What Exercises to Do for a Better Sex Life


The beginning of summer is like a reset on our goals. Maybe it’s the inevitable feeling that school is out (even if you’ve been out of school for years), you finally have some free time, and fitness is just better outside. It’s not about getting a “bikini body” (because what does that even mean?); it’s a time to learn what kind of fitness you love.

I’ll be the first to admit that working out isn’t an area of my life that makes me feel immense joy. Pizza, a bottle of Corona (extra lime), and an NBA game (particularly one including LeBron James) — now that brings me immense joy. But I understand that exercising regularly helps me deal with stress, feel more confident in my body, and keeps me as healthy as I can be.

Working isn’t just about feeling and looking better. Exercise is one of the best tools you can use to make your sex life better. It’s free and easy (well, sorta).

Even if you’re not doing these exercises specifically for better sex (we wouldn’t judge), they have tons of other benefits when you add them to your normal regimes, such as better balance, more stamina, shorter reaction time, flexibility, and more. Along with these, exercise often gives people a stronger sense of body image and self-confidence. This newfound self-love can only help you to feel better in the bedroom!

A little sexercise is coming your way. (Did you really think I’d get through this without saying that? You think highly of me if so!)



It’s no surprise flexibility is going to make you have better sex. Just think of all of the positions you can do! However, there’s a little more that goes into it than being able to touch your toes or do the splits (super cool though!). If you’re not able to get to your closest yoga studios, some of our favorite yoga instructors on YouTube are Yoga With Adriene, Yoga With Kassandra, and Jessamyn Stanley!


Lower-Back Exercises

Exercises that challenge and strengthen your lower back are essential to strong back muscles during sex, especially for positions in which you’re on your back. Your lower back is full of nerve endings, so understanding those muscles and knowing how to work them can help you have deeper, more intense orgasms. This also helps you get in positions to help your partner reach your clitoris! Woot!

Exercises that help you target this area include yoga focused on stretching the lower back, as well as hip hinges and any ab exercises that target the lower abdomen, such as lying leg raises. This is also a great workout if you want to target your whole lower back!



Yes, I know, I’m kind of cheating here. Kegels are not technically working out by most fitness instructor standards, but they’re one of the best techniques for stronger orgasms that come more easily. Use the muscles you would use to hold a stream of urine, and hold it for 10 seconds (or as long as you can). Repeat this 10 times every day. You’ll notice a difference quickly!


Tricep Exercises

Working the triceps is necessary to be able to hold yourself up without having to strain your arms. This is especially important in any position where your body is underneath. These exercises will also give you more balance over time.

The most common one here would be tricep dips. You can also do tricep push-ups!



Strong legs are so important for comfortable sex. There are dozens of positions that require a little bit of leg strength and stamina to hold yourself up, and squats are the perfect addition to your workout routine to help with everything you need. Squats increase your leg, core, and lower back strength, and you can also add compound exercises to target other areas (such as using weights and doing a press when you reach the top!).

There are tons of different variations of squats; however, the basic squat is the perfect addition if you’re a beginner. You can also try sumo squats, squat jumps (to add some cardio), or add in lunges to make it more challenging and add a more leg and glute strengthening.


Glute Bridges

Glute bridges are probably my favorite exercise because they work the butt, outer and inner thighs, your core, and your lower back — aka this exercise will work all the areas you need for better sex. If you want to try any of the exercises on this list, I suggest this one. It also stretches your pelvis, and we know how great that is for sex!


Ab Exercises

Aside from having a hot six-pack, doing ab exercises strengthens your core which is necessary for improving your balance. Balance is important during sex because it allows us to do certain positions without having to focus on if we’re going to topple over (which is normal, by the way).

The best ab exercises to achieve this are when you’re sitting on the ground and use your core to balance yourself. Think v-ups, open leg rocker, bicycle crunches, or work all of your lower abs with this full workout.


What are your favorite ways to exercise? Share with us below!