12 Products to Use for Glowing, Summer Skin Without Foundation

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When it comes to summer makeup, less is usually more. With heat and humidity, too much makeup can feel like a mask, and even worse, can feel like it’s melting off your face. Going makeup-free isn’t always an option when you want to look put together, but with the right products, going foundation-free is. Showing off your summer skin and complimenting it with glowy makeup products that make you look like a goddess of the sun can make the hot months your favorite of the year. Pack away your full-coverage foundations with your parka, and give these a try instead.


True Match Lumi Glotion

This lotion hydrates and luminizes the skin for an all-over, radiant glow. It’s also available in 4 shades, so you can choose a shade that gives you a bronzy-effect or matches your skin tone.

IT Cosmetics

Your Skin But Better CC+Illumination™ Cream with SPF 50+

This CC Cream packs a serious punch in terms of sun protection with SPF 50+, and is perfect if you need a little more coverage. It provides hydration while giving a full, flawless coverage, with an illuminating finish. It truly is a jack of all trades.

If you have combo or oily skin, the original CC Cream is still quite radiant without causing extra shine.


Creamy Radiant Concealer

When you want a little coverage without all the hassle of applying a full face, opt for a dewy concealer in the areas you need it. Our editors swear by NARS Radiant Creamy because it's exactly that: it has a radiant finish with a creamy consistency that blends right into the skin.


Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32

If you want a glowy complexion with a bare face, sunscreen is the way to go. This one from Kinship has illuminating particles that make you look like your glowing from within, but it never looks glittery either. Plus, this is easy to apply all day long if you're spending lots of time in the sun.


Multi-Use Glow Stick

To give your skin that quick, on-the-go highlight or to simply pin-point exactly where you want the dew, this is the best on the market. It's lightweight, not super sticky (sadly, all products like this are a little sticky, but that just helps them stay on your face!), and the tiny bits of shimmer make you look like a goddess. TBH, this is almost even better on bare skin, adding just enough highlight to make you beaming.


Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation

There will always be days when you don't want to wear something heavy but really would like some coverage on your face, and that's when a skin tint like this comes in. There are a lot of lightweight foundations on the market, but this is our editors' top recommendation. The shade range is solid, the ingredient list is impeccable, and the radiant finish never looks oily.


True Intentions Bronzing Primer

For a summery, bronzey glow, look no further than this primer from Black-owned brand Range Beauty. While this is meant to make your foundation extra glowy, you can still use it alone to give your skin a little oomph without coverage.

Dr. Jart+

Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

If you deal with redness, this is your first line of defense. Forget foundation—use this instead. This thick color-correcting cream goes on green, but after about 10 minutes, it neutralizes all the redness on your skin and matches your skin tone. It's like magic.

Charlotte Tilbury

Hollywood Flawless Filter

This editor-favorite product can be used dozens of ways, but one of the most underrated is as a skin tint. It's an ultra-lightweight, sheer, glowy product that many use as a highlighter, but it can act as a light skin tint too for days when you want to look like you just stepped down from heaven to say hello to the humans for a quick sec. This product is pricey, but it's one of the most versatile products you'll add to your makeup collection.

Juvia's Place

Bronzed Duo

When you want to look alive without foundation, never skip bronzer. It adds depth and warmth to your face, and it gives you that sunkissed summer glow without tons of effort. These ones from Juvia's Place come in five shades ranging from light to deep-dark, so every skin tone can find their match.


Future Dew

Glossier's Futuredew blurs the lines between skincare and makeup, and that's exactly what we're going for on a no-foundation day. It's meant to be used as your last skincare step before makeup, and it gives your skin a radiant, dewy look that is basically unmatched by other products (especially at this price point). It'll have you questioning if you even need highlighter at all.

Honest Beauty

Everyday Radiance Moisturizer

And when you simply can't be bothered, opt for a glowy moisturizer like this one. It'll keep your skin hydrated and make your skin look top knotch.