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9 New Products for Your Vagina That Will Transform Your Sexual Health


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Source: @eberjey
Source: @eberjey

Growing up, learning how to use a tampon was the extent of my knowledge of vagina products and sitting through sex ed was my only understanding of the inner workings of the vagina. Every time the word was mentioned, I turned red with embarrassment. Thankfully, gone are the days of keeping any talk of “the vag” reserved for awkward and often misleading education that makes you want to leave the room.

Thanks to revolutionary, female-led companies leading the charge in redefining sexual wellness, the once hush-hush topic is not only openly and honestly discussed but also celebrated (as it has always deserved!). From innovative menstrual products to refreshing hygiene offerings we never knew we needed, these brands have all of our “down-there care” needs (and wants) covered. Read on for nine feminine care finds you’ll want to “Add to Cart.” Spoiler alert: There’s something for everyone.


The Period Company
Period Underwear

Being on your period and feeling sexy (and comfortable) never belonged in the same sentence—that is, until now. Stylish and functional, the Period Company’s panties feature toxin-free, moisture-wicking fabric, four-layer absorbency, and leak-proof technology. Choose from heavy, sporty, light, and overnight styles. Whether you’re ready to swear off pads and tampons because of the negative impact they have on the environment or they’re annoying and messy (I could go on and on), these eco-friendly substitutes prove you don’t have to sacrifice hot girl vibes for protection. Period.

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Heating Patch

We all know that riding the crimson wave comes with bloating and painful cramping. Enter: these heating patches that give off soothing warmth to help relax your muscles and provide relief from nagging cramps and uncomfortable bloat. Did I mention they’re made with botanical oils that won’t mess with your hormones or skin? No harsh chemicals here.

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Honey Pot
Feminine Wipes

You know that so-fresh-and-so-clean feeling you get after washing your face? These plant-based, pH-balancing wipes will leave you with that same feeling down there. What’s more, they’re equal parts convenient and versatile—use them after a gym sesh, before or after having sex, or when you’re on your period. Your “honeypot” (vagina, ICYMI) will thank you.

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Vaginal Balance Capsules

Sexual health is not only about what’s on the outside. Feeling and functioning at our best means taking care of our insides too. If you could use a little help in that area, talk to your doctor about adding these supplements, which support your urinary tract health and balance your vaginal pH to your wellness regimen. With ingredients sans GMO, gluten, harmful fillers, and artificial preservatives, you can rest assured that you’re giving your vagina the right kind of TLC.

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Elvie Trainer

The pelvic floor (made up of the muscles between the tailbone and the pubic bone) is having a moment, and rightfully so. From bladder and bowel movement control to better sex and core stability to prenatal and postpartum well-being, the muscle group has a lot of crucial functions, and it’s about time we give it the time and attention it deserves. The Evie Trainer helps you do just that. Inserted like a tampon, the app-connected device will lead you through targeted exercises that’ll give your pelvic floor a workout—consider it your new personal trainer. Before trying, make sure to talk to your gynceologist or pelvic floor specialist to see if it's right for you.

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Natural Cycles
NC° Birth Control

Birth control that is hormone-free and side effect-free sounds too good to be true, but this new birth control method is changing the game. Using an app and your basal body temperature, this FDA-cleared digital contraception tool tracks your fertility status and tells you when to use protection to prevent pregnancy. Offered as a monthly or an annual subscription, the app boasts a 98% effectiveness when used correctly. As always, talk to your gynecologist about a birth control plan that’s right for your lifestyle, health goals, and body.

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Finger Vibrator

PSA: Self-pleasure is a form of wellness, and this finger vibrator does the trick. Meant to be worn on your finger, its design is as versatile as it is sleek. Whether you favor the flat and squishy angle or use the device before, during, or after sex, the Fin Finger Vibrator lets you call the shots. The best part (other than the “O” you’ll get, of course)? It’s small but mighty and discreet enough to take on the go.

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Travel Size Lube

Small enough to throw in your carry-on and tuck away in your nightstand, this lubricant duo is TSA- and bedroom-approved (because you never know when the mood will strike). The organic lube is moisture-boosting and both device- and condom-friendly, while the silicone alternative boasts long-lasting lubrication and is best used with condoms. They’re vegan and cruelty-free with no added fragrance or parabens, so the only thing you have to worry about is deciding which one you’re more in the mood for.

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Author: Nadya Okamoto
Period Power

Though not a product you can use on your vagina, this book is a must-have, whether you’re a “menstruator” or not. It takes a deep dive into menstruation, the stigmas and inequities surrounding it, and how to break down the silence, shame, and stigmas to change the conversation around periods. To continue her advocacy, author Nadya Okamoto launched August, a period care company and community that promotes honesty, transparency, inclusivity, and diversity in relation to menstruation.

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