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What You Should Add to Your Wellness Routine, Based on Your Enneagram

Source: @ryupure
Source: @ryupure

The new year is a great time to reassess your wellness routine and figure out how to best nurture your most important asset: your well-being. Whether you set resolutions or not, this time of year serves as an important reset for identifying what your mind and body actually need to be healthy—and what better way to find out than by asking your Enneagram? In other words, rather than adding everything under the sun to your self-care list (a recipe for burnout!), we’ve narrowed down what may resonate best based on your Enneagram type for further personalization.

With this added layer of awareness, you can nourish your needs on a deeper level and give yourself the self-care you’ve been craving. As an Enneagram coach, I believe that your Type can offer a lot of insight into what your mind and body really need (because self-care should be totally personalized), so I talked with Giselle Wasfie, a doctor of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine, about how to incorporate these practices into your routine. Read on to find out what wellness practice you should try in 2022 based on your Enneagram. 


Meet the expert
Giselle Wasfie, L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MSTOM, DACM,
Doctor of East Asian Medicine and Acupuncture
Giselle is a nationally board-certified acupuncturist and herbalist and doctor of traditional East Asian medicine. Giselle is also the founder of REMIX Acupuncture + Integrative Health, which is based in Chicago.


Splurge on more massages or try self-massage

Type Ones are rational, disciplined, and hardworking. They also put a lot of pressure on themselves to do things right and to do things well. Because of their perfectionistic tendencies, they may have a hard time relaxing and can experience tight shoulders and neck muscles as a result. Wellness practices like massages or cupping are important to reduce stored tension. Cupping is an ancient therapy that can be especially beneficial for Ones. “It takes the weight off your shoulders both literally and spiritually, allowing you to let go of pressure and move through the world with more ease and lightness,” Wasfie explained. Getting regular massages not in your budget (because same)? Try a self-massage by picking your favorite essential oil and working through any tight spots on your neck and shoulders before bed or when you need a reset.


Eat more mindfully

Twos are caring and big-hearted, tending to push their needs aside to be there for others. Being mindful about eating habits can help Twos prioritize their own well-being and receive nourishment when they give so much. We’re all guilty of scarfing down a quick lunch when there are important things going on, and Twos might find themselves doing this quite often or might overindulge in sweets and comfort foods because they’re not giving themselves comfort in other ways. Try to eat more mindfully by looking at each meal or snack as a meditation: close the laptop, put down your phone, and spend time enjoying each bite. Also try more principles of intuitive eating like treating food as self-care or identifying engrained food rules.


Use breathwork when you feel stressed

Threes are ambitious and adaptable. While pursuing their many goals, they can also overwork themselves and seek approval. Taking a (literal) breather from the hustle helps this fast-paced type stay grounded and connect with themselves so they can make sure they’re pursuing what’s right for them. There are many types of breathing exercises you can do throughout the day. Before a big meeting or presentation, you might try the 4-7-8 breathing technique or alternate nostril breathing to help slow down and relax the body. Or if you’re in the midst of a stressful situation or frustrated by something, box breathing can be a good strategy to help you calm down before you react. 


Experiment with crystal healing

Four Types are self-aware and sensitive, and they can get lost in their own emotional world. Crystal healing not only plays to their love of aesthetics, but it also inspires peace and balance when things feel overwhelming. You can use crystals in a variety of ways, including holding them in your hand when you need support or placing them on your desk or yoga mat to draw from their many healing properties. “Crystals can be an expression of emotions and desires, so they can especially help Type Fours express their emotions or find balance,” Wasfie said. As for where to start if you’re a newbie to crystals, she recommended clear quartzes, as they don’t retain any negative energy and can help Fours see the big picture more clearly. 


Improve your sleep-care

Fives are curious and cerebral, but they also need lots of alone time to recharge their batteries. Because they can get “in their heads” and over-rely on facts and logic, self-care is all about recharging and relaxing, and quality sleep can help them not only feel their best but also find balance. Focus your energy on sleep-care by sticking to a consistent sleep schedule, have a go-to bedtime routine that helps you totally unwind from a busy day (a bath, yoga stretches, a lighthearted read, etc.), and check in with your doctor if you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling well-rested during the day (because being an active patient is a key part of your wellness routine too!). 


Try more confidence-boosting workouts

Sixes are loyal and hardworking, but they tend to worry a lot about the future. To combat some of their worst-case-scenario thinking, a confidence-boosting workout can help them feel more in control. Confidence looks different to everyone, but think of a workout that pushes you while still feeling fun, like jogging an extra mile, going to a Zumba class, or trying more challenging yoga poses. Exercise is known to boost self-esteem and resilience and even promote mental clarity, and since Sixes can be quite indecisive, this can be a positive way for them to step into their power. Loyalists also love the comfort of a routine, so it’s important to pick an activity that makes you feel good that you can do consistently.


Incorporate aromatherapy

Sevens are optimistic and spontaneous, which also makes it harder for them to stay focused, slow down, or be present. Adding aromatherapy into their wellness routine is a great way for Sevens to reconnect with the present moment. Plus, they love to indulge themselves and can find a lot of joy in experimenting with different scents. Aromatherapy has many stress-reducing benefits and can be a great way for Sevens to check in with their emotional state. “The sense of smell is activated by inhalation, and scattered energy gets folded into a vivid emotion or a therapeutic moment, helping to ground and center,Wasfie said. You can use a diffuser while you work or sleep or keep your favorite essential oils on hand for a quick inhale in the morning, before bed, or when you’re feeling stressed.


Try acupressure

Eights are confident and assertive. They want to move quickly on their goals and ideas but can become controlling and defensive when stressed. A self-care ritual like acupressure can help Eights feel more balanced and clear any emotional blockages that may manifest as anger. “If anger festers in the body, it generates heat and inflammation, which only makes a Type Eight more on edge,” Wasfie explained. “Among many other benefits, acupuncture helps the body relax to release the need for control or defensiveness.” Ask your doctor for a local acupuncturist near you, or try a practice like ear seeding for acupressure you can do from the comfort of your own home. And if you’re looking for a totally free wellness practice, you can still tap into the powers of acupressure. Apply gentle pressure to specific areas for a wide range of stress-relief and health benefits.


Set structured goals

Nines are peaceful and adaptive, wanting to avoid conflict or anything that might cause disruption in their environment. Therefore, they can fall into habits where they get too comfortable, letting their goals and priorities fall to the wayside. It’s important for Nines to stay “alert” to themselves and identify what they really want so they can take action on the things they want. While setting wellness goals isn’t always beneficial for everyone, clear intentions and structured timelines can help Nines avoid getting too comfortable and foregoing self-care. For some goal-setting inspo, check out this list of 60 resolutions to help you reach your healthiest body and happiest mind.


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