The Wellness Products Transforming Our Editors’ Health Routines RN

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As editors, we get asked a lot of questions on a regular basis: “How can I practice more self-care?,” “What can I do to get healthier?,” and “But really, what wellness products should I actually use?” While we spend a lot of time testing products and researching everything from recipes to relationship advice so we can bring the very best to you, we’re also busy women trying to squeeze in our own workouts or de-stress after a long workday. We’re always on the lookout for tools that’ll help us fit some self-care into our days or for products that make healthy eating easier. In other words, we’ve scoured the internet for the very best wellness products so you don’t have to. Read on for the items that have been game-changers in our editors’ health routines and score some inspo for how to update your health routine right now. 



Himalayan Lamp

I've always been a fan of nighttime showers and a wind-down routine, but this little Himalayan salt night light has transformed my evenings. I turn off all the lights and only keep this on when I'm showering or even just washing my face before bed, and I swear I feel instantly relaxed. I've never slept better! Plus, it looks cool AF plugged into the outlet, regardless of whether the light is off or on.

— Josie Santi, Wellness Content Manager and Associate Editor


Weighted Bangles

Coming from a girl who has never done a good at-home workout, these weighted bangles have really changed the game for me. Whether I want a little extra challenge during my yoga flow or to do a quick glute workout during my lunch break, these bangles have been my ride-or-die product for improving my fitness routine in the comfort of my own home.

— Josie Santi, Wellness Content Manager and Associate Editor


64oz Water Bottle

After seeing time-stamped giant water bottles everywhere, I finally decided to buy one for myself. It has helped me tremendously in drinking more water and staying on top of my hydration goals. This one is 64 ounces (a half-gallon), and I find it so much easier to drink that much water in a day with concrete time goals in mind.

— Jess Welsh, Junior Graphic Designer and Assistant Editor


"Facial in a Glass" Tablets

In the last few months, I have pretty much entirely stopped drinking coffee (unless it’s a one-off, on-the-go, fancy-coffee situation), as advised by my doctor because my body doesn't handle caffeine well (I get a horrible eye twitch). But I miss the ritual and joy of having a drink—that isn’t water—every morning. I’d had 8Greens supplements in my kitchen cabinets for a while now, but once I started using them as a morning beverage, I fell in love. They taste so good, and I feel like I have more energy throughout the day (although that very well might be placebo, but I’m OK with it). I just started drinking the skin ones, and despite the fact that I haven't washed my face before bed a few times this past week, my skin still looks good, and I’m going to credit it to my 8Greens. I've also used them for hangover relief because they make me feel a little energized and less disgusting. Basically, it’s my cure-all beverage at this point.

— Beth Gillette, Beauty Content Manager and Associate Editor

Hoka One One

Running Shoes

These running/walking shoes were a bit of an investment for me, but they've really proven to be worth it. They're ultra-cushioned, making them so easy to wear for extended periods of time (like on a long walk). They are seriously one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I’ve ever worn—and they’re super cute, too.

— Jess Welsh, Junior Graphic Designer and Assistant Editor


Booty Resistance Bands

I’m still working out at home, which means that it's important to have workout equipment that takes up as little space as possible. I love these booty resistance bands because they don’t slip and slide like my rubber ones do, and after I use them, I’m always sore—in a good way. They’re such a great boost to my workout routine and are great to take on the go.

— Madeline Galassi, Fashion Content Manager and Associate Editor


Raspberry Acai Energy Drink

Aspire is a clean energy drink that has fully replaced coffee and soda in my daily routine. It is filled with vitamins and nutrients and has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. I’ve gotten all of my family and friends hooked on it already.

— Jessica Jones, Social Media Editor


Seamless Workout Set

A new set is one of my favorite ways to stay motivated, and this one from Amazon has been my summer go-to. I have it in several colors because it’s less than $30 and the fit is great. It’s perfect for my long walks on hot days or for pilates class. Sometimes it's perfect for running errands: I just throw on a shirt and am ready to go.

— Keely Geist, Senior Social Media Editor



I’ve been using a humidifier as part of my sleep routine for a couple of years at this point, though super inconsistently. Refilling it was always a hassle, cleaning it was just not something I was ever interested in doing, and, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t sure the benefits outweighed the (looking back, admittedly minor) inconveniences of using it. However, after consistently using this humidifier for the past several months, I don’t think I’ll ever look back. This one is very easy to refill and clean (the two hurdles that made my last one not worth it), and I notice a huge difference when I don’t use it periodically. I wake up congested, my allergies act up all day, and my skin is dry. This humidifier assures I get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling great.

— Garri Chaverst, Managing Editor


Instant Vortex

I can’t (and will never) pass up on an opportunity to talk about the one purchase that has truly revolutionized my life. After having a will-they-or-won’t-they relationship with this air fryer in my cart for several months, I finally bit the bullet and hit “Place Order.” I'm not exaggerating when I say I use this every single day. It makes cooking my favorite meals a breeze, but the biggest benefit is that vegetables actually taste good at the push of a button. Seriously. No matter what I do, frying up whatever vegetable I have lying around results in a tasty snack or side dish. I’ve never eaten more vegetables in my life than I do now, and it’s all thanks to my air fryer.

— Garri Chaverst, Managing Editor

Hello Eucalyptus | Etsy

Eucalyptus Shower Bundle

Sometime within the past three months, I became weirdly obsessed with taking showers. In order to make my time in the shower as luxurious as possible, I bought one of these amazing eucalyptus shower bundles, and I haven’t looked back since. The smell is immediately calming, and the eucalyptus clears my sinuses. Spritzing the bundle with water every few days can keep it fresh for months.

— Emma Ginsberg, Editorial Intern