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This post was sponsored by La Marca Prosecco but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl Media Group editorial board.

26 Ways to Celebrate Small Work Wins


Yes, women are closing the wage gap, becoming world leaders, and shattering the glass ceiling. However, having such a powerful agenda and goals for the future can make it hard to notice and celebrate smaller accomplishments. Even if you’re working towards a dream job or a huge promotion, making the effort to stop and celebrate every day wins like updating your resume or nailing a presentation is not only rewarding, but will boost confidence and help you achieve the big wins in the long run. After all, success is not one huge win; it’s made up of a bunch of little wins. 

We partnered with our bubbly of choice, La Marca Prosecco, to remind you to celebrate your own successes—big and small. It’s not always easy to slow down and recognize the moments when we feel proud, accomplished, encouraged; whether it’s by one of our own wins or the wins of those around us. La Marca Prosecco is the perfect accompaniment to those moments that showcase how far you’ve come and how bright your future possibilities can shine. Here are some examples of smaller work wins that are worth celebrating (although there are many more!), and 26 ways to celebrate them. 


Small Work Wins Worth Celebrating

  1. Rocking an important presentation
  2. Sharing an innovative idea in a meeting
  3. Connecting with someone you admire via virtual coffee date
  4. Connecting with another college alum in your industry
  5. Updating your LinkedIn bio
  6. Learning a new skill via online learning
  7. Reading a book on career planning
  8. Getting a shout-out on an all team meeting
  9. Mentoring a new team member
  10. Writing a blog post to share your insights with others
  11. Editing a friend’s resume
  12. Making your five-year plan
  13. Rocking a performance review
  14. Hiring an employee or intern
  15. Receiving praise from a manager
  16. Installing all your pending software updates
  17. Cleaning out your inbox
  18. Carving out time for long-term projects on your calendar
  19. Taking a call while enjoying the outdoors (instead of a video meeting)
  20. Making a list of one year goals and setting calendar reminders to check in every two months on how you’re doing
  21. Finding a mentor
  22. Chatting with your manager about taking on a new project or more responsibility
  23. Joining a professional organization or registering for a conference
  24. Cleaning and organizing your workspace
  25. Successfully giving or receiving constructive criticism
  26. Reading a professional development book relating to your field
  27. Taking an online course relating to your field (bonus points for attending The Everygirl x La Marca Prosecco Conference! We’re bias, but we’d call that a huge win). 
  28. Helping a coworker/colleague who is struggling
  29. Updating your resume
  30. Practicing public-speaking skills
  31. Giving positive feedback to a coworker



26 Ways to Celebrate Work Wins


1. Group text your family so they can celebrate with you

Because who better to celebrate with than your family? A win for you feels just as much like a win for them, so let the people you love most in on the celebration. Also, it’s time the idea of “bragging” stops being so negative; you’re awesome, and you shouldn’t be afraid to say it! Group text the fam or have a virtual La Marca Prosecco toast to make the occasion extra special. 


2. Treat yourself to the fancy face mask you’ve been wanting

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to splurge on that luxurious face mask or fancy beauty product, this is it. You deserve to be a little extra pampered! As if you needed another reason, thoroughly caring for yourself during your off-time can make you a better employee during your office hours because you’ll feel totally recharged. Take your work win as a reason to treat yo’ self a little extra by ordering that fancy mask. 


3. Have a mini dance party listening to your “confidence-boosting” playlist

We all have that playlist we listen to when we need a confidence boost, whether it’s before a first date, a work presentation, or even a tough workout class. But a confidence-boosting playlist can also be a way to celebrate any win when paired with a mini dance party. If you don’t have a playlist of your own, try out Our Favorite Female Artists or Getting Ready to Go Out playlists, which are both loaded with confidence-boosting hits. Whether you dance around your kitchen while cooking dinner or lock your bedroom door where no one can see you, turn up the music and let loose. 


4. Reflect on how far you’ve come in the past year

Think about where you were one year ago, and the things you’ve accomplished since. Maybe you got a promotion, got a raise, or moved cities. Maybe you took on a bigger project, found a mentor, or gained more confidence in what you bring to the table. Since we’re always reaching and making new goals, we don’t always take the time to stop and reflect on how far we’ve come. I love dreaming big and setting new challenges for the future as much as the next girl, but let’s not forget to celebrate how far we’ve come from the past. 



