All the Fall Fashion Trends I’m Skipping—and the Comfortable Alternatives I’m Wearing Instead

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I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE trends. I find a lot of comfort in trying new things and wearing pieces before everyone else (it’s a whole thing I’m working on with my therapist, OK). But 2020 hasn’t necessarily been kind to those of us who love fashion. While yes, I can certainly dress to the nines for fun, it’s not as exciting when no one is going to see it or the occasion is just sitting on your couch to binge-watch TV. 

But I’m not letting work-from-home get in the way of rocking fall fashion trends; instead, I’m shifting my focus to ones that work for this life a little more than the previous one I lived in when I actually left my house. I still love a lot of these trends, but I’m finding new ways to wear them that fit my lifestyle better.


Instead of head-to-toe leather, try comfortable leather-look pieces.

source: @ayyonks

Leather will always look badass, and it’s been a solid trend I’ve pined after for about a year now. But the head-to-toe leather looks consisting of stiff pants and squeaky tops and jackets are not exactly my ~vibe~ when I’m sitting at a desk all day long, only occasionally standing up to get more water. Leather feels quintessentially fall though, so I’m adding that trend into my wardrobe with easy basics that feel comfortable, like my absolute favorite Spanx leather leggings. 


Faux Leather Leggings

an editor-favorite x 1 million—trust me when I say, we love these pants.



Instead of big puffer coats, try lighter, fur-detailed jackets.

I’m not saying there won’t be a place for giant sleeping bag coats in winter 2020/2021, especially in cold climates. But for the fall and early winter, I can’t see myself getting into that trend. Hear me out: I love wearing a mask and understand it’s essential for public health, but we can’t deny it gets a little toasty up in there. So, I like to keep the rest of my outfit as breezy as possible to make up for the immense amount of sweat coming from the bottom of my face. I’m swapping light jackets instead for the time being. For one, I’m not going outside that much to really warrant something heavy, and I enjoy the look of a light jacket on video calls and when I’m just lounging at home.


Instead of ’90s grunge, try ’90s minimalism. 

I went through quite the emo phase in middle and high school, so as much as I want to love channeling it through the ’90s grunge trend filled with plaid, babydoll dresses, and chunky boots, it’s a little too close to my All Time Low phase for me. Plus, it just isn’t feasible for my current life in which I only leave my house to see my friends every now and then and to go to the grocery store. However, all parts of the ’90s are here, and I’m all for long knit dresses, shades of brown, and cardigans galore.


Instead of neutrals, try bright-colored monochrome.

Don’t get me wrong, neutrals will always have a place in my wardrobe, and I think there’s something special about being able to create a wardrobe full of neutrals, in both basics and statement pieces. But I love a good bright, and fall 2020 is the time to embrace it. Whether it’s sweaters and jeans to see friends, activewear, or a loungewear set at home, I’m incorporating color into my entire wardrobe.


Instead of cropped blazers, try boyfriend blazers. 

The cropped blazer trend would be a major part of my wardrobe if things were different in 2020, but they’re just not practical or comfortable for work-from-home. Instead, I’m loving the “boyfriend” fit this season. They’re so comfortable, look put-together for every occasion, and are easy to style. Basically, they’re the WFH-approved version of this trend.


Long Jacket

5 colors available


LadyGang Knit Ponte Boyfriend Blazer

who doesn't love a winter white moment?!


Crepe Blazer

2 colors available