What to Buy Your Pickiest Loved Ones for the Holidays

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We all have that one friend: the one who nobody wants to get in the Secret Santa because they’re so unbelievably picky—and therefore impossible to buy gifts for.

Maybe to you, that person is your sister; or maybe it’s your coworker who you did get in the office gift exchange this year. Regardless, it can feel like a shot in the dark to try to find a gift for someone who’s ultra-picky. We’re here to tell you that it isn’t as hard as it seems; some presents are so good that absolutely anyone is going to be excited to receive them.

Save your panic and decision-making for trying to figure out which Christmas cookies to make, and let us do your shopping for you. After this, you’ll get a reputation for the best gift-giver your pickiest loved one has ever had.

Book Of The Month

If your loved one is a reader, there’s no better gift than Book of the Month. As the fastest-growing subscription service, they promote new and emerging authors every month, selecting five amazing new releases to choose from.. As a subscriber, you choose one of the five, and it’s sent directly to your door. The titles range all genres (sci-fi, romance, thriller, historical fiction—you name it, they’ve got it), and they’re even beginning to incorporate nonfiction titles as well. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving into 2021 and will help solve the problem of needing to try to figure out what to read next.

Use code EVERYGIRL5 to get your first book for $5!

Blue Apron Subscription

No matter who you’re shopping for, they need to eat, and Blue Apron is an unexpected gift that will spice up their cooking routine. You can curate it based on the amount of people they’ll be cooking for, how many boxes a week they want, and by dietary restrictions (like if they’re a vegetarian). From there, they can customize their boxes based on that week’s menu (which discloses how much time the recipe will take) and will get the perfect amount of ingredients for the recipe delivered straight to their door. It’s a thoughtful gift that will make anyone happy, regardless of their cooking skill level.

Simple Modern

Insulated Tumbler

This tumbler has gone viral over the past few months (thanks to the youths of TikTok), but after owning it myself for about a month, everyone in my family is getting one as a stocking stuffer. It comes with two lids: a flip lid to turn it into a to-go mug for hot drinks, and straw lid for sipping water from all day. It’s the only cup you need and makes getting your daily water intake a breeze, making it a perfect gift for anyone on your list.


Acrylic Bed Tray

Make working from home from a bed or couch easier for anyone in your life with this gorgeous acrylic bed tray—perfect for working horizontally all day long.


Baies/Berries Candle

While it’s absolutely on the expensive side for a candle, this cult-favorite is popular for a reason: its throw, scent, and quality are second to none. I can’t think of a person who wouldn’t be happy to receive this is a gift—especially considering that after it’s burned through, the gorgeous glass can be used as storage.

Kristen Ess

2 inch Soft Bend Curling Iron

It’s hard to find a hair tool that hasn’t already been done, but this oversized curling iron will change anyone you gift it to’s hair game for good. Meant to create a soft “bend” in the hair—rather than a curl—it’s a foolproof and quick way to mimic the look of a fresh blowout. It’ll be the gift that keeps on giving, one good hair day after another.

Rebecca Minkoff

Milanese Mesh Apple Watch Bracelet

Finding an Apple Watch band that helps to make the watch look more stylish and less tech-y isn’t easy, but this one does the job better than any one we’ve seen yet.


Medium Carryall Tote

If you’re looking to buy a gift that’s a little more indulgent, this is the crème de la crème of leather totes. It’s big enough to fit a laptop, but isn’t so big that it feels like it can’t be used as an everyday bag. It’s made out of amazing quality leather and with both a shoulder and crossbody strap, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be worn to death for years to come (bonus points for monogramming—our team loves the smaller monogram option!).

Boy Smells

Polyamberous Candle

If you’re scared to get your loved one something because they’re known for being ahead of the trend, this candle will impress the hell of them. From an up-and-coming brand and packed with notes of wintery scents like cardamom and patchouli, it’s something they’ll proudly display in their homes.

Etsy | Jenny Turner Studio

Custom Hand Painted Pet Portrait

When in doubt, a customized gift is always a safe bet; it ensures that your gift receiver knows that you put thought into it and didn’t rush out hours before and wrapped it in the car (no shame, we’ve all been there). This hand-painted dog portrait ornament is something they can have forever and that will bring them cheer every Christmas season to come.

Mark & Graham

Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeve

This vegan leather laptop case is a little luxury that your loved one will wonder how they ever lived without. The bold monogram letters give this one a little something extra (and you’ll get bonus points for giving them something you got custom made).


Master Mattes™ Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow palette created by Kim Kardashian’s famed makeup artist full of wearable mattes? That’s something anyone can get on board with.


Sade Hoop

You can never have too many hoops, especially if they’re as classic and well-made as these. They’re the perfect mid-sized hoop that can be worn over and over again.

Barefoot Dreams

Cozy Chic Barefoot in the Wild Slippers

The limit to the amount of slippers you can own simply does not exist, and these brand new ones made out of the cult-favorite Barefoot Dreams material are the ones we’ve always dreamed of.

PJ Salvage

Thermal Lounge Joggers

There’s no little luxury worth having more than a super comfortable pair of joggers—especially in 2020. This waffled pair is one of the cutest we’ve seen—and they come in three super cute colors.