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5 Wellness Trends Everyone’s Talking About This Season

you're going to be obsessed with these all summer long

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Summer 2023’s Biggest Wellness Trends"
Summer 2023’s Biggest Wellness Trends
Source: @alo
Source: @alo

Summer 2023 is finally upon us. And luckily, this season has a handful of wellness trends that are sure to make this your best summer yet. While summer often means late nights, parties, and no shortage of “treat yourself” moments, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you enjoy the season without any major next-day regrets. Whether you’ve got big health and fitness goals or simply want to feel your best each day, incorporating the following products and practices into your summer routine can make a major impact. Read on for the trends that you’re going to be hearing about all summer long.


1. Mocktails and sober curiosity

While a glass of rosé on a rooftop is usually a staple come summertime, many people are experimenting with sobriety and trading in their alcoholic drinks for yummy mocktails. Excessive long-term alcohol consumption can be associated with a variety of health risks, but even short-term, more and more people are over the hangovers, social dependency, poor sleep, delayed recovery, and hangxiety that can follow even one alcoholic beverage. Not to mention going alcohol-free can mean a major benefit to your wallet (fruit-infused club soda comes in way cheaper than a margarita).

Sober curiosity is a growing trend that our bodies (and wallets) are here for. If you’re curious too, experiment with swapping your beer, wine, or liquor with a mocktail or go-to beverage that still feels fun and refreshing. Start with a club soda base, add in splashes of your favorite juices. Then dress it up with some fruit garnish and a cute straw. BTW, if you still want to (safely) partake in alcohol, you don’t need to quit altogether to feel like you’re doing something for your health. Check out these tips to drink alcohol in a healthier way,


2. Sleep as first priority

What’s on the agenda this summer? Getting 8+ hours of quality sleep because prioritizing sleep is making a comeback! With devices like the Oura Ring, Whoop, and other health-monitoring wearables measuring sleep data such as sleep stages, duration, and quality, we’ve never been more obsessed with being rested. Visit any drug store and you’ll find no shortage of sleep-encouraging gummies, supplements, and elixirs to help you achieve the coveted eight hours.

Ready to prioritize sleep like the trendy It-Girl you are? First and foremost, make sure your bedroom is dark (blackout curtains work magic), quiet (or noise-dulled with a white-noise machine or tower fan), and at a comfortable temperature. Try to maintain a consistent bedtime routine each night, including avoiding using your phone for 30 minutes before lights out. Finally, don’t forget a good workout during the day and a peaceful meditation to calm the mind after dinner. Bonus tip: Kill two trends with one stone (sober curiosity and prioritizing sleep) with the viral Sleepy Girl Mocktail.


3. Electrolytes

Everyone knows that you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, but what about replacing all of the other nutrients we lose in sweat and everyday bodily functions? Hydrating with water alone is so last year, which is why we’re drinking electrolyte concoctions now.

Electrolytes are essential minerals, such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, that are vital to bodily functions and easily lost in sweat. Water alone can’t lead to optimal hydration. The body requires electrolytes to actually absorb the water. Add electrolytes to your water to replenish essential minerals lost through sweating and aid in maintaining proper hydration levels during physical activity or hot weather. Add flavor to your water while optimizing hydration with electrolyte packets (just beware of sugary options with a ton of additives), or for a (basically) free version, add a pinch of sea salt to your water.

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4. The 80/20 rule

Gone are the days of drastic, cold-turkey habit changes and huge health commitment challenges like 75 Hard. This summer, we’re living our best lives by focusing on small, daily positive habits (such as the ones listed above), while still fully enjoying our lives. While previous years have glorified demanding, lifestyle-overhauling changes, this summer is all about lifestyle changes that can be lived with and lived in. Major health challenges are inflexible and do not cultivate lasting lifestyle changes. 

As a form of finding a “balance” between achieving health goals while still enjoying life, the 80/20 rule is all the rage this season. Think: 80% of foods you eat are nutrient-rich foods that make you feel good, while 20% are foods that you want to eat for pure enjoyment. That means getting in our fruits, veggies, and other foods that make our bodies feel amazing, but not restricting the foods we enjoy either (think: mac n’ cheese at a barbecue, a hot dog at a baseball game, s’mores during a bonfire). This can also apply to other healthy habits as well. If you move your body, hydrate, meditate, or get good sleep most of the time, you don’t have to (and should not) feel guilty for those days when you don’t move from the couch or have a late night out.


5. Walking pads

The buzziest new technology that everyone’s swearing by, a walking pad can keep you energized and help you get your steps in even during the workday (or while watching TV after work, if you don’t want to or can’t set up a walking pad in your office). What exactly is a walking pad? Imagine a treadmill that is controlled by your footsteps. In other words, instead of setting a tempo and having to stick to it, a walking pad has sensors that allow you to control the tempo with how you walk. Walk closer to the front to go faster, and walk further back to slow down.

These lightweight and foldable pads are easy to store in a closet or under a bed, quiet, and can be used under a standing desk or purchased with a desk, attachment. An under-desk treadmill also provides an easy way to get your body moving (without the high-tech sensors) while watching TV, working, or attending meetings.

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