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The Best Faux Flowers for Your Home


As the grass turns greener and the flowers start to bloom, my three hanging ferns wither away slowly to a powdery brown existence. It seems that regardless of how much time I spend at home with my eyes fixated on these guys, somehow they just all always end up with a mournful fate. If you, like me, are finding your real plants to cause more stress than relaxation in your lives (especially when spring is happening, giving you and your sad plants real FOMO), then maybe it’s finally time to consider investing in some quality faux ones. 

Nowadays, artificial plants resemble the real deal so closely that you’ll have to physically touch them to make extra sure they are, in fact, not the real deal. Choosing the right ones is also super important to make sure they go well with the flow and aesthetic of your home.

To help you overcome your sad plant woes, we’ve rounded up all the best spots to shop for faux flowers online. They’ll add a bright spot to any room you put them in.




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