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6 Beautifully Decorated Dorm Rooms That Made Us Want to Go Back to School

written by SARAH LYON
Source: @dormify
Source: @dormify

I don’t care what anyone else has to say—the best part about returning to campus each year was decorating my dorm room: hanging up whatever pics I’d taken that summer, refreshing my pillow and bedding setup with fun new accents, and getting my desk all ready for maximum productivity. That said, while I thought I’d designed some pretty sweet spaces in my time at college, today’s students have taken dorm decor to the next level. Seriously, you won’t believe how stunning the six rooms below look—they’re cute enough that I would 100 percent consider battling my way through Intro to Chemistry once again just to inhabit one of these dorm rooms.


1. This chic bedside gallery wall

Raise your hand if you, like me, opted for taped up posters and printed out photographs in your dorm room and called it a day. I wish I had been design savvy enough to think about popping my favorite pics and art prints into actual frames, which can easily be attached to the wall with Command strips and removed at the end of the year. It’s safe to say that this bedside gallery wall is way more chic than anything I put together in college. Plus, remember how posters would always curl at the corners over time? Investing a few dollars in a glass or plastic frame will keep those favorite pieces of wall art looking top notch all year long.


2. This fab, cushy headboard 

Can we talk about the concept of bringing your own headboard to school? Uh, genius! Honestly, I didn’t even own a headboard until several years after college, but I am all for this hack. Dorm room beds are notoriously uncomfy, and a plush headboard makes it easy to work (or catch up on Netflix) from bed sans backache. Plus, with plenty of options in the market, there’s a style for every aesthetic.


3. These sophisticated curtains

Similarly, why settle for bland university-provided blinds when you can bring your own curtains to better suit your aesthetic? I so wish I had done this to elevate my space a bit. Curtains instantly make any room feel more finished while ensuring that you’re not woken up by sun streaming in each morning (because we all know that sleep in college is extra precious!).


4. This glam getting-ready station


Forget quickly glancing in the mirror taped to the back of your closet door and sprinting to class, unsure of whether or not your dress and belt combo actually works. This dorm room has a mini getting-ready station, complete with a chic velvet chair and vanity lighting. We’re pretty sure this is where the entire hall will be convening pre-parties.


5. This boho chic storage setup 

There’s no need to stuff anything and everything into the base of a storage ottoman and hope for the best. This rattan shelf beats any and all storage contraptions we’ve previously stumbled upon. And it’s versatile enough to hold clothing, cookware, entertaining essentials, or school supplies—you name it! Rattan is also extremely resistant and never goes out of style, making this piece a winner that’s useable long beyond the dorm room days.


6. These lovely layered rugs

Dorm room floors are often quite cold, both literally and metaphorically. They also have generally seen better days, and hiding stains and spills with a rug will drastically improve any setup. But don’t just settle for any old throw rug—choose a piece that speaks to you, or if you feel like it, layer! Jute makes for a great base if you’re not sure where to begin, then pick out a fun animal print piece like the one shown here, which will steal the show.