9 Behaviors That Can Ruin a Relationship

Hey, we’re totally cool being single, independent ladies, but it’s nice to fall in love sometimes, too… right? So why, then, do we so often sabotage good relationships once we’ve finally found them?

Below, find a little cheatsheet to check yourself on behaviors that might be chipping away at your significant other’s continued desire to be your other half. Or, forward this over to him or her so that they can check theirs instead. (Not super subtle, but potentially effective nonetheless!)


  • Wow….I can check, like, 7 out of 9 here. And some of them can be applied to them as well. I suppose I knew all that anyways though. 🙁

  • This is a good checklist and something many people only learn as they make those mistakes. I have become very cautious about being critical about my partner lately, because I think some things do not need to be said. If it is little things, that I need only annoy me because of who I am, I am better with silence and fixing the things myself. For example, my boyfriend always throws his pyjamas on the floor and I do not like it. But I figured it only annoys me and it only requires me to pick them up rather than being angry at him. I think any relationship takes a lot of self reflection, because you have to realize some things you do probably annoy your partner too and there is need for balance.

  • Natalie Redman

    Good post! Not all of these points appear obvious either if you are in a relationship that’s heading south.