s ideal vacation. With a large group traveling together, people are bound to split up to attend different activities during the day, allowing Geminis multiple itinerary options and someone to chat with constantly. And let’s be honest: When a little bit of drama inevitably arises, Geminis can seamlessly mediate both sides.


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Family Trip

Cancers have a reputation for being overly emotional, and while this may be slightly true, there is more to Cancers than their tendency to get teary-eyed. This sign is also deeply empathetic and really values their relationships with loved ones. A trip with family will allow Cancers to tend to those relationships while leaning into their nostalgic nature and reconnecting with their inner child.


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Solo Trip

Leos’ inherent confidence means they aren’t intimidated when pushed out of their comfort zone, making them the best sign to take a solo trip. With their outgoingness and vibrant lust for life, they’re sure to make plenty of friends during their adventure. We all know Leos have a flair for dramatics and will look forward to retelling their escapades to friends just as much as the vacation itself.


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Road Trip

I’ve never met a Virgo without a strong affinity toward to-do lists and organization. Because road trips require an experienced planner to detail precisely where you’ll stop along the way, how long you’ll stay there, and what you’ll do at each destination, it’s the perfect kind of trip for a Virgo. They thrive in an environment where they can control the plan, but a road trip will also challenge them to enjoy the journey, not just the final destination.


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Beach Vacation

Put simply, Libras love pretty things, and what’s more beautiful than a picture-perfect seaside holiday? The beach also offers the perfect mix of rest and activity, essential for the balance-conscious Libra. Spend the morning lazing in the sun and the afternoon catching waves on a surfboard.


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Romantic Getaway

Scorpios like to curate an air of mystery, but beneath their secretive exterior, they are quite romantic and emotional. Not to mention, they’re also known for their intensity and sexual energy. Scorpio, it’s time to give into your emotions, grab that special someone, and plan a swoon-worthy sabbatical together.


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Sagittariuses are free-spirited and love experiencing new places, especially those off the beaten path. Camping is their ideal type of vacation as it appeals to their sense of adventure. Plus, it provides a nice mix of getting away from the stressors of everyday life while still actively exploring. Enjoy your time outdoors, Sagittarius!


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Wellness Retreat

You know that one friend who’s a textbook workaholic, won’t stop until a project is perfect, and whose ultimate goal is a Forbes 30 under 30 feature? Yeah, they’re probably a Capricorn. Capricorn’s ambition and drive are admirable, but relaxation is a foreign concept. A wellness retreat that encourages mindfulness, features activities like yoga and meditation, and allows them time to connect with their inner peace is exactly what Capricorns need to actually take a break.


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Aquarius pride themselves on their uniqueness and originality. A quirky sign like Aquarius won’t thrive on your basic ski vacation—they need something out of the box. Backpacking is the slightly unconventional way of travel that perfectly encapsulates Aquariuses’ free-spirited energy.


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Pisces are highly empathetic, artistic, and creative. They have a strong appreciation for art, music, film, and all creative outlets. Vacationing in a city with a rich history or culture will allow a Pisces to thrive as they explore museums, historical sites, and local artwork.