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The Everygirl’s January Challenge–Week 4: Tap Into Best Self-Energy

january challenge week 4"
january challenge week 4
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider
Graphics by: Caitlin Schneider

Check any self-judgment and criticism at the door because this week is all about taking action to unlock your inner power, AKA the highest version of yourself—whether that’s leveling up your health, relationships, career, finances, or all the above. While it requires you to put in the (hard) work, exploring your authentic self can shed light on what’s most important to you and how to achieve your dream life. The path to your best and happiest self will look different than the next person, but that’s the point! Everyone’s journey is unique, and there’s no right or wrong way (in both senses of the word). Read on for a breakdown of Week #4 of our January Challenge (P.S. click here to start at Week One) Consider it a seven-day guide to living authentically.

january challenge week 4

Monday: Try journaling about your highest self

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Whether it’s your favorite spiral notebook or Notes app, put pen to paper with this prompt: Who is your best, most authentic, happiest self? What are their dominant personality traits? How do they act to other people? What is their morning routine like? What do they eat? How do they feel about themselves? 

Tuesday: Listen to “This Episode Will Change the Way You Think With Brianna Wiest

After embarking on her own journey of self-healing over a decade ago, Brianna turned to writing as a way of processing. Today, she’s the bestselling author of 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think, among other self-help books that inspire changing your mindset, transforming your life, and healing. In this motivational episode, Brianna walks us through how to conquer our internal mountains, ask our future selves for help, and get over self-sabotage to achieve any goal.

Wednesday: Read 6 Green Flags You’re Becoming Your Best Self

There’s no question we’re our own worst critics. If we had to guess, you likely don’t give yourself enough credit for the growth you’ve made. So, do yourself a favor and give this article a read to identify some signs you can look toward to know you’re on the right track to living the life of your dreams. 

Thursday: Listen to “Mimi Bouchard’s Formula to Become Your Highest Self and Design Your Dream Life

After struggling with drugs, alcohol, and disordered eating, Mimi Bouchard went through a six-year personal development journey where she focused entirely on changing her mind and body. The result? She revolutionized her life. Expect only good vibes as Mimi teaches you how to manifest anything you want using her two-step formula and discusses how she lost weight and cleared her skin using visualization (yes, really!). Spoiler: You’re going to leave this episode with all the tools you need to actually become your best self.

Friday: Do one thing today that your best self would do

Part of the puzzle to becoming your best self is living like they would. What is their morning routine like? What do they do for “me” time? How do they prioritize what matters most to them? Channel them by acting as if you already are them, rather than waiting for your dream job, dream relationships, dream bank account, etc. to become reality. Be it a workout, planning a trip, spending more time with family, meditating, picking up pickleball, or starting the side hustle you’ve been daydreaming of, do something today that your highest self would do.

Saturday: Listen to “How to Be Radically Content with Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon did the work to get over limiting beliefs, overcome societal pressures, and discover what she wanted out of her life. In this episode, Josie and Jamie discuss how women are often taught not to listen to their own intuition and why we should all be living more selfishly. Jamie also shares what most people get wrong about manifestation, why intention matters so much, and the true secret to happiness. Because, ICYMI, it’s our time as women to become radically content.

Sunday: Read “Secrets to Personal Growth: 7 Strategies That Helped Me Become My Best Self

While this week probably gave you a lot of inspo to channel your highest self and tap into her energy, we have even more tips for you. From pursuing activities with no end goal to learning to say “no,” read up on one writer’s personal experience becoming the best version of herself through these seven simple practices.