10 Celebrity Workouts to Try This Summer

Our favorite celebs may be the most beautiful people in the whole entire world, but most of them don’t have an I-woke-up-like-this approach. It’s not like there’s something in the Hollywood water that keeps every A-lister in tip top shape and otherworldly beautiful (but if there is, I will get to the bottom of it…). Besides just really freaking good genes, most celebrities have a team behind them, helping them be their best self. They themselves put in a lot of effort to look the way they do (hint: celebrities do not typically succumb to office donut days or hitting the snooze button before a 6am workout).

Lucky for us, celebrities are no longer just the faces in our favorite movies or the voices on the radio. It’s the age of social media – we can look to the stars for hair inspo or beauty tips, and can even use celebrities to plan workouts. Our favorite stars and their famous trainers share their easy-to-do, at-home workouts, so that us mere mortals have access to the team behind their ridiculously good looks, getting our own sip of the Hollywood water. Here are 11 celebrity workouts that you can do (for free!) this summer:


1. Kate Hudson’s Glute Workout

What you’ll need: One set of medium to heavy weights


 2. Jessica Alba’s 6-Move Plan

What you’ll need: One set of light weights and one set of medium to heavy weights


3. Khloe Kardashian’s Full Body Strength Training

What you’ll need: A medicine ball, resistance band, and one set of medium to heavy weights


4. Demi Lovato’s On Tour Workout


What you’ll need: A resistance band and one set of medium weights


5. Carrie Underwood’s Mini-Skirt Leg Exercises

What you’ll need: A 10-25lbs kettleball, Bosu ball, and a set of medium weights


6. Jenna Dewan’s Dancing Workout

What you’ll need: A long resistance band and a set of sliders (or use a folded up towel!)


7. Britney Spear’s Yoga Flow

What you’ll need: A Yoga mat or soft surface


8. Shay Mitchell’s Vacation Workout

What you’ll need: A pair of light to medium weights


9. Gabrielle Union’s Arm Toning Workout

What you’ll need: A cable rope, medium dumbbell, TRX suspension rope, resistance band, medicine ball, and kettleball


10. Romee Strijd’s Ab Routine

What you’ll need: A mat or comfortable surface and a Bosu ball




Which celebrity workout are you going to try?