What to Buy for Spring Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Whether you identify with it or not, there’s something to be said about the pride you feel toward your Zodiac sign. If you’re fearless like an Aries or loving like a Libra, there is something about your sign that excites you. (Unless you’re a Cancer. However, I’m here to say Cancers are seriously underrated!)

We’re getting more and more excited for spring as the days pass here at The Everygirl, so we thought we’d amp it up even more by pairing our two favorite things: fashion and astrology. No matter your sign, there’s something here for you to rock this season!


An Aquarius is known for being fun, creative, and exciting. Getting dressed is all about having fun and feeling good for them, so they often opt for fun colors in comfortable fits. Stick with that this spring by going for fun prints in breezy fabrics.

Leather Jacket / Striped Tee / Distressed Jeans / Sneakers / Texture Spray



Pisces are as chill as they come, which makes sense considering they’re a water sign! They have a go-with-the-flow personality, which transitions into their outfits. They love comfortable styles over everything else, which makes straight-leg denim and easy spring jackets a must-have for their style.

Trench / Cream Tee / Mom Jeans / Slingbacks / Rose Gold Bangle



The ram is fearless, independent, and pioneering. You’re a trailblazer who loves to be the first person to pick up a trend from the runway and rock it in the real world. You love to take risks, especially when it comes to fashion. Don’t be afraid of some of 2019’s biggest trends, such as animal print, statement earrings, and boho styles.

White Blouse / Printed Skirt / Gold Earrings / Nude Heels



Taurus is known for patience, and they find beauty in everything. So, go for a little glitz this spring! Gold details and accessories pair perfectly with all of your spring staples.

Ruffle Romper / Leopard Belt / Crossbody / Heels / Star Necklace



It’s rare to find an introverted Gemini. They’re always up-to-date on the latest trends and they love to talk about it with everyone they know. The Gemini in your life knows about everything before it happens. So, they often move onto the next thing quickly. This spring, add a few trendy pieces that will last the test of time, like blush loafers and a glowy highlighter.

Tie-Front Blouse / Levi’s Jeans / Blush Loafers / Highlighter / Fedora




It’s pretty easy to pull at the heartstrings of a Cancer. They’re known for their emotional, loving side, but there’s often a bit of creativity lurking under all of that. A Cancer is most excited to add fun, new colors to her wardrobe and pair them with unexpected basics.

Tie-Front Blouse / JeansSneakers / Half Moon Bag / Gold Necklace




The Lion loves to be the center of attention, so you know she’s ready to rock some of the hottest trends of 2019. She’s not afraid to be different, and it shows through her style. Leos make everywhere seem like a runway, so expect them to rock big, bold sleeves and fun accessories this season.

Corset TopJeans / String Sandals / Mirrored Sunnies / Ear Crawlers




Often called the “perfectionist” of the signs, Virgos are detail-oriented, organized, and tact. You love clean lines, flattering silhouettes, and strong basics. Take a spin on your typical outfitting and opt for bright shades of your favorite items (such as that basic nude lip!) and new fabrics, like linen and chambray.

Pink Blazer / Jumpsuit / Gold Watch / Mule Loafers / Lip Stain




Libra represents beauty and grace as the romantic of the Zodiac. Pressed rose (the new millennial pink), bright reds, fluttery sleeves, and ruffled details are going to be a go-to for you this season.

Striped Top / White Jeans / Sunnies / Slip-On Sandals / Lipstick



Scorpios are known to be secretive and mysterious, and their style tends to be the same. Scorpions (the sign of Scorpio, duh) tend to be creatures of habit, so you often stick to similar outfit combos and fits. Break up your go-to power outfit with these new staples to brighten things up for the new season.

Striped Camisole / Trousers / Slip-On Sandals / Leather Bag / Hoop Earrings




Sags are dreamers, but they’re often too in-their-head to deal with anything fussy when it comes to fashion. As a fire sign, they love adventure, and they’re not afraid to show that in their personal style. They’ll love pairing on-trend accessories, such as a glossy lip and hair accessories, with pieces they already love.

White Rain Jacket / Tie-Front Blouse / Trousers / Booties / Hair Pins




A Capricorn keeps her style simple and sophisticated — minimal colors, traditional styles, and delicate jewelry excite her. Bring this into spring with light dresses, lighter wash denim, and a staple bag.

Denim Jacket / Striped Dress / Crossbody / Sandals