We Made You the Perfect Playlist, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

written by ANDI WYNTER

We look to the stars for guidance on our life path, relationships, flaws, and even romance, but when was the last time you listened to a music playlist curated to your zodiac sign? Music is a really beautiful way to tap into your emotions but also self-reflect, celebrate, and escape for a moment, so it makes sense that each sign has a different way of doing so. More importantly, looking into someone’s music library and playlists is an underrated way to understand someone on a vulnerable level.

I’ve dived into the depths of Spotify, listening to various genres to curate playlists that evoke certain moods and energies that each sign gives off. If you’re someone who has to have a playlist for every mood, occasion, or experience, this one is for you. Below are 12 Spotify playlists personalized to your zodiac sign. 



This sign is as fiery as they come, so it only makes sense that an Aries playlist reflects their energetic and optimistic soul. This playlist is filled with catchy pop songs and upbeat tunes that match their fast-paced energy and will keep their spirits lifted at all times. 

Aries artists:

  • Elton John: March 25
  • Celine Dion: March 20
  • Fergie: March 27
  • Lil Nas X: April 9



Taureans value all things beauty, love, and the luxury. With their feet firmly planted on the ground, it’s clear that this earth sign has a deep love for the classics and songs that evoke a nostalgic feeling. Leave it to Taureans to have love songs that everyone can’t help but know all the words to in their playlist and an array of genres included, too.

Taurus artists:

  • Lizzo: April 27
  • Adele: May 5
  • Billy Joel: May 9
  • Stevie Wonder: May 13



This chatty sign is all about memorizing a good verse. Leave it to a Gemini to have an iconic rap song memorized from beginning to end or know all of the words to a musical soundtrack! Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so it makes sense that they are moved by words and the art of using them to string together powerful sentences. Expect their playlist to be eclectic, reflecting their style of marching to the beat of their own drum.

Gemini artists:

  • Stevie Nicks: May 26
  • Normani: May 31
  • Alanis Morissette: June 1
  • Prince: June 7



If there is a playlist that will get you in your feels, it will be one curated for a Cancer. This water sign is all about experiencing music in its entirety, from the lyrics to the beat to the way it makes them feel. Cancers will definitely become attached to a classic breakup song, and you can guarantee that those cheesy love songs that we hate to love (or love to hate?) will be on there.

Cancer artists:

  • Cyndi Lauper: June 22
  • H.E.R.: June 27
  • Missy Elliott: July 1
  • Luke Bryan: July 17



Think about your go-to karaoke song. Now think about your second go-to karaoke song. We can almost guarantee that both of those will be on a playlist curated for a Leo. Ruled by the sun, it’s no surprise that a Leo playlist is comprised of attention-grabbing songs that will lure you to the dance floor or on stage. Count on this playlist to be loaded with upbeat songs that are easy to dance to and scream at the top of your lungs.

Leo artists:

  • Mick Jagger: July 26
  • Madonna: Aug. 16
  • Dua Lipa: Aug. 22
  • Phoebe Bridgers: Aug. 17



Another sign ruled by Mercury, Virgos can appreciate the art of a good lyric like their Gemini counterpart. While this earth sign appreciates the words in songs like Geminis, Virgos take more of an interest in the meaning behind the song as well. Expect this playlist to have songs from artists that tell a story or are attached to specific moments or experiences that everyone can connect deeply with.

Virgo artists:

  • Elvis Costello: Aug. 25
  • Freddie Mercury: Sept. 5
  • Fiona Apple: Sept. 13
  • Amy Winehouse: Sept. 14



It’s not typical for air signs to be sucked in by romantics, but Libras are ruled by Venus (AKA the planet of love), so it checks out. You can count on Libras to have an exciting love life, so expect lots of songs about relationships in this curated playlist, from songs about falling in love to being in love to losing a great love.

Libra artists:

  • Bruce Springsteen: Sept. 23
  • Avril Lavigne: Sept. 27
  • MARINA: Oct. 10
  • John Mayer: Oct.16



If you’re looking for passion and intensity, the Scorpio playlist is for you. Scorpios are emotional like their fellow water signs, but they have a magnetism and sensuality that is quite unmatched. You can anticipate this playlist to have a lot of slow ballads, dare I say, “sexy” songs, and tunes that make them feel good.

Scorpio artists:

  • Drake: Oct. 24
  • Lorde: Nov. 7
  • Miranda Lambert: Nov. 10
  • Bjork: Nov. 21



Like the other fire signs, Sagittariuses have a zest for life and an upbeat nature that can easily be reflected in a playlist. This sign is very open-minded and, to put it simply, cannot be tamed. They are always looking for the next best thing and need the freedom to explore and have new experiences. With that being said, their playlist can reflect an array of genres and artists to reflect their free-spirited lifestyle.

Sagittarius artists:

  • Nicki Minaj: Dec. 8
  • Taylor Swift: Dec. 13
  • Billie Eilish: Dec. 18
  • King Princess: Dec. 19



Two words for this sign: old soul. Capricorns can appreciate the beauty of classic songs, from rock to jazz to R&B. This earth sign values tradition and discipline, so you can expect this playlist to have a lot of soul, songs from the “greats,” and tunes with a bit of edge. 

Capricorn artists:

  • Jordin Sparks: Dec. 22
  • David Bowie: Jan. 8
  • Sade: Jan. 16
  • Dolly Parton: Jan. 19



If you’re looking for variety, an Aquarius playlist will give you exactly that. These free-thinkers need a playlist that represents their independence and need for an unconventional lifestyle. This air sign doesn’t shy away from alternative music and taking the indie route, so expect to see music from multiple genres and empowering songs that align with their humanitarian ideals. 

Aquarius artists:

  • Alicia Keys: Jan. 25
  • Shakira: Feb. 2
  • Harry Styles: Feb. 1
  • Bob Marley: Feb. 6



As a water sign that is known for being intuitive and one of the most emotional, no one connects deeper to the way music can make someone feel more than a true Piscean. As the “oldest” sign in the zodiac, Pisces can appreciate the classics and the technique and skill that go into making music. They also need to feel a deep connection to what they’re listening to and like songs that they can align a specific memory or experience in their life with. This playlist is comprised of songs that make you feel and is the perfect one to tune into when you need a moment to escape reality.

Pisces artists:

  • Rihanna: Feb. 20
  • Johnny Cash: Feb. 26
  • Corinne Bailey Rae: Feb. 26
  • Hozier: March 17