5. Do a happy hour toast with your work wife (or virtual happy hour!)

Your work wife has seen you through the ups and downs of your career (or at least your job) and will be the one person who really understands the celebration-worthy win. She’ll be able to rehash her perspective on the presentation you nailed or will know what a huge deal it is that you had a meeting with your boss (because they’re so intimidating). Pour a couple of glasses of La Marca (there’s something about bubbly that just feels so special!), and celebrate together. 


6. Light your “fancy” candles

You know the ones: the stash you have reserved just for company because they’re a little pricier and more luxurious than the standard $5 drugstore variety. But today, those fancy candles aren’t for company; they’re for you


7. Put on your favorite outfit for happy hour at home

You know the saying, “dress for the job you want; not the job you have?” Today, you’re going to dress for the boss you already are. Even if you’re staying at home, throw on the pair of shoes that make you feel powerful, the blazer that makes you feel like you can run the world, or the pretty dress that makes you feel feminine. Whatever your “power outfit” is, rock it from the comfort of your own home (because how we dress should be about how it makes us feel). 


8. Host a themed virtual happy hour with your best friends

Has anyone else attended virtual “parties” over the past few months? Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. But it doesn’t have to be a birthday, engagement, or baby shower to get your friends together to celebrate. Toast to your work win by challenging your friends to dress as favorite TV show characters or a favorite decade. You know what to do: pick a theme and pour that La Marca Prosecco. 




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9. Write down five things you’re grateful for/proud of and keep the sticky note next to your desk to remind you what’s important

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how great we are. While you’re proud of your accomplishments at work, make a quick sticky note of five things you’re proud of (or grateful for), and tape it where you’ll see it regularly like on a desktop screen or on top of your desk (you can also try the mirror or fridge if you don’t want to put it up at the office).  


10. Order takeout from your favorite local spot

Even if you save takeout for weekend nights and it’s the middle of the week, or you try to cook as much as possible, treat yourself to your favorite takeout. Whether it’s sushi, pizza, or the diner that serves your favorite breakfast (because nothing is better than breakfast for dinner), put your feet up and order takeout from a favorite spot instead of cooking tonight. 


11. Call your best friend because she’ll be happier than you are

Behind every successful woman is another woman hyping her up. To celebrate your work win, call up your hype woman to let her know how proud you are of yourself—because you know she’ll be even more proud of you. 


12. Treat yo’ self: order that thing you’ve had your eye on

Whether it’s fancy new skincare, the purse you’ve been ogling after for months, or a high-tech vacuum you’ve been wanting (now that’s adulting), this work win is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Sure we shouldn’t spend money we don’t need to, but you deserve to give yourself a present. If nothing specific comes to mind, check out the best items we’ve gifted to ourselves for some inspo. 


13. Take a bubble bath with your fanciest candle lit

It’s no secret that we stan a luxurious bubble bath. The best part is that you don’t need a fancy jacuzzi, or even a fancy bathroom, to treat yourself to the bubble bath of your dreams. All you need is a few key products, one of the previously mentioned fancy candles, and a really good book (or podcast!). I dare you not to be relaxed. 


14. Plan a socially-distanced outdoor hangout

So maybe you can’t hit all of your favorite bars and clubs for a GNO to celebrate, but you can plan a socially-distanced safe hangout that will be just as fun (and feel just as special). Meet up with your friends at the beach or a pool, invite them over to your backyard for some fun in the sun, or even get together at a local park for a socially-distanced picnic. Check out 20 other activities you can do with your friends this summer. 



15. Watch your favorite show again, and don’t feel guilty

Everyone has that guilty-pleasure TV show they could watch over and over again. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through channels to see what’s new, watch the show you already know and love. If the season finales can still make you cry and the punchlines still make you LOL (even though you’ve seen every season dozens of times), treat yourself to your favorite show and spend the evening with the characters and personalities that feel like your friends (no shame). 


16. Put money in a savings account to invest in yourself

Sometimes the best way to celebrate your small work wins feels less like pampering and more like adulting. Invest in future you by putting money into a savings account, updating your retirement plant, or putting more into paying off your loans (because personal finance is self-care too!). 


17. Take your lunch break to do something fun

Maybe your lunch break is spent running errands, watching some mindless TV, or maybe you don’t take a lunch break at all (the horror!). No matter how you typically spend breaks, celebrate a work win by having fun during any break you have today. Try taking a walk and listening to a podcast, calling up your mom to have lunch together, or pursuing a hobby like painting, scrapbooking, or putting together a puzzle. 


18. Plan an at-home spa night

If baths aren’t your thing and you don’t want to invest in a new skincare purchase, pamper yourself with an at-home spa night instead. Treat yourself from head to toe (literally), with a hair mask, face mask, body oil, and painting your nails. Don’t forget the cozy bathrobe! 


19. Order your favorite dessert 

Do you ever feel guilty for indulging your sweet tooth? Or maybe you don’t typically think to pick up your favorite carton of ice cream or order the flourless chocolate cake from your favorite restaurant. While we don’t need a reason to eat our favorite desserts, celebrate your work win by treating yourself to the sweet treat that you dream about (completely guilt-free). I don’t know about you, but a gooey and warm chocolate chip cookie totally feels like a celebration.  




20. Buy yourself flowers

You know that buying flowers is a nice thing to do for a romantic partner, but you can also buy flowers to show yourself some love. Pick out the prettiest peonies or the reddest roses at a nearby flower shop, Farmer’s Market stand, or the floral section of a grocery store, and stick them in a vase as soon as you get home. You’ll be happy every time you look at them. 


21. Take yourself on a solo date

The key to confidence is actually enjoying spending time alone, so why not take it a step further and enjoy a whole date alone? You’re proud of your accomplishments, so show yourself some love by planning a date like you would for a significant other. Take yourself to the beach, enjoy a local coffee shop, or even plan a date night at home by cooking your favorite meal, setting the table, and lighting candles. Bonus points if you DIY one of these La Marca Prosecco cocktails


22. Buy a stack of magazines and have a tech-free night

Sometimes all you need to make an evening feel special is to turn off the TV. While you’re at it, shut off your phone, close your computer (yes, that includes your work email!), and spend the evening reading magazines you never get the chance to read, totally tech-free. If magazines aren’t your thing, the book you’ve been dying to read counts too. 



23. Pack a picnic and have dinner alfresco 

One of the best parts of warm weather is that you don’t need to go to a fancy restaurant to make a meal feel special. Instead, grab a blanket and a picnic basket and head to your local park, beach, or backyard for dinner under the stars. 


24. Order the top you’ve been eyeing, get it gift-wrapped, and send it to yourself.

Maybe you’ve been pining after a super trendy off-the-shoulder top for nights out, a chic work blouse, or even the classic tee that’s about $20 more than you would ever think to spend on a T-shirt (but it looks so soft!). Celebrate a work win by purchasing a gift for yourself that will also update your wardrobe. Oh, and don’t forget to check the “gift-wrap” option (who says it’s reserved for gifts for other people?). 


25. Write a thank-you note to someone who helped you accomplish a win

Yes, we are total bosses that are taking over the world, but the truth is that we couldn’t achieve everything we wanted without the help of other people. Spend an extra five minutes saying “thank you” to the people who helped you with your work win. Whether it was a coworker who assisted with a presentation, a friend who listened to you vent about your workload, a manager who gave you killer advice, or your significant other who picked up the slack at home when you had to work extra hours, take the time to thank the people who helped you get to where you are. 


26. Take an afternoon off work with nothing planned

You might feel like you need to save up your OOO days for something special, like a vacation or a birthday. But why not make every day special? After all, you deserve a break for no other reason than to take a break. Take the afternoon off with absolutely nothing planned, except to enjoy the free time. Spend the day outside with friends, clean your home, or relax and read a book. No matter how you spend your time, know that the afternoon is for you



This post was sponsored by La Marca Prosecco but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl Media Group editorial board.