30 At-Home Workouts You Can Do on Your Lunch Break

No matter how many times that I attempt to make a conscious effort to slow down and enjoy my food, my hanger always prevails as I continually find myself inhaling my meals. The one benefit to this fatal flaw of mine is that I have the *unique* ability to use my lunch break to accomplish more than just curbing my hunger with my favorite Trader Joe’s Mandarin Orange Chicken Bowl. Instead of sleepily scrolling TikTok as I digest, I use the remaining minutes of my lunch to move my body, even if it’s just for a few moments.

For a long, long time, it was ingrained in my brain that my workouts “weren’t effective” unless I spent over an hour doing intense cardio or lifting heavy weights at a gym. After the past year of adapting to our new normal, I’ve found that keeping things short, simple, and consistent is more effective for me than pressuring myself to hit the gym multiple days a week for hours on end. More times than not, I don’t have the time, energy, or motivation to make my previous methods even the least bit successful.

Incorporating movement into my WFH routine has been an absolute game-changer for me and helps me to get my mind right before I tackle the second half of my workday. Whether you find yourself with an extra 10, 20, or 30 minutes in your day, these quick, yet effective workouts are the perfect way to step away from the screen and get your blood pumping:


10-minute workouts:


1. This full-body stretching routine that will make you feel good as new:


2. This quick HIIT workout that will get your heart rate up in no time:


3. This no-equipment ab workout that will make your core hurt so good:

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4. This do-anywhere bodyweight workout that will make you feel strong AF:


5. This Tabata ab workout that will help you achieve balance and stability:


6. This full-body workout that will leave you drenched in sweat:


7. This barre arms workout that will help you feel the burn:


8. This no-equipment arm workout that will help you achieve the toned arms of your dreams:


9. This 10-minute yoga flow that is as good for your body as it is for your mind:


10. This booty-shaping workout that will leave your peach sore for days:


20-minute workouts:


11. This low-impact HIIT workout that won’t upset your downstairs neighbors:


12. This calorie-burning HIIT workout that I’m already tired from:


13. This intermediate Pilates class that will target your entire body:


14. This challenging, full-body HIIT workout that is oh, so worth it:


15. This low-impact workout that’s great for beginners and only requires a chair:

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16. This no-equipment, full-body workout that can be modified for any fitness level:


17. This dance cardio workout that doesn’t feel like a workout at all:


18. This at-home Pilates workout that will target your abs and arms:


19. This apartment-friendly, full-body workout that will get your blood pumping: 


20. This effective, full-body toning workout that will be your new go-to:



30-minute workouts:


21. This full-body workout that targets almost every muscle in your body:


22. This high-intensity cardio workout that you’ll love to hate: 


23. This at-home dumbbell workout that will target your whole body:


24. This low-impact workout that will keep you calm while it kicks your butt:


25. This warm up and full-body HIIT workout that will absolutely fly by:


26. This 30-minute dance cardio session that will have you moving and grooving:


27. This cardio boxing class that will make you feel like you’re super strong:

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28. This low-impact interval training that’s friendly to your joints:


29. This yoga flow that will help you de-stress, strengthen, and stretch:


30. This intense Pilates workout that will strengthen your body and mind: