I Never Think Supplements Work, but These Viral “Bloat” Pills Made Me a Believer


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arrae bloating products"
arrae bloating products
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

Editor’s Note: This article briefly discusses eating disorders and eating disorder recovery. Please take care of yourself if those topics could be triggering.

What is five letters and on just about everyone’s lips? B-L-O-A-T, y’all. Everywhere I turn—socials, podcasts, and even text chats with friends—there’s talk of the persistent discomfort. We swap stories of leaving restaurants with our pants unbuttoned (I’m Team Elastic Waistband for life). We compare the foods that seem to set us off (cauliflower and I share a love-hate relationship). And perhaps much to older generations’ chagrin, discussing poop is no longer taboo (in fact, you can find the shortcode ‘BM’ thrown around as casually as a ‘lol’).

Just as everyone’s talking about bloat, the convo is quickly followed by, “Have you tried Arrae?” When I first heard of the brand, I was quick to rope it in with other of-the-moment, social media-born brands. A quick spin around its website reveals a gradient of muted hues, buzzwords like “holistically,” “wellbeing,” and “filler-free.” My initial response? A mix of *rolls eyes* and intrigue. That’s probably why I pride myself on my approach to trending product deep dives: as a skeptic at heart, I love sorting through the BS to find the truth. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with Arrae today. Are their “Bloat” capsules really worth the hype? Let’s investigate.



What are Arrae’s Bloat Capsules?

Widely lauded by creators and trainers alike, it’s clear that Arrae is taking the wellness world by storm. Their bottles have even popped up at Erewhon (confirmation that a brand has truly made it, of course). “Bloat,” their hero product, is garnering fans including Melissa Wood, Molly Sims, and Hailey Bieber. This clinically-tested product is said to work in under an hour to decrease bloating, gas, or digestive discomfort, as well as optimize digestion. It achieves this through all-natural ingredients such as bromelain (for speeding up food breakdown), lemon balm (for gas prevention), and slippery elm (for digestive organ protection). It is said to reduce IBS symptoms (such as abdominal pain, acid reflux, and constipation) by 77%, and reduce bloating by 86%. The product has extremely impressive claims, so I wanted to see if there was any truth to it.


Why I wanted to try them

Because everyone’s experience with supplements varies, I’ll share a little insight as to where I’m kicking off my Arrae journey before diving into my experience. And because there’s no way around it, I’m going to get TMI with you. Based on conversations with my dietitian, it’s clear that my digestive issues are the result of a decades-long struggle with an eating disorder. However, I’m well into recovery and actively working to develop a kinder, healthier relationship with food. It did make me question, though, could the use of a bloat-reducing pill trigger symptoms of the disorder?

After discussing this with my dietitian, it was clear that with my body image in a solid place, working with bloat-reducing pills was simply my desire to feel more comfortable and build up my confidence in eating foods my stomach didn’t agree with in the past (again, cauliflower). What’s more, there are a couple of key things to note about “Bloat” that made me feel confident in proceeding with the test:

  • It’s designed to be used on an as-needed basis and is not habit-forming—the “Bloat” pills are not laxatives.
  • “Bloat” is formulated with clean, natural ingredients that I could recognize, including ginger root, lemon balm, dandelion root, and peppermint.
  • While it’s said to provide immediate relief within an hour, this was the kicker for me: it also supports your microbiome over time. And I knew my gut could use all the help it could get.


My experience using Arrae’s “Bloat” capsules

When I’ve conducted similar product reviews, I’ve tested them over a seven-day period. However, because Arrae is designed to be used as needed, I’m reflecting on the benefits I’ve noticed and felt when using it as directed. And readers, I’ll tease my conclusion here with a zealous wow! Remember my initial eye roll? Well, I’ve been humbled by the magic that is Arrae “Bloat” capsules. Here are the main benefits I noticed over my trial period:


I woke up feeling comfortable and energized after indulgent meals

The first time I decided to use “Bloat,” it coincided with a particularly decadent meal made by my partner. He cooked two steaks perfectly medium-rare and topped each with a pan sauce that pulled out all the stops (butter, cream, and olive oil). We roasted rainbow carrots with a miso-maple syrup glaze. And to finish things off, a very full glass of red wine. As someone who prioritizes eating plant-based, I only eat meat a few times throughout the month. What’s more, I consider alcohol an occasional weekend beverage. Clearly, this meal was a bit out of the norm. As instructed by the bottle, I took two “Bloat” capsules right after eating.

