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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

5 Wellness Products Our Editors Swear By


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Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

I don’t know about you, but I am very deep into wellness TikTok. Like, I can’t scroll past five videos without being told my gut microbiome is probably in shambles, I need to start doing pilates ASAP, or that drinking water out of the cult-favorite Stanley cup will solve all of my problems. Do I know how my For You Page ended up like this? No. But am I mad about it? Absolutely not. If anything, it’s surprisingly motivated me to start taking my physical health, mental health, and wellness products more seriously. 

As a full time college student that’s also on the WFH grind, DoorDash-ing a Chipotle burrito the size of my head for dinner (with chips and guac, obviously) then proceeding to get four hours of sleep is becoming a little too typical of an evening for me. I’m not trying to be the human embodiment of Erewhon by any means, but instilling a couple of small habits and changes is definitely on my to-do list.

But where do I start? It seems like there’s a million different ways to amp up your wellness game, so choosing exactly what to do can be overwhelming. In a perfect world, we’d be able to change every single habit and practice of ours overnight and simply become that girl by the next morning. But, it’s baby steps and balance that’ll happily and healthily send us in the right direction (I am not going cold turkey on my Chipotle deliveries). So, lucky for you and me both, The Everygirl editors have shared some of their go-to wellness products that are easy to incorporate into an everyday routine. Read on to see which ones you need to add to your routines STAT:


1. For the most peaceful sleep:

“I’ve never had a problem falling asleep, but I have a lot of trouble staying asleep. I tend to wake up a few times a night which makes me feel like I’m never truly rested. These sleep gummies have completely turned my world upside down. They help me fall and stay asleep, but don’t make it any harder to wake up, which has always been my concern with melatonin and sleep supplements. No matter how stressed I am or what factors are happening that would generally give me a restless night of sleep, these have become my saving grace. I recommend it to everyone I know and I always tell them to use code THEEVERYGIRL so they can save 20 percent off.”

– Madeline Galassi, Fashion Editor

CBD Sleep Gummies

Infused with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD and 5mg of sleepy hemp-derived compounds, these cherry flavored sleep gummies make falling and staying asleep easy as ever.

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Sleep Gummies + Daily Drops Bundle

Get more CBD bang for your buck with these two editor-approved favorites from Equilibria. We'll sing the praises of the Sleep Gummies until the end of time and we absolutely love habit stacking our morning coffee with these Daily Drops. You can get this bundle right now for just $82 (a $133 value) which is an absolute STEAL.

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2. For a calming start to the day:

“I’m typically a very light sleeper, so traditional alarms, like the ones I used to set on my phone, are way too jarring for me first-thing in the morning. I didn’t realize how much being startled awake was affecting my daily moods until I got my Hatch Restore alarm clock. Now, my wake-up routine consists of a sunrise effect that gradually starts brightening 10 minutes before my alarm goes off, and when it does, I’m woken up by the soft sounds of wind chimes. It has truly been a game-changer for helping me wake up feeling calm and refreshed, rather than frantic to shut my alarm off before it gives me a headache.”

– Jessica Bennett, Lifestyle Editor

Hatch Restore Alarm Clock

With multiple dreamscapes, guided rest exercises, gradual sunrise lights, peaceful sounds, and more, you'll feel relaxed and well-rested both morning and night.

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3. For staying hydrated:

“It’s the most simple wellness product I own, but the one I use most consistently (like all day every day–I have a few, so it’s sanitary, don’t worry). Since getting it, I have ditched every other water bottle and have deemed it my can’t-live-without product. Consider it my security water bottle. I love the time stamps, as it helps me stay on track throughout the day so I have an understanding of how much (or how little) I drink. I also love that it’s 64 ounces, so I only have to refill once a day (max), which in itself helps me drink more water because in the past I have drank a whole water bottle while working at my desk and not gotten up to refill for hours. Lastly, it’s chic AF, which is truly important because I will just want to drink it more.”

– Josie Santi, Wellness Editor + Podcast Host

64 oz Motivational Water Bottle

Reach your hydration goals with this bottle that keeps you on track and motivated! Plus, it has a detachable straw for easy cleaning and is 100% leak proof.

9 colors available

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4. For easy at home fitness:

“I need everyone who primarily works out from home to listen to me very closely: you need this workout mat. I really struggle to get through floor exercises using a standard yoga mat, and it’s through no fault of my own. Paired with the hard floors in my home, my old yoga mat simply isn’t supportive enough to combat the excruciating knee pain that comes from kneeling on the ground for extended periods of time. The Stakt foldable workout mat is the answer to my prayers. The thick foam alone is a huge upgrade over my old yoga mat in terms of support, but the unique foldable design takes it to another level and allows me to easily fold my mat if I feel my body needs a little extra cushion (it usually does—and folding a standard yoga mat up never works as well as I want it to).”

– Garri Chaverst, Senior Managing Editor

Foldable Yoga Mat

Not only is this mat supportive and ultra comfy, but it also brings versatility to your workouts—use it for incline exercises or to help with stretching while it's folded, too.

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5. For hot girl walks:

“I’ve always been the kind of gal who just buys whatever sneakers are on-trend—usually some Adidas or Nike pair that comes in a cute colorway. However, when I first started hearing about Hokas a few years ago, everyone was saying that they were the most comfortable running and walking shoes that they’ve ever worn. And now after owning this pair for two years, I can wholeheartedly agree. I actually own two pairs now… they’re just that good. I’m a big walker, and these are the only shoes that I can wear that actually provide the support I need and never make my feet hurt.”

– Jess Welsh, Associate Commerce Editor

Hoka Bondi 8 Running Shoes

The Bondi 8's are one of the most popular Hoka shoes for a reason—with strategically placed, super soft cushioning that supports every part of your foot, you'll never want to wear other sneakers again.

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This post contains a sponsored inclusion of Equilibria, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.