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The Coolest Nail Trends to Try This Fall


Is it just me, or is this fall the season of nail colors? It seems like at every award show (shoutout to you, Emmy’s), everyone’s not only wanting to know the dresses that their favorite celebs are wearing, but the nail color they’re wearing, too. This nail obsession makes perfect sense — our nails are a part of everything we do! We send texts with our fingers, we say hello with a handshake, and we take really #trendy cocktail selfies with freshly manicured nails. Our nails are often one of the first things someone notices about us, and first impressions are important. Make a good one with these cool nail trends that will surely get you Best Dressed at the Emmy’s — or, you know, just a lot of compliments from your friends:

Essie, Wrap Party
Deep Green

Opt for a deep forest green nail color for a classic color in an updated way. Pair with preppy accessories and you might be mistaken for Blair Waldorf.

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Jin Sun, Charade
Smoky Teal

This cool color made it's way all over the fall runways as a smoky and more grey version of a summery teal, making it perfect for your fall wardrobe.

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Essie, Booties on Broadway
Midnight Blue

Haven't you heard? Blue is the new black. This luxurious dark blue is as cool as the fall weather. Wear it with your favorite white sweaters or camel coats for an extra chic touch.

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Source: @tines_momente
Essie, On the Mauve

Edgier than pink, but girlier than grey, mauve is the perfect color to transition your beauty looks into fall. It's a muted color, making it pretty for colder days and a darker version of the nude nail trend. 

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O.P.I., Bogota Blackberry
Vampy Berry

The latest berry shade is not your typical purple — the new it-color for fall is deeper, and has hints of red, and a subtle shimmer. 

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O.P.I., A-Piers to be Tan
Warm Brown

Think: the color of your Pumpkin Spice Latte (because doesn't that inspire just about everything in the fall?). Be wary of the dirt-brown that can come off harsh —this brown is much more warmer and chestnut-y. 

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Revlon, Crimson Jelly

This is not the cheery red you wore throughout summer, but it is still a bright contrast to your likely darker wardrobe (since the bright clothes were probably put away with your bathing suits when summer ended). 

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Source: Koa Love
NARS, Delos

This shimmery, coppery shade absolutely screams fall as your perfect autumn night-out color. Just be prepared--this color will steal the show.

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O.P.I, Strong Coal-ition

As the 2018 version of the classic black manicure, charcoal gray is effortlessly chic and matches anything.

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Essie, Marshmellow

You might think of white as a warm-weather-only type of color, but it's time you think again. It's been a celeb-favorite through this fall, and the crisp, bright white is not going anywhere.

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What color is your favorite for fall?