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This post is sponsored by Womanizer, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

We Finally Tried This High-Rated, Sustainable Vibrator—And It Lives Up to the Hype

written by BETH GILLETTE

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Until the 2010s, we had slim-pickins when it came to vibrators. Everything on the market needed to be plugged into the wall and didn’t accomplish the task—an orgasm, of course—with ease like it was supposed to. We’ve brought in a new crop of sex toys in the last few years, and they’re only getting better and better. The original Womanizer Pro sold out and took the sex toy market by storm, so when I had the chance to try its sustainable sister, the Womanizer Premium Eco, I jumped at it. 

Premium Eco

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About Womanizer

Womanizer is a brand full of sex toys made for showing women that solo sex can be an act of self-love (and pretty pleasurable too). They aim to create a safe space for women to know that masturbating is healthy, natural, and fun.

Their patented Pleasure AirTM Technology stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, reducing all the oversensitivity you can get with a clitoral vibrator. They’re putting in the work to make sex toys that solve problems rather than follow up what other options on the market are doing.

One of the brand’s most important pillars is sustainability. While Womanizer has already made strides as far as sustainability goes (i.e. creating completely plastic-free packaging and using biolene—a cornstarch-based, single-use plastic alternative—for some of their products), they aren’t stopping there. They’re pledging to improve sustainability in their packaging and products, monitoring their carbon footprint, and implementing eco-friendly changes wherever they see fit. Plus, for every Womanizer product sold, they plant one tree. Helping the environment, one orgasm at a time.

Womanizer toys also come in discreet packaging, so you don’t have to worry that your neighbors, parents, or roommates will see that you’re getting a box full of sex toys at your door.



About the Vibrator

This adorable pink vibrator, the Premium Eco, is their first foray into a sex toy that is as good for the planet as it is at getting you off. The Premium Eco is a reimagined, sustainable version of the original Premium vibrator—it has 12 intensity levels, USB-rechargeable battery, and is splashproof. It uses the PleasureAir technology to give gentle air vibrations that suck and massage to simulate oral sex.

Sex toys are often made of plastic, which means they’ll eventually end up in the waste stream (AKA landfills and oceans). The Premium Eco is the first sex toy in the world made with biolene, a silky soft, biodegradable cornstarch alternative to single-use ABS plastic. The vibrator’s packaging is made with zero plastic (!), and when the product is at the end of its life cycle (many, many orgasms from now), you can disassemble and recycle all of the individual parts. 

This vibrator is also easy to clean with a damp cloth, so you can spend less time babying your toy and more time loving yourself. 




My biggest pet peeve is a vibrator I have to be worried the building across the street can hear if I leave my windows open (trust me, some of those exist). The head of this vibrator only starts moving when it touches your skin. So when it’s not against your body, it’s completely silent—a very unique feature that eliminates an issue that a lot of other vibrators have. This really impressed me.

That said, when against your skin, this definitely is in the middle of the road in terms of volume. The lower intensities are very quiet, but as you get more intense, it can become quite loud. Will my neighbors hear? Don’t think so, but I wouldn’t bring this to use in my childhood bedroom either. 




The design of this vibrator is chic as hell and also functional. I love how long it is because it’s easy to hold. Smaller is not always better, as a lot of these suction vibrators are so small that I have to really work to reach down there the entire time I’m using it. Not this. I’m able to comfortably hold this and position it directly where I want it to get the best orgasm and experience.

Womanizer also understands that not all bodies will magically work with the same suction head. Every vibrator comes with an extra suction head in a different size to ensure everyone can enjoy this toy. This is genius—more sex toys need to have this option. 



With a whopping 12 intensities, I love that there is something for everyone with this. If you are sensitive and can’t use a heavy-hitter vibrator, I promise this one will work for you because the intensity starts small. But don’t fret if you need a little more to get you going—the highest speeds get quite strong too.




With fancy tech comes a fancy price, and you’ll definitely have to shell out quite a bit for this. In my head, I expect all vibrators to cost $40… alas, this one is definitely a splurge, but with all of the above features and the sustainability factor, it’s a fair price for everything you’re getting. I could see this product living in my collection for years without breaking or getting messed up because the quality is so good, so if I can keep a sex toy for years without needing to replace it, that sounds like a dream to me. And if you order between November 24 and December 3, you can score 20% off of the gift that keeps on giving.


Final Thoughts

This is a hearty vibrator that won’t dare to let you down. From the smart features to the easy-to-hold design, the orgasms just flow with this magical little toy. The price is definitely a bar to entry for this vibe, but the smart features stack up so far against inexpensive options that it’s worth the splurge. And if you want to support sustainable sex toys, this is the best on the market.

Premium Eco

Order between November 24 and December 3 for 20% off of the Premium Eco and other models like the Classic and We-Vibe Nova 2!

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This post is sponsored by Womanizer, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.