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20 Easy (But Delicious) Lunch Ideas That Will Make Work So Much Better


It happens every week. You get so busy with work, relationships, and self care that you forget to take the time to put together a proper lunch. You end up throwing together your typical go-to meal last minute before heading out the door. We all can relate to getting in a rut and making ourselves the same old thing for lunch every week. Even when we’re making our favorite salad or sandwich it can still get pretty old and boring. We then try to switch it up by eating out, but who can afford to eat out for lunch everyday?

Trying a new recipe is a great way to switch up your typical routine without spending the money on ordering out. Today, we are sharing 20 easy recipes that’ll make you want to switch up your usual lunch this week.


1. Muffin Pan Spinach Lasagna

Source: Kitchn


2. Easy Chicken Fried Rice


3. Chicken Panini with Chipotle Mayo


4. Egg, Avocado, And Pesto Bagel Sandwich


5. Strawberry Fields Salad with Chia Seed Vinaigrette


6. Cold Peanut Zucchini Noodles


7. Veggie Hummus Wrap

Source: Foodie Crush


8. BLT Pasta Salad

Source: Pure Wow


9. Rainbow Veggie Bowls

Source: Pinch of Yum


10. Salmon Rice Bowl

Source: Sivan Ayla


11. Mediterranean Grilled Chicken Salad

Source: Delish


12. Sheet-Pan Lemon Butter Veggies and Sausage

Source: Pure Wow


13. Grilled Pesto, Ham, and Provolone Sandwich


14. Easy Pad Thai Soup


15. Korean Beef Bowl


16. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Sandwich


17. Crunchy Chickpea Kale Caesar


18. Easy Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps


19. Southwest Quinoa Salad


20. Shrimp and Avocado Salad with Miso Dressing

Source: Pinch of Yum