Gabrielle Bolin

Fitness Trainer & Contributing Fitness Writer
Gabrielle Bolin is an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA-Certified Running Coach, and a Strength & Conditioning Coach at The Fort in NYC. With years of experience as both an athlete and a coach, Gabrielle’s mission is to empower women to find strength and confidence through movement.
  • Education: Marymount Manhattan College


Gabrielle’s areas of expertise include fitness, running, strength training, athletic conditioning, body image, confidence, and empowerment. She works as a health coach, running coach, strength & conditioning coach, and a speaker for women’s groups.


As an athlete, Gabrielle is an accomplished ultra-endurance runner, with dozens of marathons, triathlons, and ultramarathons under her belt. As a trainer and a coach, Gabrielle works with people of all fitness levels to increase their strength, confidence, and athletic capabilities. Currently, she is a full-time Strength & Conditioning Coach at The Fort in NYC.

Fun Stuff

When not in the gym, you can find Gabrielle at Citi Field cheering on her beloved Mets, enjoying a matcha latte at the newest cafe in her neighborhood, or by the pool soaking up the sun. She’s proudly in the top 0.01% of *NSYNC listeners on Spotify, a connoisseur of all things 2000s, and a firm believer in New York or Nowhere.

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