Beauty Trends I’m Excited to Try This Fall—And 3 I’m Skipping

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It’s no secret that I take a lot of influence from beauty YouTube. I follow tutorials just about every time I do my makeup, I’m constantly listening to reviews and favorites while I do mundane tasks throughout the day, and I’m always inspired by what creators on that platform are doing. My obsession the past year or so has been “Will I Buy It” videos, popularized by YouTuber Samantha March. Basically, the creator sits in front of the camera and discusses the newest beauty launches for the week, month, or season and says if they plan to buy it or not. It feels like a couple of girlfriends getting together to talk makeup—including the occasional roast. 

I’ve been reading up on all of fall 2020’s beauty trends, especially taking notice in how they play into our lives right now. Some of the predicted trends of the year really work with my WFH life, while others absolutely do not. So to get in the spirit of fall beauty, I’m sharing the beauty trends I’m excited to try this year, plus a few I’ll be skipping (and what I’m planning to try instead).


The Beauty Trends I’m Skipping


1. Invisible foundations

Listen, I get the appeal of a foundation that won’t get all over the inside of my mask. When I first saw Becca Cosmetics’s big launch of their Zero No Pigment Foundation a few months ago, I was admittedly intrigued. It sounded like exactly what we all needed this summer. However, after seeing a range of reviews come in, my fascination quickly dwindled. Many reviews were claiming that it wasn’t really a “foundation,” but rather a pore-filling primer, something I have multiple of in my collection already. Instead of investing in this $36 product, I’m making use of those primers I already have. Plus, as I’ll get into, I’m really digging a little more coverage right now, so this isn’t really my vibe.


2. Glossy lips

I never thought I’d say this as I literally threw away just about every matte lip product I owned nearly eight months ago, vowing to only wear glossy and satin formulas ever again. Then, I started wearing a face mask every time I left my house, and anything that could possibly stick to the material of my mask fell to the wayside. Lately, I’m loving matte lips (even liquid lipsticks!) that will stay on and not budge under my mask until I get to wherever I’m heading. I’m also trying so many deep and bright lip options this fall that really lend to a matte formula over something glossy and sticky.


3. Layered Haircuts

As much as I love these cuts and would die to look like the modern-day Rachel Green, a high-maintenance cut like this just isn’t the move for fall 2020. I’m seeing my stylist as little as possible right now, so I’m avoiding any hair changes that make me indebted to my stylist every six weeks. My current joy lies in a blunt haircut that grows out evenly without needing constant trims or touch-ups.



The Beauty Trends I’m Trying


1. Transfer-proof coverage

I don’t have time to deal with my makeup coming off all in my face mask, so I’m embracing a more matte finish. I love that a velvet-y matte or semi-matte foundation doesn’t leave me feeling like my skin is about to melt off underneath a mask, but I also am enjoying the extra bit of coverage (shout out maskne!). (Basically, my entire makeup routine is centered around wearing a mask, and I’m loving it.) Don’t worry though, just because I’m going with matte skin doesn’t mean I won’t have a glow. I’ve been loving a little extra skin prep (good for my dry skin due to the cold weather), plus I add lots of highlighter to the cheekbones. Flawless skin, nice to meet you. 

2. Matte Lips

As stated above, I’m living for matte lips right now. There’s something about a deep, matte lip color in the fall and winter. (Perhaps it’s all the Kylie Lip Kits I ordered when she launched her line! Who’s to say!) A matte lip won’t rub off on the inside of my mask like a gloss or satin shade will, especially if it’s a liquid lipstick. This fall, I’m trying bright reds, terracotta oranges, and mid-tone cool berries. 

3. All variations of eyeliner

We’ve seen colored eyeliner for the last few seasons, and this year, any and all eyeliner is gracing the faces of celebrities, makeup artists, and on runways. From the typical deep, black-winged liner to “Foxy eyes” (made famous by Bella Hadid, of course) to bright, “over” liners (in which your eyeliner goes at the crease of your eye instead of against your lid—makes your eyes look big and bright!), we’re seeing that no matter how you wear your eyeliner, it’s cool. I’ll be playing around with different shapes and colors to see which suits my face best (and which looks the coolest with my outfits, of course).

4. Curled or Textured Updos

Whether it’s classic ponytails, buns with tendrils left out, or whimsical updos, this style is taking over our Instagram feeds a little more every day. I’m obsessed with this look because it looks so put-together for Zoom meetings, but it’s really easy to do—especially if you have naturally curly or textured hair. I’m a huge fan of the curly pony right now; business in the front, party in the back.

5. Structured Brows

In an episode of Fat Mascara, Anastasia Soare (yep, the Anastasia of ABH!) said that in her world, there are no brow trends; instead, everyone just wears the brow shape that’s perfect for them, and they always look good. I’ve kept that in my brain ever since, and it’s made a world of a difference. All that to say, if the Cara Delevigne bushy brow look or the block-y Instagram brow of the late 2010s didn’t look all that great on you (me, me, me!), don’t fret—the makeup industry is taking note, and we’re seeing structured, polished brows that follow your natural shape take center stage.

6. Cool Tones

Warm-toned makeup (think Naked Heat, Tartelette Toasted—the whole shebang) has been the “it” look for years. Peachy, red, orange, brown, and yellows have reigned supreme in the makeup world in everything from lipsticks and eyeshadows to even bronzers and blushes. But we’re finally seeing quite the switch-up this fall with grey, taupe, and purple hues filling up eyeshadow palettes, lip collections, and more. Many people have grown scared of cool tones, especially if they have a warm undertone in their skin, but pretty much everyone can rock a cool tone look. Finding the right tones that work for you is important, but a simple taupe or silver-y metallic all over the lid is a major moment for pretty much anyone. Also, don’t forget that cool tones include more than just grey and plum; cool shades of blue and green are hot right now too.

7. Inner-Corner Sparkle

Textured eyeshadows, instead of your standard matte or shimmer, are at the top of my wishlist right now. I love using these as a one-shadow look, but I’m taking cues from some of my favorite makeup artists and incorporating them into otherwise classic looks by popping just a little right in the inner corner. Some looks it’s just a dab in the inner corner, and others they apply the shadow in the inner quarter of the lid, going up to the brow (as seen above). It adds a little bit of dimension without going haywire and looks good on every single eye shape.