When they say that the relief is immediate—believe it. Within an hour, I had gone from feeling sluggish and beyond full to noticing an unfamiliar comfort settle in. What’s more, eating a rich meal so close to bed usually disrupts my sleep. But the next morning, I woke up feeling refreshed and without the I-swallowed-a-bowling-ball-last-night sensation. I may have turned away from these foods in the past, and turned down the opportunity to have a romantic dinner with my partner, but the experience—sans digestive drama—gave me a newfound sense of confidence around these once-triggering foods.



I’m wearing my tight pants again

That’s right, thanks to these “Bloat” capsules, I’m taking a sweats and leggings hiatus and actually wearing jeans again. While it may sound superficial or small, for someone who used to be afraid of that too-tight sensation after a meal, to comfortably and confidently wear jeans during the day is no small feat. A week ago, I went out for happy hour with a few friends. I was wearing a new favorite leather skirt that admittedly took a lot of hyping myself up to throw on. We ordered drinks and appetizers, and after a couple of hours, I realized I made it through the entire night without once wishing I could rip off my clothes. (Dramatic, but true.) 

My secret weapon? In addition to the Bloat capsules, this was the occasion when I knew Arrae’s “Gut Boost” would come in clutch. As instructed, I mixed two dropperfuls into my water before our food and drinks came. In truth, it tasted a bit like an Aperol Spritz—a welcome surprise. The supplement is said to prime your digestive system, making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients and break down food faster. And while I don’t know all the scientific ins and outs behind it, I certainly felt them. Between the Gut Boost and Bloat capsules, I walked away from that happy hour standing up straight, feeling comfortable, and without the usual digestive drama I’d likely be feeling. 


I’m—*ahem*—far more regular than before

Now that I’ve had the experience of using both the “Bloat” capsules and “Gut Boost,” I’ve fallen into a comfortable rhythm that suits my digestion best. “Bloat” is still my go-to when I need it (read: after indulgent meals or foods like cauliflower I know will make me bloat), but I now take “Gut Boost” before every meal and have noticed a significant improvement in my digestion, reduced bloat, and yes—progress with my bowel movements. 

If you’re a girlie who also understands the struggle of constipation, then you get me: there’s nothing more relieving than experiencing regularity. Nowadays, using the products in tandem, my digestion is the best it’s ever been. And honestly, there’s nothing better than feeling like my body is supported in doing exactly what it needs to help me feel my best.


The takeaway

Yes, my opinion of Arrae took a total 180 after trying its supplements. I’ll confirm (and scream it from the rooftops): I’m obsessed. Chronic bloat has set me back for much of my life, and in recovery from my eating disorder, it’s made it difficult to move forward. But with Arrae to lean on, I’m now comfortable with many of the foods and contexts that I once avoided.

Of course, it needs to be noted: these products are expensive. I purchased the “Deep Digestion Duo” for $85, “Gut Boost” will run you $42, and the “Bloat” capsules are $48. (Note: Each is slightly less expensive if purchased as a subscription.) My dietitian suggested a cheaper alternative to sipping on digestion; supportive teas such as ginger or peppermint. For more accessible tips on beating bloat, consult this dietitian’s list.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to try Arrae, I’ll say this: for the comfort and relief I’ve experienced, I’ve found the products to be worth the price. However, if this is a barrier, by no means is it something you need to experience optimal health. After all, when it comes to wellness, simplicity reigns supreme. I encourage you to make empowered choices that come from a place of trusting what supports you best. For me, that’s Arrae.