Yes, Black Women Can Use Dry Shampoo—These Are the Ones I Swear By

written by LACEY BROWN

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Source: Pattern Beauty
Source: Pattern Beauty

Many hair brands claim something along the lines of “we work for every hair type” in their marketing. But as someone with fine, coily hair, I’ve tried enough hair products to know that that statement is rarely true. For a long time, I assumed that as a Black woman, I should avoid dry shampoo at all costs. Since my hair only gets truly greasy after a couple of weeks of not washing it, I didn’t think I’d ever really have a use for it. But after a little research (read: typing “dry shampoo Black girl” into my TikTok search bar), the verdict was in: It was worth testing out dry shampoo on my Black hair.

After trying several different dry shampoos to see if I could find one that was suitable for my hair type, this is what I learned.

How Does Dry Shampoo Work?

Dry shampoo is a water-free option for removing excess oil from the hair. It can extend the life of a style without the need of going through a full wash and blow-dry routine. For those with particularly oily scalps, it can help avoid over-washing the hair.

While it isn’t a perfect substitute for a hair wash, it can extend the number of days between deciding whether a wash is absolutely necessary. It’s a way of extending the life of a style without having to go through a full wash and blow-dry routine.

Should Black Women Use Dry Shampoo?

Especially for styles like silk presses or leave outs, dry shampoo can help extend the life of a style. If you’re like me, silk presses usually only last a week before I experience curling. Dry shampoo can help absorb the oil at my roots, therefore allowing my style to stay intact longer. To use dry shampoo, you should section your hair, then spray the product onto your scalp from around 6 inches away (any closer and you risk adding too much product). Then, let it sit for around two minutes, and comb it through with a brush.

Dry shampoo isn’t a direct replacement for a traditional wash, so avoiding overuse is a necessity. When you do wash your hair, using a clarifying shampoo can help eliminate any buildup left behind from dry shampoo use.

What Is the Best Dry Shampoo for Black Women?

My biggest fear when choosing a dry shampoo was having a powdery white cast left behind. I wanted it to refresh my style but not make my hair revert back to its curls, either. These are the products that allowed me to extend my time between washes, didn’t leave a white cast, and left my hair feeling clean—not powdery.

dry shampoo
TPH By Taraji
Keep It Fresh Curl Enhancer

This dry shampoo is perfect for natural hair that needs a little refresh. I love that it’s specifically designed for synthetic hair, wigs, and weaves. It’s also quick-drying and doesn’t leave any residue or white cast.

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dry shampoo
Living proof
Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is a best-seller for a reason. Unlike other dry shampoos, it actually cleans the hair by absorbing oil, sweat, and odor. It leaves you with refreshed strands that have added volume and body.

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dry shampoo
Perk Up Talc-Free Dry Shampoo

With ingredients like rice starch and sea buckthorn, amika’s dry shampoo absorbs dirt and oil without any obvious residue left behind. This is my favorite dry shampoo to give my hair a refresh after the gym.

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Dark Brown Dry Shampoo

This affordable dry shampoo is an oldie but a goodie. It’s specifically formulated for dark hair, and has a subtle hint of color to ensure that your roots never have any grey or white cast left behind.

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