I Asked AI to Style Me For a Week—Here’s What Happened

written by LAUREN BLUE

I’ve always said that if I suddenly became famous overnight, the first thing I would do is get a stylist. I consider myself to have good fashion taste, but when it comes to practical application, I feel like I could use a helping hand (i.e., I can pin the cutest outfits on Pinterest all day long, but actually styling outfits can be a little more difficult). If I could just tell a stylist what I like and have them present me with outfits ready to go, I would be in the street-style Hall of Fame nestled comfortably between Bella Hadid and JLaw.

Shockingly, no genies or fairy godmothers have knocked on my door, ready and willing to grant my wish for a celebrity stylist, so I had to get creative and find a budget-friendly stylist willing to upgrade my style. Enter: ChatGPT. AI is everywhere these days, from dating apps to budgeting, so why not put its fashion knowledge to the test? To see if ChatGPT could fill the celebrity-stylist-sized gap in my life, I asked it to style me for one week. Keep scrolling to find out if ChatGPT became the Law Roach to my Zendaya.

Day 1

ChatGPT described this look as “casual chic” and told me to “pair a white T-shirt and oversized blazer with light-wash denim jeans” and to “add some flair with a statement belt and accessorize with layered necklaces.” I’ve had this linen blazer sitting in my closet for almost a year, and every time I tried to wear it, I just couldn’t quite figure out how to style it. My problem was I kept trying to get creative and style it with out-of-the-box outfits that didn’t align with my simpler personal style, making me overthink the blazer entirely. This outfit didn’t feel unnatural when I wore it, and I’ll definitely reach for it again. One point for AI!

Day 2

On this day, ChatGPT told me to combine a graphic tee with “my favorite jeans” and a leather jacket for “an edgy yet timeless ensemble.” I am obsessed with graphic tees and have a vast collection, so this outfit was right up my alley. This look felt perfect for a spring day jaunting around town or meeting friends for casual dinner and drinks.

Day 3

Sorry, AI, I’m not 100 percent sold on this outfit. I’ve been wanting to try out the cardigan trend, so when ChatGPT said to style a white tank top with denim shorts, a lightweight cardigan, and sandals, I thought this outfit would become a new staple in my closet, but something about it just isn’t my favorite. If I were strolling around a beach town, I think I’d fit right in, but it feels a little out of place in a firmly landlocked city. I think this is due to my limited sandal selection, which I now know needs a refresh before summer arrives.

Day 4

ChatGPT got a little creative this day with what it called a “monochrome magic” outfit. My version of monochrome is usually a matching sweatsuit or throwing on an all-black ensemble and calling it a day, so it was fun to mix things up. I was surprised that I didn’t have many tops and bottoms that were the same color (and dresses are totally cheating, right?). After a lot of searching, I was able to find a brown-on-brown outfit I would have never put together on my own but really liked. I can definitely see myself re-wearing this look.

Day 5

This outfit was a surprising love for me. I figured it would be somewhere in the middle with very basic instructions from ChatGPT to pair a white top with denim shorts, sneakers, and a baseball cap for a “sporty touch.” I’m always envious when I see someone rocking a hat and looking so effortlessly cool girl because I feel like every time I wear a hat, everyone can tell I don’t usually wear them. (Something about my aura just screams hat newbie.) I put my hat anxiety aside and loved the playful, casual energy it added to this outfit. Consider me a hat convert!

Day 6

This outfit was by far the one I was most nervous about trying. We’ve all seen the sheer trend takeover runways and red carpets alike, but it’s something I was weary of dabbling in myself. Per ChatGPT’s orders, I layered a sheer top over a bralette and paired it with tailored trousers, officially making my debut on the sheer scene. I’ll admit I was initially a little uncomfortable wearing a see-through shirt. I was worried people didn’t realize I was following my very exclusive, fancy stylist’s instruction in a chic ensemble and thought I just didn’t know you could see my bra through my shirt. As the day wore on, I got a lot more comfortable, and now that I have tried it, maybe I’ll continue to dabble with sheer outfits.

My takeaways

ChatGPT needed some guidance

While, overall, I thought ChatGPT did a good job of choosing outfits, it took a while to get there. When I initially asked for trendy spring outfit ideas, it told me to “combine an oversized graphic hoodie with faux-leather biker shorts, layer with a denim jacket, complete the outfit with combat boots, and accessorize with a beanie and statement sunglasses.” While this may have been trendy at one point, it’s definitely not the outfits I see fashion influencers wearing on my social feeds. In order to get results with pieces I actually had in my closet, my prompts required a lot of tweaking to find outfits without shopping for a whole new wardrobe (especially one I would need to stop at Hot Topic to find).

It was a free way to mix up my outfits

One of the main appeals of this experiment is that it was free. I love following fashion influencers and stylists for outfit inspiration, but it can be discouraging when you fall in love with an outfit only to click on an LTK link and be met with a designer label and a hefty price tag. Of course, you can scour the internet for cheaper alternatives to these outfits, but you’re still spending money, even if it’s not as expensive. This experiment might be worthwhile if you want a 100 percent free way to create new outfits out of pieces you already have.

AI is a useful tool but isn’t a stylist replacement

This challenge did make me reach for new outfits and inspired me to pair things I wouldn’t usually put together, but I don’t think ChatGPT should quit its day job to become a stylist. Without any visual aid, the instructions didn’t translate flawlessly from screen to style, and ChatGPT isn’t entirely up to date with all the current fashion trends. Plus, AI can’t replicate the uniqueness of personal style; outfits really shine when they’re customized with personal touches that speak to your own unique tastes and preferences, which ChatGPT just can’t provide. That being said, AI is a helpful tool to get you out of a fashion rut. It can inspire you to try things you hadn’t previously thought about wearing. When used in conjunction with other spaces for inspo, like Pinterest and other social media platforms, it can aid in putting together a fantastic fit.