The 10 Pieces Our Fashion Editor Is Wearing on Repeat This Summer


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Source: Madeline Galassi
Source: Madeline Galassi

Temperatures are high, plans are on the calendar, and al fresco is the only way we’re eating. Life feels like, well, life again, and summer 2022 is already starting out to be one of the best we can remember—which means that our summer clothes are more important than ever.

As a fashion editor, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited to get dressed than I’ve been the past couple of months. All of my existing pieces are suddenly feeling brand new, and the pieces I picked up are giving me a completely fresh lease on summer dressing. Chicago has been warm for a few weeks now, which means that my summer wardrobe has been in full rotation for over a month—and let’s just say I’ve been noticing some patterns.

Summer outfits are meant to be easy, and my latest go-tos have been channeling exactly that. I’ve been reaching for and mixing and matching the same few pieces for all different occasions, and I have officially fallen in love with summer 2022. Of everything in my wardrobe, these are the 10 pieces that are packing the most punch for me (and that I’m doing more loads of laundry for just to be able to keep putting on). My favorite thing to be right now? An outfit repeater.


Arizona Big Buckle Sandals

After missing out on these last summer because they were always out of stock, I'm so, so happy I finally got my hands on them. Not only does the black-and-gold combo make them look a lot more elevated than classic Birks, but the shine on the straps makes them look a little less casual to the point where I feel I can dress them up a bit too and wear them with more outfits. I am completely obsessed and know these are going to be my favorite sandals I've ever owned.

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Piper Slit Dress

Listen, if I'm turning to a dress to create a one-and-done outfit for me, it has to be a little out of the box, and when I saw this one, my jaw dropped. I adore this season's pink-and-green combo that's trending, and this midi dress brings it together to make the piece of my dreams. I know I'll be able to dress it up for dinners with my friends or down if I throw it on with sneakers. It's one of those pieces I'll never regret having.

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Parker Long Short

After year (years!) of debating getting these cult-favorite denim shorts, I finally pulled the trigger—and they were completely worth it. They're the perfect not-too-short, not-too-long length, which means they're the only shorts I feel like I need. They're comfortable without being too loose and completely molded to fit me perfectly after a couple of wears. The quality of denim is amazing and I know I'll have these for years (and won't keep buying a new pair every summer like I have been in recent years).

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Kiah Corset Top

When I took a look at my summer wardrobe after a recent closet clean-out, I felt like I was missing a good shirt that felt right for occasions (looking at you, July birthday). I've been on the hunt for a shirt that felt special that I could turn to for the nicer events I have this summer and fell head-over-heels for this one. It has that "oomph" that means that even paired with jeans, it's the first thing people will notice.

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St Tropez Tote

Much like repurchasing denim shorts all the time, I thought it was time to get a higher-quality straw bag that would last more than one summer. This one is the perfect size—it's big enough that it fits all of my things for the beach or pool but small enough that I can use it as a purse, too. It is truly stunning and a classic summer staple I'm thrilled to have in my wardrobe.

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Old Navy
Vintage Sweat Shorts

After seeing these everywhere on TikTok, I thought I had nothing to lose by ordering a couple of pairs, and after I got them, I ordered—literally—four more. They are the most comfortable, flattering sweat shorts, and on weekends and week nights, I've been throwing them on with a cropped tank and it feels like a cute little vintage outfit that's far cuter than the running shorts I usually throw on when I'm laying around. If they're in stock in your size, I promise you'll love them too.

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Tommy Bag

When I say I have never gotten so many compliments on something, I mean it. I can't leave the house without someone asking me about this bag, and honestly, I can see why. This is the most gorgeous, fun summer bag, and it sparks joy every single time I reach for it. This bag is known for its high-quality beading, and I can attest to it—it's truly amazing quality and something I know I'll look forward to bringing out every summer.

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Abercrombie & Fitch
Pull-On Poplin Shorts

My work-from-home uniform lately has been as follows: linen shorts, tank top, button-up. It's as comfortable as any sweats I'd wear instead but looks put-together for any meetings I have throughout the day. I have these in multiple colors and can't stop wearing them. They're easy to dress both up and down, so they're going to continue to be worn to death until the first leaf of autumn falls.

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